My girlfriend was pregnant, asked his parents to eat together, and returned to the room at the checkout. I panicked

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When the news of my girlfriend’s pregnancy came, my girlfriend and I were happy and disturbed.What we are happy is that we are about to become the child’s parents.We decided to face this challenge and live a better life.

When discussing the wedding, there seems to be some misunderstandings between parents.My parents think that we are young and do not need to get married immediately, and my girlfriend’s parents think that this is the responsibility of the family and must be resolved immediately.We found that although marriage itself is important, the attitude and ideas of the two families are equally important for us.But we did not expect that the differences between families would be so fierce during this happy and warm dinner.

After dinner, I went to pay for it. When I returned to the private room, I found that my parents had left, leaving only my parents and my girlfriend.I was surprised, but at the same time felt a little regret.The parents of my parents and girlfriends have different views on this matter. Perhaps these differences should not destroy each other’s affection, but the way parents speak and attitude are tough.It will be greatly affected.

Recalling the dinner that night, I think we still have a lot of work to do.We need to communicate better and integrate the ideas and requirements of the two.We need to show our own attitude and determination to prove our maturity and sense of responsibility to them.We need to show that we can happily meet all the challenges in life.

However, I don’t feel too worried, because I know that no matter how difficult we will encounter, we will always stick to it and love to welcome the new day.I believe that our parents will eventually accept this fact, because all their affection is actually based on love.And this kind of love is so beautiful and powerful for us enough to make us face the difficulties and challenges in all life.


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