My men and me (thirty -four)

Most of the plots of such plots are only existing in movies or TV series. In reality, the last hint of expectations are often not exhausted.We need to push down our cognition, repeatedly unveil the scars that have just been crushed again and again, and can really see clearly in thorough pain in thorough osteo pain again and again.After connecting to the business on the business above, I also started to work normally, control my emotions, adjust my mentality, and keep a distance from C in the unit.Slowly accept your mind, take care of the children actively when you go home, help your mother -in -law do housework, and supervise your daughter to learn. I thought that the days could always be calm. I was looking forward to the correction of my remorse compensation.When you can return to the right track, I find that I am pregnant!H has never touched me since I hit me and C that day. Before that, I have always refused to live with H husband and wife. There is no doubt that this child is C!I was incredible to make a big joke on this day. I repeatedly confirmed with the pregnancy test stick. Finally, I was so angry that I smashed the gestational stick towards the mirror in the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror from a distance.I cried with a sneer and collapsed on the ground with weakness, panicked, confusing, and secretly scolding myself in my heart!After the fierce ideological struggle overnight, I decided to secretly kill the child before Hisi returned. In the early morning the next morning, I went to the hospital alone. After the B -ultrasound, the doctor said that he had missed the best drug flow.It ’s been a good time. I need to perform abortion surgery. Let me find a family member to sign and accompany it. I took the B -ultrasound to walk out of the clinic chaotic thoughts and sat down on the chair in the corridor. After a while, I first thought of it.Let my mother accompany me, but think of this, I seem to see her crying face that she is disappointed with me. She is worried about worrying and stopping. She has recently worried about me.My nose was sore, my eyes were red instantly, and I shed tears of self -blame regret again. Finally, I thought about it. I thought of the culprit of this child: C!”Emotion “Extramarital Love “Deadial

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