My nanny, three months after my business trip, touched her belly and said she was pregnant.

My little nanny, three months after I was on a business trip, touched my belly. "It’s really hard to get pregnant. Unfortunately, my sister can’t appreciate it."

Also cooperated with my mother -in -law to ask me to give them a nanny.

I picked up the rags on the table and threw it on her face.

Do you also match?


For three months, I returned home and couldn’t go upstairs to clean up.

Seeing the little nanny of the sun, tears looked at me tears.

"Sister, I’m pregnant, I’m scared, you help me."

How can it be?I am suspicious.

The nanny Xiaohua was introduced by my mother -in -law from my hometown. She was only in her 20s.

After working in my house for about a year, I am hardworking and capable, and it is very simple and never mess with others.

I gave her a paper towel, comforted her for a while, and told her that I would help her.

She just cried and said she was bullied.

I took out my phone and prepared to call the police.

Xiaohua immediately stopped me, "I am a brother."


Zhang Cheng, my husband.

It is impossible. Although his relationship with him because of his child, his feelings have faded, but he is not the kind of messy person.

But looking at the crying little flower in front of her, and her bloated waist, I still called Zhang Cheng.


"I did it. After you left, I gathered with my friends and drank too much."

Looking at Zhang Cheng, who was regretful, I only felt angry and disgusting.

Add the flowers aside and crying for me to make her the master.

My head hurts, and I always feel that something is wrong.

I glanced at Zhang Cheng coldly."According to scientific research, men drink too much."

Zhang Cheng was silent for a moment, "Wife, I’m really confused for a while, you forgive me."

I sneered, "You look at the police. I don’t forgive you."

I took out my phone and prepared to call the police.

At this time, Zhang Cheng began to ask Xiaohua to forgive him.

Xiaohua sobbed, "Sister, don’t call the police, I don’t want others to know this."

No matter how I persuade, Xiaohua doesn’t want to publish it.

She felt that if she was known by others, she would have no face to see people.


Afterwards, I decided to divorce Zhang Cheng.

And Xiaohua begged me to accept her.

She cried and said to me, she was weak, and the doctor said that if the fetus was born, she might have a dead body.

She didn’t dare to return to her hometown with her belly, and she didn’t want to be with Zhang Cheng, so she could only ask me to keep her.

My loved ones were abroad, and always regarded Xiaohua as a sister, and agreed to her.

She was happy to say that the child would recognize me as a godmother in the future and filial me well.

Divorce has a calm period, so during this time.

I went to the hospital for a check. Sure enough, I was still old.

At this moment, I saw Xiaohua holding Zhang Cheng with a smile on his face.

A few days ago I was going to take her for a checkup, and this girl couldn’t come and die.

And in front of me, she did not have a good face to Zhang Cheng.

After they left, I walked into the hospital again, and at this moment, I was cool.

Xiaohua is very healthy and can be killed. She cheated me.

I am alone in the country.

She wants her child to inherit my property!

This little flower performed so well, I was almost cheated by such a woman.

I don’t have the mood to fight with her, isn’t it busy making money?

I just spent money to find a woman and help me fight.

This woman is a fighter in green tea, black heart lotus in white lotus.

There are scenes in the house at home!

4. 4..

On the first day when Gu Yu came to the house, the house turned around.

I rely on the stairs and looked at the noisy three people below.

Or it can be said that Xiaohua is noisy.

Gu Yu standing next to him was proud and indifferent.

As for Zhang Cheng, he was embarrassed in the middle.

Xiao Hua was grieving, and his tone was spoiled: "Being a brother, isn’t it just a bag? How can it cost 200,000 yuan, is this woman beating us?"

Gu Yu looked at Xiaohua and sneered. "Xiao Hua sister, you say you want to lose my bag, I refuse, but you feel that I look down on you. I want to pull me to your house.

As soon as the words turned, Gu Yu turned his eyes to Zhang Cheng, and looked up and down, and his tone was puzzled, "Are you sir? You look so decent, your wife …"

Zhang Cheng’s face turned red instantly. I knew that he was a good face. He was disliked by Gu Yu as a big beauty in person. He would definitely send his temper to Xiaohua.

Zhang Cheng pulled Xiaohua with his hand chopping and cleared his throat: "Miss Gu, Xiaohua is our nanny of our family. I lost this bag. I added you to WeChat to turn it to you?"

As soon as Xiaohua heard that Zhang Cheng had to lose money, he stomped his feet, and his tone was anxious: "Cheng Brother, this woman said in the lion, don’t be deceived by her."

