My mother -in -law forced to go to her daughter -in -law for 8 years, and her daughter -in -law and her boyfriend became pregnant in two months.

Tao Xiaoling and her husband Peng Xiaobo have been married for eight years, and have not been able to give birth to a half daughter.The whole family always showed her face, and Peng Xiaobo always scolded her, very cold to her.

Tao Xiaoling has always been very unhappy in her in -laws. She can’t stand it. She doesn’t want to have this day, so she leaves home and goes out to work.

Two months after leaving home, Tao Xiaoling met her boyfriend Wu Chunsheng.

Wu Chun was nearly 40 years old and had a relationship before, but because his girlfriend could not have children, the two broke up.

Tao Xiaoling and Wu Chunsheng started living together after knowing it. Two months together, Tao Xiaoling was pregnant.

Both Wu Chunsheng and Tao Xiaoling wanted a child. After discussion, the two decided to give birth to the child.

When her daughter was half a year old, Tao Xiaoling’s husband Peng Xiaobo contacted her.He knew that after she had a daughter, she began to calm down, always harassed her, and wanted to pick her home.

One day, Tao Xiaoling took her five -month -old daughter to buy things on the street, and later she couldn’t return.

Wu Chunsheng suspected that Peng Xiaobo snatched his daughter, and his suspicion was not unreasonable.Since Peng Xiaobo contacted Tao Xiaoling, he called her every day and sent text messages.

Wu Chunsheng was afraid that Peng Xiaobo would snatch his daughter, so he hid his daughter’s birth permit.

Peng Xiaobo’s family had a two -story building. Wu Chunsheng went to the door of Peng Xiaobo’s house. The door downstairs was closed.

Wu Chunsheng knocked on the door. The people upstairs heard the sound and opened the gate automatically. Tao Xiaoling and her daughter were there.

Wu Chunsheng looked for Peng Xiaobo theory. Peng Xiaobo said that he was Tao Xiaoling’s husband. They did not divorce. It was a matter of nature to pick up his wife home.

Peng Xiaobo’s sister took out his marriage certificate to reporters, proved that they were legal couples.

Peng Xiaomei also pointed at Tao Xiaoling and scolded her without conscience, and ran away from home without saying a word.The whole family was looking for her everywhere. After looking for more than a year, she actually had a child outside the man.

All the in -laws of the mother -in -law accused Tao Xiaoling, and Tao Xiaoling was angry and argued to herself.She didn’t want to leave.But her mother -in -law forced her, and she left.

Tao Xiaoling did not give birth to a half -year -old daughter because she had been married for eight years, and then the whole family looked at her.

The mother -in -law pointed at her all day and scolded her to give them a stubborn, and her mother -in -law scolded Tao Xiaoling’s mother in person.

"Your daughter, everything is good, but there are no children. After our family, our family has been killed. Our family can’t lift the head in the village.","

Peng Xiaomei also scolded Tao Xiaoling and scolded her to affect her brother. She has been married for eight years. She has not even been born. Her brother is now old and one year old. She hurts her brother without a child.

Peng Xiaobo also showed Tao Xiaoling’s face, not cold or hot.Peng Xiaobo knew that his parents and sisters were not good to Tao Xiaoling, but he did not see it. He felt that his family was not good for her.

You see that when others get married, you have a child and have a child.Not to mention that there is a son, even if you have a daughter, he does not care about it.But she didn’t have anything. They had eaten in their house for eight years and spent a lot of money.

Tao Xiaoling said that she was going to divorce, and did not want to stay there, and did not want to waste everyone’s youth, but Peng Xiaobo was unwilling to divorce.Because his family was not good, he was worried that his wife could no longer be found once divorced.Although Tao Xiaoling cannot have children, there is a wife better than no wife.

All the in -laws scolded Tao Xiaoling.Tao Xiaoling’s mother -in -law even collapsed to the ground, splashed, and yelled at Tao Xiaoling to harm their family and wast their son for eight years.nothing.

After Peng Xiaoling scolded Tao Xiaoling, she scolded Wu Chunsheng and scolded Wu Chunsheng to deceive Tao Xiaoling to leave home.

Facing the charges of the Peng family, Wu Chunsheng shouted wrongly. He did not know Tao Xiaoling before, but after Tao Xiaoling ran away from home, they knew it and lived together after knowing it.

Peng Xiaobo did not admit that he was bad for Tao Xiaoling.He said that he still had feelings for her, and now Wu Chunsheng loves love.Wu Chunsheng and Tao Xiaoling killed them.

Peng Xiaobo couldn’t help it anymore. He picked up the chair to hit Wu Chunsheng.Tao Xiaomei also picked up the chair and rushed Wu Chunsheng to go out.The whole family of Peng family scolded Wu Chunsheng together and scolded him to abduct Tao Xiaoling.

