Neither the queen and her lover are pregnant. Napoleon lamented her infertility.

Napoleon is an outstanding military genius in the European continent, as if it was born to fight troops. Almost every time, he played on the battlefield.

However, the world’s things are not perfect. He is invincible on the battlefield, but he loses the ground on the love field, and later suspected that he had lost fertility.

Napoleon’s personality is relatively introverted. I do n’t like communication. When I was in a military school, I did n’t have a girlfriend, but they were more ambiguous with a boy.

However, as the boy grew up, he also said to Napoleon.

It was not until the age of 25 that Napoleon began to harvest love between the opposite sex.Napoleon’s first love was Disley Claidi, and Napoleon cordially called her "Ugbiao".

In Napoleon’s view, Ugbiao is the best woman in the world, and he loves her.Although the first love is beautiful, it is often short -lived. Napoleon’s first love is no exception. The two still parted ways and did not cultivate the positive results.

After breaking up with Ugbalomes, Napoleon’s heart was hollowed out, and he was urgently needed to fill it. He was a little hungry. He once asked a number of girls to love, but he did not do so.

Because Napoleon was very average in the early years, her appearance was also ordinary, and she was very short to win the girl’s heart.

It is precisely because of the frustration of the love field that Nu Lun’s heart has been devoted to the military, and he devoted himself to the military and achieved great career.At the age of 26, Napoleon was already the army of the Army and the commander of Paris.Since then, he has been unable to reciprocate and has become the savior of France.

After men have status, women are no longer a problem.

Napoleon, who was standing up, met Josephine, who was born in a declined noble family.Due to the Josephine family, Josephine was very temperamental and dressed himself.

The education of noble families is also second to none, which makes Josephine very cultivated, and emotional intelligence is not low, knowing how to get men’s hearts.

As a result, rookie Napoleon was quickly lost by Josephine.Although Napoleon knew that Josephine’s feelings seemed to be unique, they still loved her and loved it.

The open Josephine did not regard Napoleon as the only one, but just regarded him as a passer -by in his life. Who she was with, she was playing at the scene.

So that when Napoleon opened her heart to propose to her, she hesitated, but she couldn’t stand the turn of Napoleon’s turn and raised the white flag.On March 9, 1796, Josephine became the wife of Napoleon.

The foundation of their marriage is extremely fragile. Before one week of marriage, Napoleon was appointed as the commander -in -chief of the Italian Army of the French Republic.

The life of the husband and wife of Ju Shaoli is destined to be a tragedy. How can Josephine with rich feelings and romantic Josephine be able to resist loneliness and stand the test?

Therefore, although Napoleon thought about his wife on the battlefield and sent a hot love letter to Josephine, Josephine still worked hard to wear Napoleon’s green hat after another.

The paper couldn’t cover the fire, and Josephine’s scandal was known for two years after they got married.

At this time, Napoleon was expedition to Egypt, and he won the military, but Jiebao could not cover his inner anger.From this time, Napoleon fought day and night, and kept hunting to the beauty of various places to wash the shame.

Eight years later (1804), Napoleon was crowned to become the emperor of France, and Josephine’s intestines regretted it. He began to ask Napoleon to forgive himself and try to make up for the cracks between each other.The queen, but she won’t love her anymore.

Men have a bottom line, and dignity cannot be trampled on casually. Besides, it is a big person like Napoleon?

Napoleon no longer believes in love. He only believes in power and uses his status to hunt his woman madly and vent his anger.

In middle -aged, he was crazy, just like the Chinese emperor, his body was hollowed out.At the age of 42, the doctor told him a bad news: your endocrine disorders are likely to lose fertility.

After listening to the doctor, Napoleon’s mood was low, thinking of the fact that he had never asked any woman, including the queen Josephine, to determine that the doctor’s diagnosis was right.Who can the French Empire give to it in the future?

At this moment, Napoleon’s Sanmei appeared, and she made a move to allow Napoleon to restore confidence and revive the strong style.

Napoleon’s third sister is Caloline Popa, and she is also the youngest sister of Napoleon. She was born in March 1782 and was 13 years younger than her brother.

Therefore, when Caroline loved the sinus, her brother and sisters had gained love and became married.

