Non -review of the baby’s bleeding for two months continuously after giving birth

A few days ago, Ms. Li, who gave birth to the second child, came to the Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital 42 days of rehabilitation clinic after birth. She told the doctor: "After giving birth to a child, it has always been good.I have been bleeding again for two months. I thought it was menstruation, but it was not clean for eight or nine days. "What is going on?

The menstrual period of the 28 -year -old Baoma came after giving birth?

Ms. Li is 28 years old and has given her second child for more than two months.When she was discharged from the hospital, the doctor reminded her to go to the hospital for review 42 days after delivery.By 42 days, she felt that she was not bad in all aspects, no bleeding, and no pain in the abdomen. She did not go to the hospital for review.By 55 days after giving birth, Ms. Li suddenly had vaginal bleeding. At first she thought it was menstruation. She didn’t care too much, but the eight or nine days passed. The bleeding was still unclean, and her abdomen was still painful.

Director Nie Bing of the postpartum rehabilitation department conducted an ultrasonic examination of Ms. Li and found that there were some molten residues in her uterus, and it was determined that it was bleeding caused by the uterine contraction.So she prescribed some drugs. After a week of treatment, Ms. Li’s bleeding stopped.

Is it necessary to review 42 days after delivery?

Nie Bing introduced that when mothers were discharged, doctors generally suggested that they review 42 days after giving birth.However, some Baoma thinks that they do not have to review without a sense of discomfort.Nie Bing explained that the postpartum confinement is actually to allow the physiological and endocrine changes that the new mother will occur during pregnancy and the endocrine changes gradually recovered after childbirth., Prevent growth of chronic diseases."So 42 days after giving birth is to be very necessary for Baoma, because it is wrong to check if you are busy or feel that you do n’t have any problems." Nie Bing said.

First of all, a lot of changes in women’s body after pregnancy, especially the uterus of breeding baby, its size and endometrium will slowly recover after childbirth, and the recovery time usually takes about 42 days.The reason for the day review.

In addition, for mothers with complications during pregnancy, 42 days after delivery are particularly important.Maternal mothers with complications such as pregnancy diabetes, hypertension during pregnancy, hypertension during pregnancy, hypertrophic dysfunction during pregnancy, and complications such as cholecoscanosis in the liver during pregnancy need to check the recovery of the body and whether the complications of the body and the complications of the postpartum.

Director Nie suggested that 42 days after the birth of Bao Mom also needed to bring the baby to conduct a comprehensive health examination together, and the doctor would make an evaluation of the newborn body.If Baoma’s confusion about parenting, you can also consult a doctor.

What inspection items need to be done 42 days after giving birth?

Nie Bing said that the 42 -day inspection item after birth was divided into five aspects:

First, check the recovery of Bao Mom’s reproductive system.It mainly judges the recovery of the uterus, and determines whether Baoma has abnormal bleeding and postpartum inflammation.After giving birth to a baby, the lochia is generally 4-6 weeks. If the new mothers have endless dew or odor, they need to go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination to see the endometrium, and judge the cause of uterine bleeding in time.

Second, check the bottom of the basin.The pelvic floor muscle nerve injury caused by pregnancy and childbirth will bring a series of problems to Baoma. The inspection of the bottom of the pot can better exclude whether Baoma has a vaginal wall prolapse, uterine prolapse, bladder prolapse, etc.Essence

Third, breast examination.If the maternal health problem occurs, it will not only affect the secretion of milk, but also affect the baby’s health.Checking the breast 42 days after giving birth can determine whether the breasts have problems such as inflammation and swelling. If there are milk accumulation, less milk, etc., doctors can also give milk discharge and breast -increasing treatment in time.

Fourth, measure blood pressure.The normal blood pressure of adults should be 120/80mmHg. Women’s blood pressure will change after pregnancy. Some pregnant women will experience pregnancy and hypertension. Generally, postpartum blood pressure will return to pre -pregnancy level.Some Baoma may cause abnormal blood pressure because of too tired and breastfeeding.In particular, Baoma, a mother with hypertension, hyperglycemia and other complications during pregnancy.

Fifth, routine testing of blood, urine, and leucorrhea.By testing the blood to determine whether the body of Baoma returns to normal level, if anemia or infection should be treated in time; if you feel unwell, you must do a routine urine examination to see if there is urinary tract infection; the vaginal discharge is abnormal.Baoma recommends checking secretions to exclude vaginal infections.

Sixth, check the incision healing.If the mother who produces the mother has side cutting, she needs to observe the healing of the vulva and vaginal sideways. Whether there are other gynecological inflammation, the mother of the cesarean section depends on the healing of the abdominal surgical incision.

In addition, there are Baoma who have had pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, hypothyroidism during pregnancy, etc., and special examinations such as sugar resistance test and thyroid function detection should be performed after delivery.

Director Nie Bing reminded that regarding the 42 -day inspection project after birth, not every Baoma must do all inspection items. Generally, doctors will formulate personalized inspection programs based on the specific situation of each Baoma’s pregnancy examination and childbirth.Check it.If the abnormal situation is detected, the treatment plan is formulated according to the specific situation of the individual.

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