New Spirit Story 24: Twin children suddenly change their studies. The reason is here

In a small town with a particularly beautiful natural scenery, there is a couple of nearly forty years without birth.Two husbands and wives are seeking gods worshiping Buddhas, but they still can’t see the hope of being a parent.But just when the two no longer held hope, that is, the year when both husband and wife spent forty years old, the wife suddenly became pregnant, and then gave birth to twin daughters.

The two husbands and wives were happy. They named the first birth daughter, named Honghua, and called Lvye to the subsequent daughter.Red flowers and green leaves are exactly the same, but there are seven red moles in the heart of Honghua’s feet. Only the couple can argue who is the eldest daughter and who is the younger daughter, but others can’t tell.Red flowers and green leaves are famous in the town, and they are a landscape wherever they go.

Although red flowers and green leaves are beautiful women, the sisters are usually quiet and do not love to speak. Unlike other children, they look smart and active.The people in the town said privately in private, talking about safflower and green leaf brains. After all, their parents were giving birth to them when they were old, and they must not be as intelligent as other children.These words passed on the ears of the parents of safflower and green leaves. The couple were sad in their hearts. They were afraid that the two children would suffer in the future. They often educated children to study hard and go to college in the future.

After the two children go to school, they are still not in groups, and their learning is average.In the second year of the second year, Luye was surrounded by a group of girls to be siege and abused by a girl. In order to protect the green leaves conflict with several girls, Hongye was injured into the hospital, and his life was in danger.Lvye left the school because of this and did not know where to go.Hongye continued to have a high fever in the hospital, and the hospital was not a notice of illness.Hongye’s parents are not as good as dying. They must not only take care of Hongye in the hospital, but also look for green leaves.

Red leaves have issued a high fever for five consecutive days, and sometimes talk nonsense.She had never seen her grandparents, but always said that an old man wearing a black melon skin hat and an old lady with white sheepskin vest came to her, saying that the old man was her grandpa and the old lady was her grandma.Hongye always said nonsense, and said that Grandpa took a silver needle and pierced her head.Hongye’s parents listened to their daughter’s nonsense and felt shocked.Because the grandfather of Hongye was an old Chinese medicine medicine during his lifetime, he often took the silver needle to treat people in the town, and he wore a black melon leather cap all his life. Grandma did often wear white sheepskin vests.

Hongye’s parents listened to Hongye Hu said, and did not know how Hongye, who had never seen grandparents, said these words, but they didn’t care much about it, but they kept asking the doctor and seeking the doctor to save Hongye.The doctor shook his head and advised them to be mentally prepared.After the seventh day, the red leaves finally fired and asked for dinner.Hongye’s parents were so happy that even the doctor said that a miracle happened.

Miracles did happen. Since the fever, Hongye’s academic performance has risen straight, and soon becomes a school bully. The homework homework is the first place in the grade.The people in the town also talked in private, saying that she was a serious illness, and there must be a blessing.Hongye’s parents watched her daughter admitted to key high schools and admitted to prestigious universities. They have always been a school hegemony in the school. They always feel like dreaming.Sometimes, the couple’s two moles in her daughter’s feet again felt that this may not be a dream.When her daughter steps on seven stars, maybe she is not an ordinary person.

However, the younger daughter Lvye has not been found, and this has become a nightmare in the hearts of the couple.The eldest daughter Hongye has never mentioned the green leaves since the fever, as if she had never had this sister.Two husbands and wives often secretly touched the trustee out to find green leaves, but never asked the younger daughter who had been missing for many years in her eldest daughter.

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