The Peng family was so arrogant to the media. It is conceivable how much grievances had Tao Xiaoling suffered in their house.

The emotions of the Peng family were very excited. Originally, Wu Chunsheng wanted to solve the problem and picked up his daughter home, but the Peng family was unreasonable.

In desperation, Wu Chunsheng could only go home first.The Peng family detained Tao Xiaoling and her daughter.

Peng Xiaobo said that he did not have a child because Tao Xiaoling could not give birth, and he was not good for her. He had always been good to her.

One day, he returned home from get off work and found that Tao Xiaoling was not at home, and her luggage was much less.He didn’t know why she suddenly ran away from home, and did not tell him before leaving.

After Tao Xiaoling ran away, Peng Xiaobo went to her everywhere. He had no intention to go to work, then resigned, and began to find her.After finding it for a while, without finding her, he was in business.

In his anger, he burned Tao Xiaoling in their clothes, leaving only a red pajamas to make him nostalgic.

A family portrait on the wardrobe, because he didn’t see it, it was spared. Whenever Peng Xiaobo looked at the family portrait, he felt very uncomfortable.

The family portrait was not long after they got married. At that time, the family’s face was filled with a happy smile. He thought he would be very happy after marriage.

After Tao Xiaoling ran away from home, Peng Xiaobo regretted that the whole family was not good at her, and regret that he did not comfort her and did not protect her.

She left, and he started to give birth, because his family conditions were not good, and his own conditions were not good.

He was worried about Tao Xiaoling and his divorce, once he divorced.He will become a bachelor, so he wants Tao Xiaoling all day long, and he wants to crazy, and there are problems with both physiological and psychological.

Peng Xiaobo was lying on the bed in Tao Xiaoling’s red pajamas every day.His mother was very heartbroken when he saw him, and regretted that Tao Xiaoling left.

When her mother saw Peng Xiaobo, she did not eat or drink, and she followed or not to eat or drink. The whole family had no good life.

Now I found Tao Xiaoling, and her mother -in -law did not keep her well, but yelled at her.Mother -in -law scolded Tao Xiaoling to hurt her son or not, and he was almost killed by his family.

At that time, Peng Xiaobo took Tao Xiaoling’s clothes and burned one by one in the kitchen.He saw his thoughts while burning, because he missed her too much, and he didn’t know if he was burning in the kitchen.

Later, when the family was discovered, the entire kitchen was on fire. Although the family extinguished the fire, the entire kitchen was now dark.

If they did not discover it in time, Peng Xiaobo would likely be burned to death, and then the entire family was burned. The culprit of all this was Tao Xiaoling.

Tao Xiaoling lived freely outside. She never wanted to return to the Peng family anymore. She must regain freedom.

Peng Peng explained to reporters that in fact, their whole family was very good to Tao Xiaoling, and she changed her heart.

Peng Xiaomei took out a few medical records. She said that their family had taken Tao Xiaoling with her brother to see it.

Peng Xiaobo has no problem. Tao Xiaoling’s uterine deformity. She can get pregnant, but it is easy to have a miscarriage.

Peng Xiaomei said with a mouthful saying that his brother had no fertility problem. He was a problem with Tao Xiaoling. It was Tao Xiaoling who harmed her brother without a child.

Peng Xiaomei said that after her brother got married, Tao Xiaoling also became pregnant, but then he had a miscarriage, and never conceived after abortion.

Tao Xiaoling did admit that she had a problem with her uterus, but she discussed with Peng Xiaobo at the time to be a test tube baby.

However, Peng Xiaobo was afraid of wasting money, unwilling to do, and refused to do test tubes for no money.

Peng Xiaobo did not agree with Tao Xiaoling. He said that he also agreed to do test tubes, and was ready to do test tubes, but at this time Tao Xiaoling left.

Peng Xiaobo has changed his heart, but he still has Tao Xiaoling in his heart. Although she has given birth to a daughter with others, he doesn’t mind.

He wanted to treat her daughter as her own daughter, and hoped that she would stay and live with him at home.

Tao Xiaoling was crying, and she didn’t want to be tortured by others here.Seeing the face of the whole family every day, she already hates this kind of life and is very scared. She must go back to her mother’s house.

But the Peng family did not let her return to her mother’s house. If she was going to return, she had to pick him up, and asked her parents to solve the problem in person.They were afraid that Peng Xiaoling would not go back as before, so that they were fortune.

After returning home, Wu Chunsheng was afraid that the Peng family really detained his daughter, so he came to the door the next day.

When the Peng family saw Wu Chunsheng still had a face, the whole family yelled at him, blaming him to kill them, and the whole family attacked Wu Chunsheng around Wu Chunsheng.

Tao Xiaoling rushed out of the Peng family while holding this opportunity.The Peng family was unable to see it, and all people turned around and surrounded Tao Xiaoling.