Zhang Cheng’s expression changed, pushing Xiaohua away, "When I speak, there is no portrayal of you."

Then she smiled and pulled out her mobile phone to prepare for the WeChat of Guyu to turn her money.

Gu Yu glanced at the little flower crying next to him, shrugged his shoulders, and his red lips moved slightly. "No, just a bag, I don’t want the money, just watch a good show."

Gu Yu’s speaking with a disdain and arrogance, and then turned away.

Zhang Cheng clenched his mobile phone with his hands, glared at Xiaohua, stopped in front of Gu Yu, and his tone was warm: "Miss Gu, this matter is wrong, do you want to say money, but you come to my house today, you have come to my house today, you have come to my house today.Why not let me do the friendship of the landlord? "

Gu Yu stunned his hair and his tone was easy: "Mr. Zhang, I think you are a person who knows the reason, I also explain it now. Today, in the community, it is the flower that the bag is broken.It doesn’t matter. She wants to pull me to your house and say that you will lose me. As a result, it is a bit unpleasant now, and it is even more unnecessary to stay, and I have a job at noon. "

Zhang Cheng could only sigh and watched Gu Yu leave.

Looking at Gu Yu’s beautiful back, I know that I should play.

"Miss Gu, let’s stay at noon. By the way, we can talk about work."

Gu Yu heard me. After turning around, he pretended to be surprised: "Ms. Li Meng, how can you be here?"

Regardless of Zhang Cheng and Xiaohua’s surprised eyes, I stepped forward and held her hands with Gu Yu.

"This is my family, Zhang Cheng is my husband, today I find you about divorce."

Speaking of my head and Zhang Cheng nodded, "Gu Yu is a divorce lawyer I find. You can find her about property division and disputes."


As I expected, Zhang Cheng has always contacted Gu Yu privately.

Gu Yu also did a drama with him under my signal, telling him some news about me from time to time.

Zhang Cheng’s trust has now been initially obtained.

My plan can start, and at this moment, a noise interrupted my thinking.

"Who dare to stop me, I am your mother’s mother, let Li Meng’s bitch come out to see me."

An old woman wearing a tyrant, a sour woman pushed the security guard at the door.

It was her, my horizontal mother -in -law, Li Dao, who was still standing with a well -behaved flower beside her.

I don’t want to ignore the two.

But her mother -in -law’s mouth was not only full of swear mouths, but she also grabbed the security face with her hands. The security guard took care of Zhang Cheng’s face without force.

"Auntie, this is the company, it’s not a place to make you noisy."

Then I gave a look at the security guard, and the security guard immediately understood.

They stopped looking forward and went out with their mother -in -law.

When my mother -in -law was got out, she was very angry. "Li Meng, as a woman, you can’t give birth to a child.

Then she pushed open the security guard and cried directly on the ground, "Unfortunately, everyone! Come and see, Li Meng, a shameless company, occupy my son’s company, and use my son’s money to raise a man outside."

There are more and more people watching, and my face becomes gloomy.

When the security guard saw this, he never merciless, one person dragged one foot and threw her out.

As soon as Li Dao was thrown out of the company’s door, she wiped her tears and smiled at each other with her little flowers next to her.

Looking at the strange moves of the two outside the window, I sent a text message to Gu Yu.

Three days later, Junyou Hotel.

Xiaohua held her mobile phone and hurried in front.

Zhang Cheng, who was excited with his face behind him.

He looked at Gu Yu with a scorching look, "Miss Gu, if he can get evidence of derailment in Li Meng’s marriage, can you be divided into more property? If it wasn’t for your undercover, there are more news, I really really have news, I really really have news, I really really have news.I want you to be my lawyer. "

Gu Yu covered his mouth and laughed, "Mr. Zhang, the reason why I decide to help you is not just for your money, but because of …"

Talking about Zhang Cheng with a variety of styles.

Zhang Cheng nodded excitedly.

Seeing this, Xiao Hua immediately pulled Zhang Cheng to his side, inviting merit: "Cheng Brother, this time my brother dizzy Li Mengmi on the bed, you can’t lose to him in a while!"

Zhang Cheng excitedly said: "As long as you take the photos of your brother and Li Meng, everything is good to say."

Xiaohua was full of excitement and took out the room card that had been prepared for a long time.

Open the door, turn on the lights, and take pictures crazy.

"Ah! What are you doing?"

A hoarse sound sounded.

The woman on the bed was awakened, hidden in the quilt, and refused to come out.

