My wife will not wash my socks and panties after pregnancy. How much bacteria are afraid of affecting the fetus

I was mad. After my wife was pregnant, I would not wash my socks and panties. It was said that there were many bacteria and were afraid of affecting the fetus.

My face number?IntersectionIntersection

I don’t understand, what can I affect a underwear?

It is clearly lazy.

I am also drunk. You do n’t wash socks. Okay, I put a washing machine, but I ca n’t put on the underwear?

Men’s hands cannot wash their underwear and lose their luck, because men’s hands are used to make money. We said before that after marriage, we have been executed without any problems. How can we make excuses as soon as you get pregnant?


I asked her seriously, are you not afraid of me to lose luck?

She said that it was a feudal superstition. Don’t we deceive yourself.

I am really dead. Do you dare not believe it?ignorance.

She also mocked me, superstitious that the woman’s aunt was coming, and she couldn’t touch it. Don’t you can’t hold it up, do you still touch me?

I’m in a hurry, don’t I love you?I didn’t dislike you, just prove this.

I also said, in the final analysis, you have been pregnant for a long time.

She didn’t say a word.

I know she is guilty.

In fact, not only this matter, since she is pregnant, there are many problems. I do n’t get up in the morning to cook.I always ate supper in the middle of the night, and I would even make me soup for her. I was not happy when I played a game. I pressed the fire several times and wanted to draw her.

But I am very able to bear it. Counting your pregnancy, I get used to you first, wait for the child to give birth, you are still like this, don’t blame me for not giving you a face.

Unexpectedly, in the fourth month, she showed her stomach. She was like her uncle, and she asked me to wash her feet and say that she couldn’t turn her waist.

I came up in the fire, but I pressed it, and said that you rushed with a shower head, and didn’t have to bend over.

She also held my arm, and coquettishly said that her husband, people want you to serve.

After she was pregnant, she burst into fat twenty pounds, she was fat, and her arms were attached to me. I was a little disgusting. Moreover, my family had been very correct since I was a child. My parents were teachers.The famous pragmatic and capable, there is no such thing as coquettish, and my dad can not get used to her hairy disease. Therefore, my daughter -in -law made this out, and I really touched my bottom line. I dumped her away.Tao, roll, don’t rely on pregnancy, do not do it, our family is unwilling.

She was shocked and complained that when others were pregnant, my husband couldn’t wait to wait for the saddle and horses and horses. Can’t you hurt me?

After speaking, I murmured particularly wronged, who did I marry?

In this sentence, I thoroughly ignited the fire. I couldn’t bear it. I turned back and slapped her, saying which smelly problem you learned, and I got up?I tell you that I have been tolerate for a long time, don’t kick your nose on your face!

She was beaten by me, covering my face to see me.

I deliberately didn’t speak, not angry.When I was a kid, my dad hit my mother. That’s it. My mother didn’t dare to say a word.

Sure enough, my daughter -in -law burst into tears, but I didn’t dare to say more, turned my head out of the bedroom.

In fact, I don’t want to do it. After all, she is pregnant, but I don’t care about it, she can do endlessly.

I persuaded myself to dispel gas first, and when I calmed down, I would coax her.

I continue to fight the glory of the king.

But suddenly there was a sound of "slamming" outside, and something was broken. I quickly got up and went out to see. My daughter -in -law was on the cup on the coffee table.

I call you how crazy you are!Go up and hold her neck, she has tears on her face, telling me that I am pregnant, and you even hit me!Are you a man!

Then she turned around, broke me away, pushed the TV on the ground again, slammed it, and the screen cracked!

I was furious, holding her neck, raising my hand, and slapped it fiercely. What is your fucking evil, don’t you want to live?Intersection

She covered her face, crying, holding her stomach, and worked hard to earn it. She pushed the Bogu racks and hanger, and the things crackled into the ground, including I spent more than 2,000 Ledgao building block cars!

She shouted that I hit her, and stepped on my car to shatter!I spent a month for this car, you are dead!I was mad, flying towards her back, and she rushed to the door, but she opened the door and ran into the road road, like a vixen!

I was afraid that my neighbors heard it, shame, and grab her hair, drag it back, and let her shut up, but when I heard the movement of the two sons, I came out. When the elder brother saw this, he grabbed my arm and persuaded.Essence

His wife guarded my daughter -in -law and asked her to be pregnant. You can let go!

