Nausea, nausea, can’t eat anything after pregnancy?Look at the situation in the stomach of the pregnant mother, you understand

Everyone who has been a mother knows that the pregnancy reaction of pregnancy when I was pregnant is really a nightmare. Even if the most likely what I like to eat is in front of the eyes, it is possible to go to the bathroom to vomit. The daily life is caught.The infinite cycle of vomiting and eating.Fortunately, this pregnancy response only lasts for a period of time, not throughout the whole process of pregnancy to production, otherwise many women will not choose to not get pregnant.

We can do it for those pregnant women with a very heavy pregnancy response. The intensity of this effect is universal.The most common is nausea and nausea. I usually have no appetite to eat, and it really makes men feel distressed.

The novice pregnant mother’s belly is too big, everyone said that it is twins, but the doctor said that there is no problem.

Xiao Wang was petite, and taking pictures with tall husbands needed to strange toes, but the life of the two after marriage was very happy and sweet.

After two years of marriage, it was also the heavenly care. The mother -in -law found that the daughter -in -law was pregnant and did not use things like "early pregnancy" because of a vomiting in the morning on the weekend.

That morning as usual one person steamed eggs, but when Xiao Wang arrived in the kitchen, he felt the feeling of vomiting when he smelled the egg flavor., But the mother -in -law laughed at the corner of her eyes.

When she was 6 months pregnant, Xiao Wang’s pregnancy was already very large, especially on the basis of her petite figure, she felt tired every day.

When the neighbors came to the door, watching Xiao Wang’s "unsuitable" belly, they speculated whether they were pregnant with twins, otherwise how could the stomach be so big, but Xiao Wang’s family knew that he had only one child with a child.Essence

Xiao Wang, who couldn’t let go of her heart, went to the hospital for examination, and she also wanted to know why her belly was so big.After the doctor did the ultrasonic examination, she found that the situation of pregnant women and the fetus was very good, and there was no problem.

As for why Xiao Wang’s belly is so big, this is actually because she feels the problem. The average level of fetal body and normal pregnancy is not much worse. Just go to the hospital for examination as usual.

The feeling of a big belly is not only Xiao Wang. Many novice pregnant women are very "worried" about their big belly. I really don’t know how to give birth to such a big baby at that time.

1. Early pregnancy

Generally, in the first three months of women’s pregnancy, their own body will not change much. The baby is actually very small.I didn’t pay attention.

During this time, the pregnant woman’s uterus is actually ready, such as a moderate expansion to cope with the baby who is about to gain quickly.

2. mid -pregnancy

During this period, women’s belly is relatively large, and it may even feel the legendary "fetal movement".The fetus has got rid of the initial growth status, and the organs and systems have begun to divide and develop rapidly, which means that the mother’s uterus will become larger. The most obvious thing is to compress the pelvis of pregnant women.

The original organs distribution status in the pregnant woman’s body will be shifted when the fetal size is constantly increasing.Struggle.

3. The early pregnancy

In the last few months of pregnancy, the actual situation was not as bad as expected, and the overall feeling of pregnant women would feel relatively easy.

All of this must be attributed to changes in the fetal position. Due to the production reasons, the fetal position will be moved slightly to reduce the original oppression, which will cause pressure on the rectum of pregnant women. It is not very convenient to go to the toilet.

1. Breastfeeding

In fact, as long as there is a condition of breast milk, it is best to choose a mother to play in person. After all, the nutrition is that the formula is not comparable.

At this time, it is necessary to relax the intensity of postpartum recovery appropriately, and don’t be afraid of the drooping of the chest.

2. During confinement

When a woman is confinement, the most important thing is to recover the body that she consumes several times. By the way, in this time, they exercise moderately to help themselves recover as soon as possible.

But do not exercise too much, otherwise it will cause a great burden on the body, and it is easy to occur in some postpartum complications.

Dear moms, I believe that everyone’s memory of the weight of the severe exceeding standard at the time of pregnancy is particularly deep. After delivery, they must have achieved their postpartum postpartum recovery status and re -become a beautiful city beauty.

But now there are many newcomers pregnant mothers are online. Welcome everyone to come over to share some small tricks in parenting and postpartum recovery with novices. Hurry up to comment in the comment area.

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