New gameplay new gameplay: In addition to being able to get pregnant, it can also help women find these two "diseases" in advance

The pregnancy test stick is a tool that many women will use to detect whether they are pregnant. The principle of their work is to determine whether individuals are pregnant by detecting the level of chorionic gonad hormone in human urine, but many women do not know.Yes, the pregnancy test stick is used to check whether it is pregnant.It can also help women check these two diseases. If you don’t know, let’s take a look together.

So, under normal circumstances, how to use the pregnancy test stick and how to show pregnancy?

The pregnancy test stick is a very common and intuitive method of detecting pregnancy. It can be obtained by detecting human choricular gonad hormones in human urine. Human choricular hormone is a hormone secreted by pregnant women.Under normal circumstances, there will be intuitive red lines on the pregnancy test stick. If only a red line appears in the quality control area, it means that it is not pregnant. If there is a test area outside the quality control area, there is a second red line.It shows that this individual is pregnant for a long time.

Generally, these two cases will occur if the pregnancy test stick is used. If there is no trace of trace in the process of using the pregnancy test stick, it indicates that the use method is wrong or the test fails.

Its experimental pregnancy stick can not only detect pregnancy, but also hidden new functions: the following two diseases can be detected.

1. Detecting ectopic pregnancy

Some women said that they found this phenomenon when using the pregnancy test stick, that is, two shallow lines appeared on the pregnancy test stick. In fact, this situation may be the following situations.

(1) This situation is relatively common. It may be because women have a short time during pregnancy testing, so hormones secreted in the body are not enough to achieve the effect of accurate detection. I encountered this situation.Test again after a week.

(2) The second situation is the most unwilling to see that the woman may have ectopic pregnancy.When the embryo develops in the uterine cavity, the concentration of chorionic gonad hormone concentration in the placenta is too high. When hormones enter the mother’s blood, they will see two obvious red bars. If women have ectopic pregnancy,Then the level of chorionic gonad hormone in the placenta will not be very high, so there will be a shallow situation.

2. detect ovarian tumor

After the situation described above, another possibility is that women have replaced ovarian tumors. According to the relevant medical data, the probability of ovarian tumor in female reproductive organs is the third place.The mortality rate is the first place.It can be seen that the harmfulness is still very large. In the early stage of the onset, his symptoms were not obvious, and more manifestations were that the tumor continued to increase.The body is sleepy and thinner. This manifestation is not conducive to doctors judge the type of disease.In addition, this disease can also cause the level of hormones in women to become higher.In particular, after the concentration of chorionic gonad hormone concentration is high, the two bars on the pregnancy test rod will be shallow, so when this happens, mothers must pay more attention.

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