Not anxious during pregnancy: doing a good job of various inspections and preparations is the key

“The most memorable thing during pregnancy”

Pregnant women should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, not too tired, but also exercise appropriately.

Pregnant women should ensure the medium-intensity exercise of 30-40 minutes per day to maintain a reasonable growth of weight.

The exercises that pregnant women can do are: walking, yoga, swimming, etc., can persist 4-5 days a week.

Pregnant women should ensure sufficient sleep, it is best to take 1-2 hours at noon.

Pregnant women should keep their mood happy and emotional stability.

Pregnant women should stay away from crowded and polluted environments to avoid contact with harmful substances.

Another point is very important: pregnant women must regularly produce for delivery.

In fact, the birth check starts from preparing for pregnancy:

Share my experience of pregnancy:

Prepare your baby, then start preparing for pregnancy!

Related examinations that need to be done before pregnancy:

Three months before pregnancy, couples are advised to do pre -pregnancy eugenic examinations.

Except for conventional medical examination items before pregnancy,

It also includes wife gynecological examination, blood drawing examination, and husband semen examination.

Wife’s examinations mainly include: gynecology, leucorrhea, cervix, B -ultrasound, folic acid metabolism and other examinations.

B -ultrasound checking the uterine accessories, there is no muscle tumor, cyst, etc.;

Cervical examination of cervical muscle -free, polyps, and cervical cancer anti -cancer screening;

Gynecological examinations are vaginal wall cysts, vaginal abnormalities, vaginitis, pelvic inflammation.

Blood drawing four eugenics and thyroid function.

Folic acid metabolism tests of pregnant women’s ability to metabolize folic acid.Poor metabolic ability, appropriate replenishment doses.

If menstruation is irregular, it is necessary to do endocrine -related examinations.

Husbands are mainly semen examination and require abstinence for 2-7 days.

Note: If the wife is O -type blood, the husband is not O,

Now you need to do the first hemolysis examination, which requires both the husband and wife to draw blood together.

Related inspection is fine,

Oral folic acid, stay away from radiation, toxic, harmful substances,

Starting actively preparing for pregnancy!

I am pregnant, very excited and excited:

Knowing the news of pregnancy is about one month, because it has not come for a period of time.

I first used the early pregnancy test strip to test, and it was pregnant.

Then make an appointment and register online and go to the hospital for examination.

After a series of inspections, the tires began to be quietly raised.

At that time, progesterone was a bit low, and the doctor asked to open the progesterone for a while.

When I went to the hospital for the second time, everything was normal.

Related examinations that need to be done in the early pregnancy:

In the early pregnancy, an ultrasound and blood HCG examination should be done to understand the growth and development of the fetus.

When I was more than 40 days of pregnancy, my first comprehensive inspection was conducted.

Based on early ultrasound,

Increase blood routine, urine routine, fasting blood sugar,

There are also series

Such as the screening of hepatitis virus series, syphilis, and AIDS.

When I was pregnant for more than two months,

The NT examination was used to screen the fetus in the early days.

In the early pregnancy, the fetus was still unstable and prone to abortion.

At this time, pregnant mothers need to pay special attention from all aspects such as diet, living habits, and medication.

To continue to supplement folic acid, it has been taken orally until 3 months of pregnancy to prevent fetal nerve tube malformation.

Avoid sexual life and heavy physical activities and avoid abortion.If you have abdominal pain or bleeding, you need to go to the hospital immediately.

The pregnancy reaction slowly relieved, and began to have appetite:

It is so happy that you can eat all kinds of food you like to eat!

Related examinations that need to be done in the second trimester:

Donald screening was performed in the middle of pregnancy to detect the chance of fetal syndrome.

For four -dimensional examination to check the fetal head and facial, other surface structures and forms are abnormal, and functional examinations can also be performed.

Wife -type blood, a second hemolytic examination.

Tang’s screening can detect the risk of fetal suffering from "Tang’s syndrome".

If the examination shows low risk, it means that the chance of fetal disease is relatively small, but risk does not rule out.

If the examination shows high risk, do the amniotic fluid puncture or non -invasive DNA to further check whether the fetus has a Chinatown disease.

Before the Tang family screening, pregnant mothers must ensure that the empty stomach is more than 12 hours.

All indicators in the early stage are normal, and enter the third trimester:

With the increase of pregnancy, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, and walking will feel tired.

At this time, you ca n’t eat too much, and you feel uncomfortable in your stomach.

Related examinations that need to be done during the third trimester:

In addition to basic examinations in the third trimester, there are also observation of fetal movement to perform fetal heart monitoring.

Wife’s type O blood, a third hemolysis test.

You can determine whether the fetus is in the uterus in the uterus through the fetal heart monitoring and the number of fetal movements.

Usually pay attention to observing fetal movements. If the fetal movement is too fast or too slow, the fetus may be hypoxic.

If there are abnormalities, go to the hospital in time.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to reasonable diet and eat more fresh vegetables.

Keep your mood comfortably, and appropriate activities will help fetal growth and development.

Don’t be too nervous. Every time you check the doctor, you will listen to the fetal heart.

I believe we will spend pregnancy safely and usher in a healthy baby!

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