My daughter -in -law saw someone helping, and it was even more crazy, saying that I didn’t care about her pregnancy at all, and asked me why I didn’t kick the child to death just now!

I am angry, what she said is called, and kick the child to death?Are you human?I just got stunned just now, and she kicked her, she said so viciously!I am so angry that I want to tear this bitch!

The elder brother on the opposite side was anxious, and he tried his best to hold my hand. I couldn’t stand it. I could only let go of my daughter -in -law’s hair, and we were separated.

But my daughter -in -law was even more arrogant. She refused to go home and said that she didn’t want to live. At this time, the neighbors upstairs and downstairs heard that they came to our floor. After they understood the situation, they began to blame me to hit the daughter -in -law.Essence

Okay, I was shameful to get home, so I am not afraid. I simply in the presence of everyone to let everyone evaluate the law!

I put the facts about evidence, and said my daughter -in -law from pregnancy. I did n’t wash my socks and panties. She was sour and I ate it. Moreover, I also shared it.Brush, I stretched out my hand and asked everyone to see, and I was sculpted by the detergent!

Also, she did the more and more sideways. Once I played the king in the middle of the night, she said that she was panicked and uncomfortable. I said that she asked her to sleep early. She had to go to the hospital.I am so angry, but who told me to be a man, I can only stop the game and take her to the hospital. As a result, it is a hypoglycemia. It is not a big deal at all, but I will let my teammates scold to death that night!Until now they still talk about me with this, and I don’t call me to play together!

Moreover, when I was washing the underwear, I was really lucky recently. The work was particularly not smooth.She can wash her underwear, why can’t I wash me?I have bacteria?fart!

My roar finally explained that the neighbors listened and didn’t speak anymore.

My daughter -in -law looked at me, her eyes were desperate, and she had a loss.

I’m so happy, see her anymore!

However, I did not expect that this society is not all good people. Upstairs, there is a man who opened the chess room, big bald head, tattooing, usually not a good bird.I slapped me sharply!

I caught off guard and planted on the ground!

I Cao, why do you hit people!

I was covered, and I thought the neighbors would come up to help me, but they still stood in place and didn’t move!

I immediately understood that everyone was afraid of this bald man, he was a triad!

But why did he hit me?Intersection

Immediately after, the bald man bent down and held my neck and asked, is there a man like this?Are you playing with your daughter -in -law when you are pregnant? Are you fucking?Intersection

I looked at him and looked at my daughter -in -law again. It seemed that I suddenly understood something. I called, what are you doing, do you have a leg with my daughter -in -law!

The bald man was also stunned, but then the fierce god was evil, holding his fist and pounding my face fiercely, the most badly scolded me Cao’s mother, I asked you to spray!

I made my brain buzzing, and he was too powerful. I couldn’t break away, but I didn’t dare to speak, but he had to enter the ruler and smashed my face while saying, can you say what can you say, why don’t you say it?, Tell me!

My mouth is full of blood, and my teeth have dropped, but I know, I can’t argue with this garbage, and I have lost my identity!

But this rogue is not relieved, and I have been smashing me, and those neighbors who are motionless remind me of the numb Chinese people in Mr. Lu Xun, and I feel huge sadness!


In the end, my daughter -in -law probably couldn’t pull her face, and stopped her belly to stop the bald man, saying that you don’t fight, please don’t fight.

Although the bald man was evil, he listened to my daughter -in -law. He accepted his hand, but he vomited his sputum and said, girl, this kind of fool, don’t live with him, divorce early!

Then, he turned and went upstairs without saying a word.

I called in my heart, I Cao, you uncle, you have enough people, and you are still down!Since ancient times, you persuade and not persuade, you actually asked my daughter -in -law to divorce me. Are you human?

But I don’t want to scold him, he is a rogue, I don’t compare with rogue.

My daughter -in -law saw that I was beaten with blood, and she was definitely scared. She helped me faked and asked me to go home.

But I looked at those indifferent neighbors, and the sadness came from it. After the shadow of the bald man disappeared, I dumped my daughter -in -law and stood up by myself. I was not afraid of shame.leg!