Also on the bed, the hair is the Mediterranean, and there is a beer belly.

Seeing Xiaohua coming in, grinning, showing big yellow teeth.

Xiao Hua immediately began to act, "Sister Dream, how can you carry a brother who is a man? You haven’t divorced it yet! It’s really shameful."

Zhang Chengqiang endured his joy and pretended to be angry, "Li Meng, you come out, you really disappointed me."

As soon as the yellow teeth man heard it, he immediately dragged out the trembling woman under the quilt.

When Zhang Cheng saw a woman, his complexion changed, and the mobile phone in his hand fell to the ground.

He shouted in horror: "Mom, why is you?"


When Zhang Cheng saw the traces of his mother, his eyes were red, and he hit a yellow teeth man when he rushed up. "You dare to do this to my mother, I will kill you."

After experiencing this mutation, Xiaohua’s complexion has long become pale.

The lips were shivering, finished, what should I do?

Seeing Zhang Cheng punch his brother down, she immediately rushed forward.

Using his pregnancy, he was blocked in front, and his tone was wronged: "Cheng Brother, it must be wrong, you first listen to what my brother says."

Speaking of Xiaohua turned around and demonstrated his brother with his eyes.

She knew that she had to quickly eliminate Zhang Cheng’s anger now, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

Zhang Cheng’s eyes flushed, holding his hands tightly, and staring at the two brothers and sisters in front of him, "You two sluts, don’t you let you open it, right?"

Speaking of being prepared to step forward forcibly pull her away.

Gu Yu adjusted his miniature camera and immediately joined the battle.

"Mr. Zhang, the most important thing now is to take care of your mother’s emotions."

Wen Yan calmed down, and he stepped forward to help his mother, caring for a meal.

After Xiaohua next to her brother, she looked at Gu Yu with her eyes.

How can outsiders present such ugly things, she is preparing to speak.

Gu Yu picked up a bathrobe and put on Li Dao’s body. The tongue was embarrassed: "Mr. Zhang, is it not good to be present in the current situation? I am leaving first, what are we contacting in the follow -up contact?","

Before Zhang Cheng spoke, Xiaohua began to whisper: "Then you don’t roll up. This is our family affairs. What are you still doing here?"

Gu Yu heard this, and it was secretly happy. This little flower was so stupid. The more she said, the more angry Zhang Chengcheng.

And she can get Zhang Cheng’s love and trust.

Sure enough, Zhang Cheng was furious, "Xiaohua, you and your brother first roll me back to the villa, don’t give me a demon, especially you, the big mountain -my big brother, otherwise you know my means."

Xiaohua didn’t dare to cry, and quickly pulled up the mountains on the ground, and the two were preparing to leave.

At this moment, a hoarse voice sounded: "You stand up, you come here to help me, and I go home with you."

Zhang Cheng was puzzled, and quickly interrupted: "Mom, although there are children in the small flower’s belly, don’t grieve yourself!"

Li Dao pushed away his son’s hand and took the mountains, and his tone was serious: "Mom’s body has been occupied by the mountain, now it is his woman, who do you not follow him?"

Dashan looked at such an old lady and touched herself with greasy movements, and she couldn’t wait to kick her away.

Xiaohua’s eyes were bright. She knew that Zhang Cheng was the most filial. As long as he and his elder brother took his mother, he would be guaranteed in the future. He quickly gave her brother a look.

Dashan endured nausea and brought Li Daojie next to him.

Zhang Cheng was sitting on the bed with a decadence. At this time, the hotel left him and Gu Yu, and me who had been watching the live broadcast next door.

Oops, this scene is really wonderful, watching Zhang Cheng’s soul -disappointed figure at this moment.

I can’t bear to fall down the stones?

Hee hee, I walked to the door of his room. At this moment, he always asked: "Why does it become like this?"

Of course I did it.

Looking at him like this, I said weirdly: "Oh, this scene is really wonderful, but I won’t reward you anymore, I can only record it to commemorate it."

Zhang Cheng stood up and stood up, his eyes were ruthless, "Is this something you do?"


All this was obviously started first.

If I hadn’t discovered the clue, maybe I was already a fame now.

It is hard to imagine that if there were not Gu Yu that passed the message to me, the heroine in the video is me now.

Looking at Zhang Cheng, who seemed to be crazy in front of me, my heart was very happy.

However, there are still shares in his hands, and I still need to continue acting.

I pretended to look at Gu Yu in pain, and was angry: "Lawyer Gu, how can you be with him? I am the client who pays you money."

