My pregnancy diary | I am pregnant, can I still have hair, perm, nails, and masks?

During the video with my mother -in -law last night, my daughter found two white hair on my head, but I just said: "I should also dye my hair." After hearing it, my mother -in -law said, "You are now nowIn this case, you can’t dye your hair, let’s talk about it! "

Although it is commonplace, this concept of mother -in -law is indeed existed between many elderly people, even young couples. If you think you are pregnant, you must be careful, such as:

Can’t dye your hair, there are chemicals;

Can’t dye nails, but also chemicals;

Do not apply the mask, there are hormones or something in it;

Can’t spray perfume, bad for the baby.

So, is it reliable?

Occasionally dye perm is okay.

How much can be, this minimal dose can be imagined.

Therefore, there is no problem at all during pregnancy. Who said that women can’t love beauty when they are pregnant, this is unfair!

Similarly, it is also possible to dye it occasionally.

Everyone can think about whether there will be some unpleasant smells on the nails every time after dyeing the nails. Even if the nail polish you dyed is tasteless, then the gas it evaporates will not be developed.Cause adverse effects.

Of course, aside from the dosage, the harm is a hooligan.Therefore, my suggestion here is still that in some necessary occasions, such as participating in the wedding, you can dye it for so. It is not recommended that the expectant mothers frequently dye nails to avoid the volatile substances in nail polish.Essence

This depends on what mask is.

If it is only a mask with hydrating, moisturizing, and cleaning effects, there is no problem as normal operations as before pregnancy, and regular skin care is performed, which also has a very good effect on the skin care of expectant mothers.

However, if the mask you apply is whitening and acne, these masks may contain some chemicals that are not good for fetal development, and long -term use will inevitably cause harm to the fetus, so these masks are not recommended to use expectant mothers.

This expectant mother must be cautious.

Although the musk contained in the perfume on the market is mostly artificially synthesized, and occasionally use does not have any harm to mothers and fetuses. However, what you need to know is that a variety of ingredients are added to the perfume, such as fragrance, such as flavor, and fragrance.Alcohol, pigmentation, bactericide, preservatives, and other ingredients. After women’s pregnancy, the hormone levels in the body change greatly, and they are more sensitive to various odors. A little carelessly, allergies may occur.Therefore, for expectant mothers, if it is not necessary, it is better to use perfume.

In short, in the matter of love, expectant mothers can still be beautiful girls, but they don’t have to be ashamed of the birds. After all, the mood of expectant mothers during pregnancy is also important.

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