My wife is pregnant, how should my husband solve physiological needs?

Many young couples were disrupted by their own baby before they had time to enjoy the world.Many novice parents have been cautious since pregnancy, and they are afraid that if they accidentally do wrong, they will have a bad impact on the baby.Of course, many male friends will consult. My wife is pregnant. Can I still have the same room?Can I only hold back in the past ten months?What time is safer when the same room is in the same room?How can men solve physiological needs correctly during my wife’s pregnancy?

In fact, both men and women have certain physiological needs, and proper rooms can enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Let ’s talk about this topic with you today.

Women can also live proper husband and wife during pregnancy, but there are certain restrictions in time.For example, we must pay attention to avoiding the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy. In the second trimester, it is 4-6 months. It is safer to properly live a husband and wife life.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the early pregnancy refers to within twelve weeks of pregnancy. This period is a critical period for fetal growth and development. The placenta has not been stable. If the husband and wife in the same room will induce uterine excitement and shrinking at this time, causing a threatened abortion.Many pregnant women will have early pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy. It is prone to weakness and drowsiness. The physique will be affected. At this stage, it is not conducive to the same room.

The third trimester generally refers to after 28 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal organs of the fetus have been developed, and the uterus of pregnant women will become very sensitive. At this time, the same room will cause the uterus to shrink, resulting in premature placenta and premature fetal birth, thereby increasing infection during puerpletic infection.Opportunity.Although the organs of the fetus in the third trimester have matured, the organ function of the fetus is not yet mature. If premature delivery occurs, the resistance of newborn babies will deteriorate, and newborn diseases or even death will occur.

Therefore, the prospective dad can grasp the time in the same room. During his wife’s pregnancy, he should pay more housework, exercise appropriately, disperse attention, and relieve sexual desire pressure. If pregnant women have serious complications during pregnancy, sexual life needs to be prohibited.


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