Gu Yu was pretending to be embarrassed and twisted: "Ms. Li Meng, I …"

When Zhang Cheng heard me mentioning Gu Yu, his eyes suddenly lighted up, and he immediately grabbed Gu Yu’s hand and was proud of his tone: "Li Meng, now Gu Yu is my person, how about being betrayed?"

What can I do?I can only pretend to be acting, showing my anger and disappointment, and then glanced at him fiercely and put a ruthless words: "You wait for me."

After I left, I knew that the rest of the drama was handed over to Gu Yu.

After seeing me away, Gu Yu immediately pulled his own hand back and was anxious: "Mr. Zhang, so I can’t set information for you?"

In order to retaliate against me, Zhang Cheng, of course, will not easily let Gu Yu, a person who can stimulate me.

He promised with a good voice and Gu Yu Xu, and divided his property to Gu Yu for processing.

Then he hurried home to clean up the mess under the comfort of Gu Yu.

Seeing Gu Yu, who had finally escaped, I smiled with her.

She was ready to hold her hand, but found that she shook her head and refused.

Oh, I understand, because Zhang Cheng just grabbed her hand, I handed her a wet tissue.

She slowly wiped her hand.

This picture is really pleasing to the eye. No wonder in just a few weeks, Zhang Cheng can be fascinated.

"Do you plan to live in that villa? I don’t agree."

When I heard Gu Yu and me discussing this, I resolutely refused. Even if she had any means, she was a weak woman.

When I get to that wolf nest, I am afraid that someone will jump the wall in a hurry.

However, she tone more firmly: "If you want to divide the property faster, close to Zhang Cheng is the best way."

Well, I compromise.

However, after the discussion of the two of us, I also lived back to the villa this time.

On the one hand, Guiyu can be protected at any time.

Of course, in case of it, I arranged a few darts to live near the villa, and hired a female bodyguard by the way.

According to the plan, I returned to the villa earlier than Gu Yu.

As soon as I entered the villa, I saw my clothes wearing my clothes and stuck in the mouth of Erlang’s legs. "Oh, isn’t this my dream sister returning?"

Now Xiaohua is not pretending, of course, I won’t give her a good face, and her face is leaving her coldly.

Then I walked to the door of my room, Xiaohua was anxious, and immediately stopped my big belly to stop me. "Sister Meng, Cheng brother said, this room is now two of us."

"He said it was not, this villa is still our common property. If you don’t want to make it too ugly, let it open."

I didn’t want to accompany her to act, and seeing that I took out my mobile phone and prepared to call the property phone, she could only let it go.

As soon as I entered this room, I felt disgusting, and frowned at the bodyguards who followed me behind me. "Anan, replace everything, especially the bed."

As soon as Xiaohua saw that I was about to throw the bed, and immediately, "Sister Meng, this bed is 2 million yuan, it is comfortable to fall asleep, you don’t want to give it to me!"

I watched the small flowers in front of my eyes and ridiculed her: "You really have any dirty things, but I will not give you if I burn it."

Xiaohua could only grieved his lips, and tears in his eyes.

She still has a face grievance?

At this time, Xiaohua’s brother came back with my mother -in -law.

At first sight, the two were anxious.

The mother -in -law rushed forward, and first cared about Xiaohua.

Then I turned my words to me, and talked to me in the tone of the order: "Little Meng, you are still my daughter -in -law of the Zhang family. Now that Xiaohua is pregnant, you will clean the family’s hygiene."

Said to put a rag in front of me.

I picked up the rags on the table and used a doubtful tone to ask Anan about Anan next to me: "Am I too kind, look like I bully?"

Then I didn’t wait for Anan to answer, and I threw the rags on the face of Li Dao’s old lady.


Li Dan’s brother dragged the rags on his face, his eyes fierce, his body trembled, "Li Meng, dare you treat me like this?"

hehe!What dare?

The mountain next to me was so angry that my sister and rich woman were so angry, and immediately picked up my sleeves and wanted to beat me. "I see you, you just owe it.

I didn’t wait for me to speak, Anan behind me flickered, and stepped forward to catch Dashan.

Dashan was not angry in an instant, "It hurts, grandma, I’m wrong, let me go first."

Anan asked me.I glanced at the trembling Xiaohua and her mother -in -law beside me, and had an idea in my mind.

"I want me to let you go, so, the premise is that you let the two of them agree to clean the villa."

After I said this, I looked at the three people who had mutations.