When the neighbors heard it, a commotion, my daughter -in -law saw this, and she was shameless. Looking at me, she slapped me sharply, and then she went downstairs directly!

I was really shocked, she dared to hit me?This is clearly someone who supports it!

Suddenly, I came from it, and I felt that I was a honest people, and when I met this kind of ugliness, I still have a deep sense of powerlessness with that kind of evil forces!

There are more and more neighbors coming to our layer, but I understand it, and it is to make people look at jokes. I ca n’t shamelessly like my daughter -in -law. I almost bite my teeth and go back to the house.

I didn’t want to listen anymore outside the door.

I borrowed a wolf at home. I wanted to cry without tears.

I won’t find my daughter -in -law. Wherever she loves, she can’t lose anyway.

But I did not expect that she returned to her mother’s house.

Because, it didn’t take long for her brother, that is, my sister -in -law, called, and scolded me for a meal, saying that the rabbit, you waited at home, dare to hit my sister, I took someone to kill you!

My mother -in -law also called on the phone, saying that she was pregnant, how can you get it!

I am also angry, pregnant?The bald head upstairs helped her hit me. Is this child who said two?

My mother -in -law is also anxious. What do you talk about? That person can’t stand it. You hit your wife before you hit you. Can you not feel it?

The more you think about it, after all, with my understanding of my daughter -in -law, she should not wear a green hat for me.

I suddenly relieved.

Later, my sister -in -law snatched the phone again and said that I wouldn’t run, but my daughter -in -law noisy with him on the other side, saying that let him not come, but my sister -in -law obviously didn’t listen, and hung up the phone directly.

I’m particularly embarrassed. My sister -in -law may really come. I don’t have any time to think about the baldness. My sister -in -law is a little black background. It is really fierce than bald head!

And after half an hour, my house was rang. My sister -in -law shouted outside and asked me to open the door.

I was panicked. Looking through the cat’s eyes, he was taking a few men with high horses.

I was so scared in the door. The more they smashed, the more angry, and I almost removed the door. I also hated my daughter -in -law more and more. All of this was from her. This family had to be destroyed by her!

I listened to the fierce voices, and I was really scared. I decided not to call the police!

But at this time, I suddenly heard my daughter -in -law’s voice, and she also followed?

Through the cat’s eyes, I saw that she had a big belly and persuaded his brother to go back.

His brother asked her not to control it, saying that she would kill me, and she had to smash the door, but she blocked the door and pushed his brother hard, saying that if you killed him, wouldn’t he think about the children in my stomach?

I started to talk about the child. Although I hate her trick, I also felt that it was right now, otherwise his brother would not be able to go.

Sure enough, for a while, her brother gave up, kicked his feet fiercely towards my house, and also called this matter.

I hurried to the hall and saw them out of the corridor from the window, and then relieved.

My daughter -in -law’s elbows did not turn out, and she was a little conscience.

At this point, I think it should give her a step.

I went to open the door and wanted her to enter the house.

But there was no one at the door.

what’s the situation?I called her, she didn’t answer it. I saw it from the window. She also went out of the corridor, holding her big belly, and walked outside the community step by step.

What do she do?I understood instantly. Although she persuaded her brother, after all, her brother supported her waist. She felt that she was hard to stay at her mother’s house, forcing me to be soft, and let me go to her to come back, right?

I have come up again, okay, you are not only brave, but also more heart!

But you want to succeed!

I remember that when we were just married, she did not go home because I played games with my buddies in an Internet cafe. I quarreled with me and returned to my mother’s house.I had no experience at the time, and asked my mother what to do. My mother said, do n’t care, it ’s all your people. I can come back sooner or later. If you are used to this time, you ca n’t move back to your mother’ s house, but it ’s endless.

I felt yes, I didn’t pick it up. Later, she couldn’t stand it, and came back. Since then, I have come here. No matter how quarreling, she never returned to her mother’s house.

Therefore, I have to do this this time. My mother is right, and I will consume it to her. Even if I think about it for me, I can’t get used to her hair disease.

I went back to the bedroom, my mobile phone was mute, and the cover was sleeping down.damn it.

Early the next morning, I opened my eyes and watched the phone, thinking that she would apologize, and said that she would come back, but there was no movement in WeChat.