Contrary to Napoleon’s bad communication, Napoleon’s three sisters are outgoing and even a little casual.When he was young, the number of lover of Caroline was also calculated.

A cynical woman will be conquered by a man sooner or later.The man who conquered Caroline, named Mura, was a subordinate of Napoleon.

In Napoleon, a lot of horses, Mura’s appearance is outstanding, and he stands for chickens.Historical records, this person is standing upright, elegant and elegant.Not only that, he also has a long hair with a natural curl with a posture of 1.90 meters.

Mura quickly won Caroline’s heart.However, Mura had hesitated after hearing the frivolous reputation of Caroline.

Under the operation of Napoleon, Mura finally decided to marry Caroline.In 1800, Napoleon hosted himself, and Mura and Caroline held a wedding.

Caroline is Napoleon’s most beloved sister. In the second year after her marriage, Caroline gave birth to a son (Napoleon-Ahir Mura), Napoleon Aiya and Ukraine, and appointed brother-in-law Mura as the Governor of Italy.

Nevertheless, Napoleon was not well received by Caroline, because after the first Empire of his brother to establish the Sinixi First Empire in 1804, he rewarded the people around him and added officials to the juncture. He only forgot his three sisters.

Knowing that her sister was unhappy, Napoleon quickly apologized and sealed her sister as a princess.As for his brother -in -law, Napoleon is even more graceful. He appointed him as the Governor of Paris and awarded the title of Empire Marshal.

Caroline still has a great opinion because she and her husband do not belong to their own site.Caroline felt that his brother had a good relationship with his queen Josenin, so he alienated herself.In order to get the joy of his brother and to let his brother get rid of his dependence on his sister -in -law, Caroline thought of a trick and became a matchmaker and introduced a beauty named Drapleyni to his brother.

Napoleon’s heart has long been hurt by Josephine. Seeing the pure Drapleyni immediately loved, the combat effectiveness also broke out. Soon, Draparini was pregnant and gave birth to a big fat boy.

For the arrival of this illegitimate child, Napoleon was ecstatic. He always thought that his physiological existence had some problem. Now he finally found self -confidence and determined that his fertility ability is still the existence of his bars.

In this way, the original queen, Josephine, who did not have a son, came to an end.Just like the harem of China, the mother is expensive, and the prince has not given birth to a prince. In the palace, he can’t stand straight up. Besides, Josephine once made Napoleon’s head green.

On March 11, 1810, the French emperor, Napoleon, married the 18 -year -old Austrian Female Grand Duke Mary Louisa as his wife.

Of course, their combination is not the result of free love, but the product of political interests.And as the Austrian princess, Mary is extremely proud, looks down on France at all, and disdain Napoleon.

Because of this, Mary couldn’t love Napoleon. When he began to defeat the battle and needed comfort, she left him. She even asked her son to hate him, and after four months after Napoleon died, she set off.Married to a lover, this is the last word.

But Napoleon was fond of her and regarded her as her own angel.

In 1811, Napoleon once again proved his fertility and allowed Mary to give birth to his only son- "Roman King" Napoleon II (Duke of Sittatt).

The son of the lover Drapleyni is not a sister -in -law, and he can only retreat.

Because of the birth of the prince, Mary was more favored.

Someone laughed and someone cried. After Mary was favored, Josephine could only keep the empty room alone until Napoleon was rested in 1809.

The words are divided into two ends, but after Napoleon dongzi, he did not forget to dig the well, and thanked his third sister, and gave Naples to his sister and brother -in -law.

Because of the sister of Napoleon, Caroline also received a privilege that after her husband Mura died, she could inherit the throne.

However, the court life is not as good as imagined. Mura relies on ability. He does not want to let people say three or four, and say that he has been stained with Caroline’s light.Moreover, after Mura was sealed, her loyalty to Napoleon was lost, and she became suspicious. She thought that his wife Caroline was the undercover of Napoleon and was arranged to monitor his words and deeds.

In fact, Napoleon really did not trust Mura, because this was a forefront. He once released the enemy forces in 1805 and only captured an empty city, and he was self -proclaimed as the emperor.

After that, the cricket purchased the Bourbon Building again, renovated there, and named it "Elysee Palace".

