My wife is pregnant, she always hiccups after meals. I want to be scared. I ask her child who is

1. Her wife was pregnant. She kept hiccups after dinner last last time. I want to scare her to cure hiccups, so I raised her face and asked her slowly: Who is the child?My wife looked at me and asked me what it meant.I said: Don’t hide it, I know, I think you deducted it, who is that person?After a while, my wife was crying and confessing with me!Children are really fucking!

2. Xunzi weaned the nephew these days. The nephew milk powder did not eat or eat. I hugged the nephew who was crying."Okay, don’t say it, let him eat the last time!"

3. The hardest one has been her wedding sugar.The most sour one is her wedding wine.The hottest one has been her favorite sticker.The one who met the most was her son’s long like me.

4. When I went to my boyfriend’s house for the first time, his father called me into the study: "This is one million left my son, because he wants to marry with other big companies." Before I said, my boyfriend suddenly broke in and a handful of one.After grabbing the check, the tears were broken: "I will marry her, marry today." Then I pulled me and said to me secretly, "I took the account book, we registered." His father’s curse behind him.Farther and farther … I came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, I said, "It feels like dreaming." He said, "Wife, stimulate, I just rented that man of that mansion for one day, the old man was the actor I asked."

5. No matter how many posture on the bed, it is just one in.There are fewer and fewer people with heart, and more and more mating.No matter how handsome men, they will kneel between women’s legs.No matter how beautiful a woman, she will also pant under the man’s body.Don’t ask the feelings deep, it depends on the induction.Instead of affection, take money to make money, a group of dogs behind the money, there is no money to go to the way.Everyone is in the icing on the cake, and there are a few people in the miles. If you think I cheat, then you will continue, and I will watch you perform quietly. You can look down on me now, but don’t underestimate me in the future.No one is glory.I have n’t read a few books, I do n’t know how to speak, how to be a person, the only way of life is that you are good to me, I must be not bad for you!

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