Neymar’s girlfriend takes pregnant photos!Deluxiang shoulder long legs, fish tattoos have a personality that is Antonnera girlfriend

Focus on physical information and pay attention to celebrities.

At present, the newcomer of the football is out, and the Manchester City team is only 22 -year -old star Harland led the team to win the Premier League. If you can fold the Gui again in the next UEFA Champions League, it is likely to win the next Golden GlobeThe prize will end the Mero era.

Even in the Greater Paris team, the days of the two old -fashioned stars Messi and Neymar are equally difficult. There are popular fried fried chicken Mbap Poppy register, and the right to speak by Boss and Ma Er is greatly challenged.

Recently, there have been some changes in the contract between Brazilian stars and teams. In addition, Messi has also visited the old -fashioned Barcelona Club, making a trace of cracks in the star lineup of the Greater Paris team.Let some of the extreme thoughts run to the Neymar’s mansion to shout the slogan demonstration, making Brazilian star a headache, because fans do this, it will make girlfriend Brunea unable to relieve her fetal.

Last month, Neymar announced the good news on her personal social platform. Brunea, who had just reunited for two months, had already pregnant with her children. At present, girlfriends with a small belly are raising their fetuses with peace of mind and preparing to give Brazilian stars again.Chance.

As we all know, Neymar, who was romantic, had a little boy’s girlfriend because of an accident of drunk accidents more than a decade ago, thereby giving birth to a little boy.However, after some negotiations, Brazilian stars gave each other a lot of money, which made this trouble out of this.

Neymar’s current girlfriend is an Internet celebrity and model. The two split together several times, and finally gave birth to the crystallization of love.

Unlike the last accidental pregnancy, this time his girlfriend was happy, obviously the horse’s intention to do it, so he would openly express a happy mood on social platforms.

Brunea is also prepared to be a mother, willing to raise a daughter for the Brazilian star.

No, Brunea could not hold back the excitement before the announcement of Neymar’s announcement, and released a group of pregnancy photos on personal social media.

This time, Bruner wore a black long skirt into the mirror. This was a showy shoulder dress, noble and elegant.In the photo, Bruner used his right hand to make a gesture, holding his waist in the other hand, lowered his head and stared at his belly. The mother love was full, both happy and gentle.

Although there is only one photo, Brunea’s good figure is at a glance. In addition to the bumpy and good figure, the fragrant shoulders and beautiful legs make fans feel full of eyes.

Speaking of which, Brunea is also a girlfriend with Argentine star Messi’s wife Antono.Because her husband and Neymar are the teammates of the Greater Paris team, when Mal was in a vacuum period of love, Anton Ronol introduced good friends to Brazilian stars. As a result, the two quickly fell in love and started formal exchanges.

It is worth mentioning that, on the same day, Messi’s wife Antona La also posted beautiful photos on her personal social platform.Just unlike Brunea’s pregnancy photos, Anton Rona took some fitness photos in the gym. It is indeed a good girlfriend.

Brunea and Anton Ra are very suitable for South American beauties. They are proud of their figures and their eyes are unique. Especially their skin color, not as fair as European and American beautiful women, but a healthier and shiny wheat skin tone.For many big -name stars, it is also quite lethal.

Different from Anton Rab, Brunea likes tattoos very much, which is similar to her boyfriend Neymar.

In addition to playing a good ball, Brazilian stars are also alone for tattoos. The same is the same as Brunea. There are tattoo marks in many places, such as wrists and ankles.

In addition, there are also tattoos in privacy places. Although you can’t see the specific content inside, the local place exposed through clothes, the front of Bruner’s chest seems to have a beautiful fish tail looming.

In any case, this time, Brunea and her boyfriend Neymar have been taking pictures of happiness, and I still hope that the two will be able to meet the arrival of new life together.


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