Myanmar girl married a rural guy in China. After giving birth to twins, she shed tears all day long.

For the migrant worker Zhong Dou, who is working in Zhumadian, November 30 is a dividing line of his current life.

Before November 30, his wife was happy with twins, so that he sometimes "can dream of laughing."

After November 30, premature twin sons lived in the intensive care unit, and medical expenses almost overwhelmed him.

For more than 20 days, he has spent more than 100,000, and he has only earned 4,000 yuan per month. He always worried how to "buy" for the child? Can two babies live strongly?

Two Chinese and Myanmar mixed -race children only stayed in my mother’s belly for seven months and five days

The lover is pregnant and twins! The due date is February next year. Zhong Dou thought about it. Before the Spring Festival, he took his lover back to his hometown in Hubei before he continued to work until the Spring Festival.

"Little Doudou "’s mother, Marie, was a Burmese. Last year, he met Zhong Dou in Shandong.

Earlier this year, the two returned from Shandong to their hometown in Hubei. Soon after, Marie was pregnant, and the family was very happy.Zhong Dou informed his relatives and friends. Many people rushed back and gave Zhong Dou and Mayo Yi a lively wedding.

However, there are unexpected storms. The Mariei, who had been a good check -up before, had a sudden pain on the day of November 30.

"The daughter -in -law suddenly shouted my stomach pain. We quickly took her to the hospital. The doctor said that he was going to be born." Recalling the child’s mood before birth. Until now, we can still hear the panic and unparalleled words of Zhong Dou’s words: "Give the baby to the babyI haven’t bought it yet, how can I have a premature birth? I never thought, I was particularly anxious in my heart … The child is only seven months! Is the seven -month -old child not even develop well?"?"

Sitting at the door of the delivery room, Zhong Dou’s brain was still stunned. He kept praying silently in his heart: "Don’t be okay."

At seven in the evening, Zhong Dou’s two "little beans" were born.The family stretched her head and waited for Maria and their babies to come out, but the doctor was waiting.

"The doctor told us that the children were sent directly into the insulation box of the intensive care unit." He also sent a diagnostic letter to Zhong Dou, which reads: newborn respiratory distress syndrome; neonatal pneumonia; myocardial damage; myocardial damage; Premature brain damage (acute period).

a bolt from the blue.Even if I made some preparations before, I still gave Zhong Dou and her family off guard: "In the hospital for 20 days, it has spent more than 100,000. At present, there are still 20,000 to 30,000 hospitals."

Zhong Dou said that in September this year, under the introduction of a friend, he came to work in Zhumadian. He was a liquefied gas tank porter and could earn 4,000 yuan per month."However, the doctor told Zhong Dou that if the situation of the two children is more stable, it costs at least 200,000 treatment costs." For us, it is an astronomical figure."

"I feel that the sky is going to collapse." Zhong Dou said.

"No money to treat the disease, they are born on the tenth day, I want to give up"

Since the birth of the twins, the twins have been in the thermal box. Every Thursday is a fixed visit time for a week, and the family can only take a brief look at the "little beans".

I have never been able to see the child. Zhong Dou accompanied Mayi Yi in the ward for seconds.Zhong Dou was uncomfortable. He did not dare to tell his lover the huge treatment fee, and could only bear the pain and helplessness alone.

Until the third day of the child, Zhong Dou saw the weak sons for the first time.

"So young, they are so young." Speaking of two sons, Zhong Dou’s voice became gentle. "The brothers are 3.2 kilograms, one 3 kg, and their heads seem to have no my fist."

When it comes to his son, the man who was originally crushed seemed to be more angry instantly: "I want to touch them, but dare not, but the doctor does not let it be touched, and I can only let me see it across the thermal box."

"They are so pitiful. They are so small, but they are covered with tubes. Some pipes are thicker than their small arms …" Zhong Dou choked. "They can’t breathe themselves, and they are inserted in their mouths.I feel hurt really. "

"I think my sons opened my eyes to see me. I chopped the thermal insulation box and said to them,‘ Baby, baby, please open your eyes and look at your dad. ”

Zhong Dou told Henan Business Daily reporter that Maria was a cesarean section. After a week of birth, she went to see the child at first glance.

If you want to see the children, you must pass a security door. In the time of not being able to visit, Mayi can only pick up the glass window, stare at the inside, and cry after returning to the ward.There was a sentence in his mouth, "Sorry for children."

