Not only did they get married, they even suspected that there were two babies quietly?

Tan Weiwei, who is currently participating in Sister Lang 3, is not too high in the hot topic in the show, but in reality, he has been silent.

There is no exaggeration.

The big news that the people who eat melon to eat melon can’t meet the big news.

The wins in the long -standing trend of giving birth have been winning a lot.

Look at other celebrity couples, either to marry quietly and have a baby quietly, the data is relatively conservative.

Tan Weiwei is not the same, rock female singers are real.

Good things come directly.

Let’s take a look at the content she was photographed ↓

In the past few days, the media exposed Tan Weiwei and the other half of Chen Yifei with the pictures of the two children on the street.

The division of labor between the couple was very harmonious. Although they brought a nanny, they both brought their own baby and held one person. Tan Weiwei hugged the boy. Chen Yifei hugged the girl. Looking at the two children, they were probably three or four years old.

The gesture of Tan Weiwei with a waist stool hugging the child looks very skilled.

It was this naturally revealed proficiency and home that shocked a lot of people.

I can’t help sending N consecutive questions.

What about this melon.

When did they get married?

If the child is from them, when did they get pregnant?

And it’s still two children, is this two consecutive babies or dragons and phoenixes?


In my conscience, I was surprised to see this melon.

Hong Kong Zhen, this is also the parties who are non -topic. If you just change to an artist who is slightly fishy and bloody, this explosive news has long been hot and searched.

Stories about them.

It’s time to make up for you.

What’s the matter with the child is hard to say, but the marriage is nail on the board.

Tan Weiwei’s husband Chen Yifei is actually not an unknown stroke. He used to be a Taiwanese idol actor.

Originally named Chen Yufan.

In 2002, he made his debut with the corner of "Ice Man" in the "MVP" lover.

Tall and tall, the appearance is also beautiful, belongs to the type of cool boy in single eyelids.

It ’s just a lot of idol dramas, such as" Green Forest "," Ball Ball Boys "," My Secret Garden 2 ", and" I only care about you "," Honey Lucky Grass "and so on.

But there are not many water flowers. As an idol drama actor, it is average.

Instead, the variety show was inadvertently inserted into the willow, and suddenly the stalk became a very popular "Qiao Qi girl".

I believe that any senior audience who has seen Kangxi has not knew him.

Chen Yifei, who was also called Chen Yufan at the time, suddenly cut a obvious double eyelids, and Tibet could not hide that kind.

As a result, "Kangxi is here" was a new height of his career.

Seeing Chen Yifei, who saw double eyelids, Xiao S turned out to the vomit mode instantly ↓

Question soul question.

I do n’t understand why Chen Yifei is going to cut his eyelids. What should I do so thick and so flickering with my eyes, weird.

Chen Yifei, who has a good temper, slowly explain ↓

Just finish the recovery period.

Little S still can’t understand. Ask him what route will you take in the future?

I also miss his personality appearance when he is single eyelid.

Give him the name "Girl Qiao Qi".

From then on, he became famous.

However, for the lap of Xiao S, "Girl Qiao Qi" nicknamed more popular than her real name. Chen Yifei was quite open.

Don’t blame the host, and thank them.

I think they actually helped themselves. They usually have less words and have no stalks. Thanks to the host to help him make a stalk, he has a sense of presence.

Still very hard to say ↓

In fact, the reason for sewing double eyelids is only because the whole family has double eyelids. Only the single eyelids feel that they feel very unsatisfactory, so they resolutely make double eyelids to fulfill their wishes.

Unexpectedly, even the mother joined the team that ridiculed her.

It is said that a cafe considers the name "Qiao Qi’s shop".

In short, Chen Yufan, who was developing in the entertainment industry in Taiwan, was numb. Except for the girl Qiao Qi, there were not much to be remembered by the audience.

Later, Chen Yufan renamed Chen Yifei and also developed in the Mainland.

In this case, the future direction changed.

In 2012, Chen Yifei participated in the TV drama version of "33 Days of Love", so he met Tan Weiwei.

Tan Weiwei not only had a good vision, but also made a decisive shot. Although she had experienced her affection with Zhang Bo, she did not affect her combat effectiveness at all. After a period of observation, she took the initiative to pursue the layer of paper of men and women and confess to open her new relationship.

In 2015, the two publicly loved.

Love is the woman’s initiative, and the proposal is changed to the man’s initiative.

In 2016, Chen Yifei had successfully proposed to Tan Weiwei at Gang Rinpoche at the 5,600 -meter -high altitude, and many insiders publicly sent their blessings.

After the proposal was successful, Chen Yifei took root directly in the Mainland.

In addition to taking some scenes, he will do Tan Weiwei boys at other times to live a living life.

Everyday is to play Call for Tan Weiwei’s career and share some love daily life.

The frequency is not high, showing love.

The title of Tan Weiwei is also a public "Wife".

"Beautiful wife".

The relationship between husband and wife has never wanted to hide it.

The reason why many people do not realize that they are husband and wife, to be precise, it is actually not much attention.

In fact.

Not only did they have been married for many years, they also had early.

In 18 years, he has also been discussed publicly in the show.

Chen Yifei loves children very much. Parent -child variety shows that children of others like to fly up.

There is also a child, and the children will light HHHH when they see him.

For fertility, he is very open -minded, saying that he has his own children, and it is completely OK without adoption.

Tan Weiwei publicly stated in a certain show that he must have children.

I also discussed the child’s gender problem very carefully.

And jokingly said that Chen Yifei had a good face, and he must not have a daughter, fearing that his daughter was too ugly.

Chen Yifei used his consistent good temper.

Saying that he also felt that his daughter might not look good, but he would love her with sorry.

Tan Weiwei resolutely refused. After all, the probability of giving birth to a single -eyed face like Liu Wen is too low, so it is still a son.

Although it is funny, I can see how to think about how to give birth to a baby.

The funny conversation in variety shows is still in the ear.

Four years later.

The couple were photographed again, and they actually appeared with a man and a child.

As of now, Tan Weiwei and Chen Yifei have not responded to the two dolls they were photographed, nor did they explain or clarify their words such as relatives, and directly replaced their answers.

It is because fans are working hard to blame the media that they should not pay attention to the private life of artists.

Don’t slander them with children (??).

However, there are also fans that Tan Weiwei has been resting for 9 months in 2020, and she is a person with a long -term fitness. The body is very good. If you are really pregnant, it is normal to see it in the early stage.Can no one see it a month?

Feel it.

It makes sense to say.

It is also possible. Before the support of strong evidence, doing some unnecessary speculation is indeed not suitable and unfair. Anyway, since the two children were photographed together, it will be responded sooner or later?

But in short.

There is a good thing for children.

And it is still a couple who is eager to have children.

in the case of.


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