Peng Xiaobo, Xiaomei Peng, and their mother, three people surrounded Tao Xiaoling together to grab the daughter in her arms.

Tao Xiaoling was anxious, holding her daughter to cry on the ground, begging them not to grab her daughter.

At this time, Wu Chunsheng saw that the Peng family was so impulsive that he knew that he could not solve the problem, so he was ready to leave.

The Peng family saw that Wu Chunsheng was about to leave, and shifted his goals. All people attacked Wu Chunsheng together, and even some neighbors besieged Wu Chunsheng together.

The Peng family pushed Wu Chunsheng to the ground and abused him: You shameless things are your fault, I want to kill you, our family is miserable by you, you shameless things …

Neighbors also abused Wu Chunsheng and Tao Xiaoling together.Wu Chunsheng and Tao Xiaoling did not speak and let others abuse.

In fact, this situation is not all faults of Wu Chunsheng and Tao Xiaoling.If the Peng family did not show Tao Xiaoling’s face, would she leave?

Now that it is serious, the Peng family came to insult Tao Xiaoling together and pushed the problem on her.

Later, Wu Chunsheng left Wu Chunsheng, but he never let Tao Xiaoling and her daughter leave.

Peng Xiaobo also tried to work hard to restore Tao Xiaoling. She did not give birth to a half daughter in the past eight years. He thought she could not have children in her life, so she raised her eyes and her nose.

Now that she went out for two months, she immediately had children with others.Let him see hope again, she can have children.

As a result, the Peng family worked hard to convince Tao Xiaoling and let her stay at home with peace of mind.

Tao Xiaoling sat on the bed with her daughter, and Peng Xiaobo sat opposite her, constantly teasing her daughter in her arms.

It can be seen that Peng Xiaobo really hopes to be his father. Although the child is not his, he also wants to treat that child as his daughter.

Tao Xiaoling had no feelings for Peng Xiaobo, and she couldn’t get rid of the sea of bitterness, and she would never jump in again.

Peng Xiaobo listened to Tao Xiaoling’s words, as if he was splashed with cold water, and was discouraged, but he never gave up.

Peng Xiaobo knew that Tao Xiaoling had no money, so he deliberately embarrassed her and asked her to compensate him 200,000.If she can come up with 200,000, he agrees to divorce. She would stay with him with 200,000.

Peng Xiaobo no longer minded Tao Xiaoling to return home with her and other children, and he could re -accept her.If she understands his heart, he can not investigate her betrayal.

Tao Xiaoling was determined to leave. The two of them walked to this point. It was not all caused by her, but that his family forced her.

Although she had also been wrong, the mother -in -law could not escape the responsibility.If he had a gentleness at her at the beginning, she would not run away from home.

Tao Xiaoling refused to compensate him 200,000, and she only compensated him at most 10,000 yuan.

The difference between 10,000 and 200,000 was too far, and Peng Xiaobo finally gave up this relationship.But she compensated too little, and decided to take the judicial procedure, and invited a lawyer to negotiate with Tao Xiaoling and Wu Chunsheng.

The lawyer was professional, and he told Tao Xiaoling as soon as he said that she had committed a crime of getting married.If Peng Xiaobo sued her, she would be sentenced.

Tao Xiaoling was scared, and neither she and Wu Chunsheng dared to speak out.

Peng Xiaobo realized that he also had a certain responsibility. He watched the woman who had been beloved was scared and couldn’t dare to come out, and couldn’t bear it, and he decided to give up his prosecution.

But compensation is indispensable. As for how much compensation is compensated, the lawyer and the judicial mediation institute will negotiate.

In the end, Peng Xiaobo only asked Tao Xiaoling to compensate him 60,000.Tao Xiaoling didn’t have that much money. Wu Chunsheng and her decided to pay in installments, and then Tao Xiaoling and Peng Xiaobo divorced.

It is said that when there was no daughter -in -law, the whole family was anxious to look like an ant on a hot pot, and with her daughter -in -law, she was picky.Now that the daughter -in -law is gone, they feel that the sky has collapsed again, it deserves it!

Frozen three feet is not a day cold.

Tao Xiaoling has been in the Peng family for eight years. She looked at the ugly face of the whole family, and her heart was already dead.The closest person, Peng Xiaobo, did not protect her.

In the end, after Tao Xiaoling was disappointed enough, she turned chic.At this time, the Peng family woke up like a dream.I knew today, why bother.

The demise of Tao Xiaoling and Peng Xiaobo’s marriage, Peng Xiaobo’s mother was contributed.The mother -in -law was also boiled by her daughter -in -law, and she once became the daughter -in -law of others.

Women can’t forget the suffering of being a daughter -in -law because of their daughter -in -law from her daughter -in -law!They are all women, why are women suffering women?

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