The first export is Dashan: "Sister, isn’t it just cleaning up? You often do it before, you can help brother, hissing, hurting …"

Hearing my brother to turn his words first, Xiaohua’s eyes turned, and his tone was weak: "Brother, I also want to help you, but now I am in my stomach with a child who is a brother.child."

As soon as Dashan heard his sister’s push, he immediately turned his eyes to Li Dan’s brother, "Auntie, you must help me, don’t you say that men are women’s days?"

Li Dan’s brother didn’t say a word, his face was ugly.

I have seen through my mother -in -law. She is feudal in her heart and is mainly men. In recent years, as Zhang Cheng’s business has become bigger and bigger, her living standards have improved straight.

As soon as the level of living is high, people have begun to be a demon. They always think that they are the queen queen at home, and they look down on the drivers, housekeepers and nanny invited at home. They feel that they are subordinates.

Now let her do these jobs, of course she will not be willing.

Looking at the silent mother -in -law, I gave Anan a look.

"Ah! Lightly, the arm is about to be broken, your aunt, sister, you promise!"

Xiaohua quickly covered his belly and was a little farther away from us, "Brother, rest assured, the two of us will definitely help you."

I looked at the seemingly sincere flower, and disdain.

She still didn’t want to clean up. After all, in her heart, the child in her belly now is a baby, and there must be no difference.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes looked at Li Daojie, who was rising beside him.

Li Dao turned to the triangle’s eyes, and the wrinkled face became a bit distorted. The words said, "Li Meng, you make people be a criminal. I warned you to let go of the mountain immediately, and then apologize to usLost money. "

Looking at the stupid mother -in -law again, I taunt: "You go to the police! Go now. This villa has half of my property. You are illegally broke into my house and saved my own alarm."

As soon as this remark came out, Li Dan’s brother was not a demon, and he picked up the rags on the ground and started to clean.

As for Xiaohua, at first glance, Zhang Cheng’s fucking was doing it, he could only work together with his stomach.

I sat on the sofa in the living room, eating grapes imported abroad, and supervising the work of the two.

"Xiaohua, clean the room I live in, don’t stay with a hair."

"Mother -in -law, let’s clean the bathroom at home. Remember to ask Xiaohua, where is the toilet brush."

The mountain next to him was still captured by Anan, his head was full of painful sweat.

"Annan, let’s release your hand first, and be careful to get your hands carefully."

As soon as Dashan heard it, a flattering smile on his face, "Yes, right, I hurt, it’s okay to be tired, you can take a break."

Anan listened to me, but it was loosened by my hand, but the opposite handcuffed Dashan, which still caused him to be in pain.

Yes, Anan will come here.

"Well, I don’t waste time here, the company still has things to deal with. I come back from get off work at night to watch the villa clean?"

As soon as I was going to leave, the eyes of the three lit up for an instant.

I left a word before I went out: "There is monitoring at home! If I find that I am lazy or find someone to do it, don’t blame me in the mountains."

Although I still want to see the uncomfortable appearance of these three people, the next battlefield has to be handed over to Gu Yu.


From the monitor, I clearly saw that when Zhang Cheng took Gu Yu back to the reaction of everyone in the villa.

The mountains that were also tied to, trying to calm down his sorrowful face, his chest up slightly, looking at it like a native cock who was anxious to show himself.

Li Dao, who covered his nose and nose, immediately rushed to Zhang Cheng’s face and cried.

From the side of Gu Yu’s hard -to -say, I just guessed that the old lady must be talking bad things about me.

As for the messy flowers, she looked at Zhang Cheng with tears, and from time to time, Zhang Cheng stared at the fish.

Ouch, this family is full of drama!

Zhang Cheng and Gu Yu, who were surrounded by everyone, also began to join the show.

Zhang Cheng’s face took the mop in his mother angrily. "Li Meng is just a blessing in the company, and now dare to treat you like this. When I transfer her property, I must clean up her."

When the mountain next to him saw Zhang Cheng’s performance, he began to pretend to hum and attract everyone’s attention. After all, he wanted to get rid of his trouble early.

Xiaohua glanced at her brother in distress, "Cheng Brother, Meng Sister is really too much, let me sweep with pregnancy, even if the aunt is so old, she is her elder.These hardships. "

Li Dao’s told, holding Zhang Cheng’s arm, "Yes, son, Xiaohua is right, but we still let go of Dashan first, and then his hands are abolished for a while."

Zhang Cheng glanced at the mountain with disliked, his eyebrows frowned. He also knew that I was not easy to mess with. If I just ignored my decision so easily, I would not give up.