On December 23, the mother "guarded" the child outside the door of the intensive care room

"On the tenth day of birth, we have completely paid the child’s medical expenses, and the hospital has owed a lot of money. Someone asked us if we could not pay the money. I suggest that we go to the hospital and take the child home."

In reality, the choice of life and death is often not much of the great reason. Like Zhong Dou’s sons, it is money to decide whether the two weak lives are ended.

"After the child was born, I raised the money. On the tenth day, I said to my lover really without money. Otherwise, we took the child home to raise it. My daughter -in -law looked at me and then cried with me."

"The family knows that we want to give up, let us stick to it again." After thinking of the hardship of the child’s birth, Zhong Dou was almost crying: "Two children are our hearts and flesh.The guilt is one more layer. Now it is boiling, and it is one day to support it. "

"I tell Zhong Dou, never give up!"

Borrowing the money of relatives and friends around me, but for the huge amount of medical expenses, it is really a lot of money.Zhong Dou has launched donations on the online platform, and the results are minimal.

"Zhong Dou’s house has no decent house. In his hometown in Hubei, it can be said that they live in the mud house!" Zhong Dou’s big sister Li Zhibin told the Henan Business Daily reporter.

His cousin Zhong Lianghua told the Henan Business Daily reporter that when he was a child, the condition of Zhong Dou’s family was not good. Basically, she was half pulled and looked at Zhong Dou to grow up."I have three children myself. I heard that Zhong Dou’s twins are uncomfortable." Zhong Lianghua said on the phone that she worked with her family in Shanxi and her life was not affluent, but she also helped Zhong Dou’s family.

"To be honest, Zhong Dou has no money, and there is no ability to repay at present. Only family members are willing to help him and give him some money. However, after all, family members also have their own lives. Doctors say that twins want to cure the same, at least need to at least need to still need to be cured.More than 200,000, we are all ordinary families. Who will get so much money! "Li Zhibin said realistic.

"I know Zhong Dou thought about giving up." When Zhong Dou couldn’t support it, Li Zhibin was angry and anxious, but after all, it was helpless, "It has spent more than 100,000, and at least 200,000.I really understand the mental stress! "

However, Li Zhibin and other family members believe that the conditions of Zhong Dou are not good, and now they have no money, but the child is innocent.Therefore, he persuaded Zhong Dou that he must do everything to raise money, and he must not give up. He must do his best to make the two children survive.

The feedback given to this world, like the bud that has just broken out, is so small, but it has a hint of hope for the family that is sad.

Hospital: "At present at least 40,000 in arrears, that must be cured"

A reporter from Henan Commercial Daily saw that on Zhong Dou’s fundraising platform, a total of 19,443 yuan was raised, with a total of 394 help times.Get 270 forwards.

However, this amount is not enough.

However, the kind people who helped Zhong Dou twins left a message after donating: "Everyone do a little good deeds together, this level will definitely go through!"

"Stop it! Difficulties are temporary, you will definitely pass the difficulty!"

Some people encourage the Zhong Dou family: "Our Xiaoshan can save the family, it is worth it! I hope you don’t give up, recover soon!"

At the end of the interview, Zhong Dou told a reporter from Henan Business Daily that what he hated the most was that he felt like a child who hadn’t woke up before.

"I came out to work for this money. I didn’t make much money at all."

Zhong Dou said that when he encountered these things, he was completely awake, only to know the importance of money: "At present, I just want to try my best to save the child.

As for the kindergarten who gave their family during this period, Zhong Dou told Henan Business Daily that he wanted to say a lot: "My family is poor, medical expenses can only be at their own expense, and the child’s premature birth can be serious. There are many freshmen. There are many freshmen. There are many freshmen.Children’s disease, my ability is really limited. "

Zhong Dou repeatedly said that he was very grateful for the help of good -minded people to him and the children: "I hope the kind people in the society will help the baby to spend the difficulty. If the child can cure it, I will tell them when they grow up, and I will tell meThey, when they were born, had so many kind people who rescued them, their lives were given by everyone. "

"I will teach them to do more good deeds, grow up, and do their best to help those who need help!" "I can find it now, a child owes more than 8,000, one 20,000 to 30,000. It does not include it.Drug costs. "On Sunday, the attending doctors of the two children just went back from work to rest. A nurse at the neonatal department of the Department of Freshman in the Central Hospital of Zhumadian City, Henan Province mentioned the two children, and it was full of helplessness:" The child’s family has no money to pay, butNo way, you have to continue to cure. "

Source: Henan Business Daily

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