The Elysee Palace is similar to the nature of the Forbidden City in China. It belongs to the palace of the former dynasty. A country can only have one Forbidden City. Mura obviously tells everyone that I can’t do the emperor, but I also enjoy the treatment of the emperor.

His behavior is much more serious than Han Xin’s sealing king, and he is obviously unrestrained.But Napoleon chose to forgive, and did not cook a rabbit -dead dog like Liu Bang, giving Mura a chance to correct it.

It seems that Napoleon’s measurement is not small, and it will also punish the front and back, treat the disease and save people.At the moment of Miao La, the Napoleon tiger was still existed, the power was not small, and the timing of the single drying was immature, so he dispelled the thoughts of the central government and began to atone for me.

Mura daisted his merit and commanded the French army to defeat the third anti -French alliance. Then Napoleon was rewarded. In 1806, he allowed him to replace his elder brother Joseph as the king of the kingdom of Naples.

It can be seen that Miao La’s infidelity is ahead, and it is no wonder that Napoleon has no trust in this product.

After serving as the king, Mura’s combat seemed to be more brave. He hurried to the sky and followed the Napoleon to be born and died, the south of the north, and defeated the fourth and fifth anti -French alliance.

At this time, Napoleon’s career reached its peak, and the invincible Framers’ First Empire Army has flattened most of Europe.

It can be seen that Mura is an opportunityist and has the conditions for loyalty to Napoleon. When Napoleon occupies an advantage, he unswervingly carry him.When Napoleon’s career entered the trough, Mura would consider it.

In 1812, Napoleon made wrong decisions and began to attack Russia. As a result, major setbacks were encountered.Mura also followed the Napoleon to fight for the Russian Empire. When he went, there were 500,000 troops. When he returned, he had only 10,000 officers and men.

The first Empire of France has since suffered a lot of vitality and has never been able to return to its original state.

In this case, in order to keep his throne, Miao La started to be a wall grass and began to negotiate with British and Britain and Russia in private.

In summary, Napoleon monitoring his brother -in -law also makes sense.

In order to counter Napoleon, Miao La started to return his teeth with his teeth, and quietly bought the people around Napoleon as an undercover and established his own intelligence organization.In this way, the relationship between husband and wife, which was not so harmonious, became nervous.

From the heart of Caroline, I still hope that her husband and brother will stand on the same front.To this end, Caroline also made great efforts. When she couldn’t let her husband look back, she still chose to stand with her husband and become the enemy of her brother.

As the so -called Chinese -speaking chickens, chickens and dogs with chickens and dogs, her choice is understandable.

In 1814, when Napoleon defeated Maicheng, Mura’s loyalty to Napoleon changed again. He expected that Napoleon’s failure was already a foregone conclusion and could no longer turn over salted fish. In order to keep his vested interests, he fell back again.Mura secretly and anti -French alliances. He was behind Napoleon’s most needed help at the critical moment, and he relentlessly betrayed his elder brother.

Due to Mura’s background, the Anti -French League defeated Napoleon and occupied Paris. The sixth anti -French alliance forced Napoleon to abdicate and exiled it to Elba.

However, Napoleon fled the exile in 1815. It came back and restored in France. The first Empire of France was established again.

All of this was greatly unexpected. He quickly found Napoleon to admit his mistake and said that he had to get lost. Napoleon also needed to unite all the power that could be united at this time, and forgive his brother -in -law.

Mura fought side by side with Napoleon again to direct the French army to fight against the Anti -French alliance.Three months later, the seventh Anti -French alliance completely defeated Napoleon. Napoleon, which was inseparable in the past, was exiled to the Atlantic Ocean. A island named San Helea was a disabled.

When leaving, Napoleon chose three three counts of Betron, Montelon, Lasgas, and General Gurgo. However, he did not let his sister and brother -in -law accompany him, indicating that he was completely disappointed with them.

And Mura had no willingness to go with Napoleon. He had his own wishful thinking. He planned to get back to Dongshan and recapture everything he lost.He fled to Kosajia, where he recruited soldiers and planned to return to Italy, but was defeated by the Austrian army.

On October 13, 1815, Mura was executed directly.And his wife, Napoleon’s loved three sister Caroline, took the two sons and two daughters to spend the rest of her life in Italy.

For her brother, she cannot be ashamed; for her husband, it can be said that she is wholehearted.

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