He rubbed his eyebrows and sighed, "Still wait for Li Meng to come back, let’s talk about it! Didn’t she say that she would let go of the mountain at night?"

Through monitoring, I can feel how many dissatisfaction and anger hidden in Zhang Cheng’s seemingly peaceful words.

Not to mention the people at the scene, everyone is silent at this moment.

Xiaohua continued to put on the hat and started cleaning the room.

The mother -in -law stunned her waist and continued to mop.

Zhang Cheng was standing dullly.

At this time, Gu Yu said, and Zhang Cheng laughed in a word.

Then I saw Gu Yu call me a video call. In order to help her do this play, I changed the office to pick up her video.

In the video, Gu Yu first cared about me, and then observed my space carefully.

I pretended to tell her impatiently that I was meeting, and something would be said in a while.

Then hung up the phone.

Back to the office and seeing the monitoring, it was broken.

I smiled with satisfaction, my task was completed, and I gave it to Gu Yu.

The atmosphere of the villa was also very harmonious at this time.

The monitoring at home was broken. Zhang Cheng asked a lot of hours from the outside. As for Dashan, he gave him a sponge.

As Zhang Cheng soothe his mother, Zhang Cheng was soothing Xiaohua.

As for Gu Yu’s headache because of a cold, he had been arranged in the largest room to rest.

As soon as Gu Yu entered the room, he no longer had a headache. The balcony of this room was connected to Zhang Cheng’s study.

The monitoring of Zhang Cheng’s study will be maintained for 24 hours and never stop.

Now I deliberately make trouble and let him take the initiative to turn off the monitoring.

In this way, Gu Yu can do a little in his study without knowing it.


When I returned home at night, I watched Xiaohua and Li Dao, who pretended to be tired, and I did not dismantle them.

I just turned her eyes to Gu Yu, "Miss Gu, are you iron -hearted and want to do right with me?"

Gu Yu immediately reached out and dragged Zhang Cheng’s sleeves. Zhang Cheng took forward, "Li Meng, you are not qualified to control my business now. After we divorce, you immediately move from here."

I sneered, "Zhang Cheng, you have forgotten the love when you were young, do you want to abandon me to enjoy as soon as possible? I tell you, no door, I drag you, I do n’t think about it."

After that, I pretended to be sad and angry, and took Anan directly upstairs.

Xiaohua saw that I was sad and angry, and was not as happy as others, but just said timidly: "The meaning of Li Meng’s meaning is to drag and divorce with Chengge."

As soon as the small flower talked, the atmosphere of the entire living room was not right, and everyone was speechless.

In the evening, Zhang Cheng sneaked out of the room from Xiaohua.

He was ready to go to Gu Yu’s room, and he knocked carefully.

Gu Yu opened the door and stopped Zhang Cheng with an excited face, and his tone was resentful. "Didn’t you say that Li Meng will divorce you as soon as possible?"

After speaking, regardless of Zhang Cheng’s sophistry, left a sentence, and directly locked the door.

Zhang Cheng outside the door regretted his face, but did not dare to knock on the door, for fear of recruiting others.

He thought that this time he could win Gu Yu, but he didn’t want to get stuck on Li Meng’s marriage again.

Zhang Chengsong opened his clenched fist and was ready to return to Xiaohua’s room, but in the corridor, he saw Dashan’s sneaky into his mother’s room.

In an instant, a blood rushed to the top of his head, and his old lady even wore a green hat for his dead father.

If it weren’t for Li Meng to see the joke, Zhang Cheng couldn’t wait to drive Dashan out now.

However, Zhang Cheng secretly decided in his heart that when he divorced Li Meng, he would not marry Xiaohua. At most, he wanted to come and raise the child. What he wanted to marry was the kind and beautiful woman of Gu Yu.

In the early morning of the next day, I started to be a demon. On the one hand, I was extremely concerned about Zhang Cheng, on the other hand, I always picked the thorn of others.

The atmosphere of the family was getting more and more dignified. After a week, Zhang Cheng, who was full of blue and black, found me first.

I signed the proposed agreement. He also looked at it for a while, and then gave the agreement to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu was serious. In order to obtain Zhang Cheng, she frowned and proposed a few dissatisfaction.

I also pretended my lawyer for a while with those unimportant controversy.

Finally signed the agreement, Zhang Cheng couldn’t wait to complete the divorce procedure with me.

Looking at the divorce certificate in my hand and the property I got, I am satisfied.

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