My mother -in -law eats the leftovers for her pregnant daughter -in -law.

My due date is at the end of the first month. I thought it would be successful to produce. Whoever expected that on the night of New Year’s Eve, my mother -in -law did not want to get meals on the night of the New Year’s Eve.After the fish block, the stomach started to be uncomfortable.Always toss until midnight.The next day was the first day of the New Year. I still diarrhea and called the husband who was in the field. Because my husband was also the first time he was a dad, he didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation. Let me cook some porridge and go to the hospital to buy some medicine.

However, her mother -in -law rebuked loudly that she would not cook new meals on the first day of the first month.There was no way, I had to take the second way and asked my mother -in -law to go to the hospital to buy a medicine.This time, my mother -in -law is even more stunned, what kind of medicine to take the New Year!Just pull my belly, just two days later!Then he concentrated on playing cards.I feel very wronged, but in this countryside, it is really inconvenient to celebrate the New Year. I want to secretly go without a bus.The New Year’s meals are greasy, and they can hardly eat it. They finally spit out.I feel like the intestines are going out. I have a hunch, and the child may come out early.

Sure enough, the next day, I faintly felt that my stomach had a little pain, but it was slight, and it hurt for a long time.Although this exception was discovered, I didn’t think deeply, thinking that it was ordinary diarrhea discomfort.Who knows, at more than two o’clock in the middle of the night, I was awakened.I feel that my stomach has repeatedly tightening the pain, and something flows out. At first glance, I found that it was blood.

I was frightened at the time.After returning to God, I think it should be that the fetal gas is about to give birth, and quickly wake up the mother -in -law next to him.My mother -in -law was a little nervous when she saw the bleeding, but I still said that the first tire was not so fast. It was not easy to call the car in the middle of the night.I was so relieved, uneasy, for fear of something, I wanted to tell my husband, but the silly sister -in -law of my husband turned off.

I worked hard to calm down. When I was four o’clock, the pain became more dense. I felt that I couldn’t wait anymore, and I urged my mother -in -law again.The father -in -law was worried about it, but because the mother -in -law didn’t dare to say more.It was dark outside and it was raining, but my mother -in -law still didn’t speak. By five o’clock, I hurriedly grasped the table, and the father -in -law finally said, "I have waited, I will send you a motorcycle."So the three crowded in a narrow motorcycle, facing the wind and rain, rushing to the hospital in the night, psychological fear.

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