I get up and get angry. Okay, you consume it if you have it. I do n’t believe that you can support your belly for a long time. If you do n’t have a husband with you, you will suffer.

In the next week, I didn’t care about her and lived as usual.No one cooks, I just order takeaway, I do n’t wash my clothes, and the socks and underwear are thrown to the ground. I think, when she takes soft, let her wash what she can wash, let alone, this is to herIn terms of, it is also a step.

But after another week, I still didn’t move. I started to pick up dirty socks, and the takeaway was tired, and she was too sinking.

But I pondered that this is not like her IQ can do, it must be her mother’s idea behind her.

I have heard that the mother -in -law is worse than my mother -in -law, especially in the United States, the contradiction between the mother -in -law and the son -in -law, and more serious.In fact, I realize that I think about it, poverty, rich girls, and the United States is richer. I was more accustomed to her daughter from an early age. After the daughter married, the problem must be more. The mother -in -law protects her daughter again.

I suddenly hated my mother -in -law and hated the teeth itching.

With her stiring, my daughter -in -law may not be back. I can’t let her succeed, I want to fight with her!

I asked for leave on Monday, while my sister -in -law went to work and went to my mother -in -law’s house.

I knocked on the door, my mother -in -law opened, she saw me, and she was stunned.

At a glance, my daughter -in -law was watching TV on the sofa, and my old man was sitting there.When they saw me, they were a bit surprised. My old man’s face stood up.

My mother -in -law quickly smiled and said falsely that I was finally here, and also said that my daughter -in -law has been waiting for me.

I can do it, you come to this set!When I was black, I asked my daughter -in -law when you went in. You can’t go home.

My daughter -in -law looked at me and didn’t speak. My old man had scolded, and said that he thought you were here to apologize, and you attitude?

Apologize?Do you have this dream at home these days?I finally know, my daughter -in -law’s selfishness, who learned from whom!

I don’t care about him, pull my daughter -in -law and ask, I will give you another chance, can you leave?

When my mother -in -law saw this, she hurried to persuade, but I really had enough hypocrisy, pushed her hand away, saying that you don’t pretend to be good. I know that if she doesn’t go home, you are provoked behind you!

My old man blew up, and he caught my collar when he came up. My daughter -in -law also got up, saying that let me not push her mother. Okay, this is a family partner to deal with me!

I picked up the cup on the coffee table and fell!Tell them, don’t you want to live, right?Okay, how did she smash my house that day, how can I smash your house, let you know what it means to return your teeth!

I bent down and lifted the coffee table, crackling, and then the TV, shoe cabinet, and Bogu frame were all pushed down by me. I was so popular that I was so popular, but he pushed him away.After all, I have quality. I do n’t hit the elderly. I did n’t move him, and I continued to smash things!

My daughter -in -law was crying, she was afraid, she cried, please don’t make trouble, she goes back with me!

But my old man screamed, go back to a fart, and this kind of land hooligan, let’s not pass it with him, let him smash, and after smashing it!

I do n’t know how to lift it!I scolded him, then I smashed it!

At this time, because the door was not closed, his neighbors heard the sound and came out. When they entered the house, they pulled up and accused me of accusing me.

I can’t stand this anger, and I am not afraid that my family is ugly. I told everything and told them that I do n’t have to sympathize with these two old things. I disagree with my daughter -in -law. They are all stirred by them!

But some neighbors even helped them talk. These days, my mother -in -law and old -fashioned people have been advising my daughter -in -law to go home.

I said you listen to them fart, I tell you, let ’s take care of it today, otherwise I would even smash with your house!

I was furious and scared them back. I glanced at the Bogu frame at hand and there was a pair of old flower mirrors. I grabbed it, threw it to the ground, and called me again!

But suddenly, I found that some people pulled away the crowd and rushed in with my eyes.

How could this hooligan come back?

He kicked on my heart, and I fell to the ground. The pain really made me speechless, and then he gritted his teeth, and came up to hold my neck. He gave me a hammer fiercely and called me himMom killed you!

His fist smashed his head and smashed my face. My mouth was bloody, my nose gurgling bleeding, and the temple buzzing. I tried my best to resist, but his shirtless strength couldn’t move me at all!

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