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The sister -in -law has always been a relatively great master.At that time, when she was pregnant, she didn’t know at all. It was that she was particularly sluggish during that period, and she was dull every day, and she was particularly lethargic.

Once at the dinner table, my mother asked the sister -in -law if she was pregnant. The sister -in -law said it was impossible. I didn’t even have vomiting.My mother said, seeing that you are not in good condition recently, let’s go to the hospital for examination.

When I dinner, I went to the hospital with my sister -in -law, and I was really pregnant after the examination.The sister -in -law was still shocked. Why didn’t I vomit, didn’t I know that I was pregnant after vomiting?At that time, the doctor was helpless. Who told you that only vomiting proved that he was pregnant, and told his sister -in -law some signs of pregnancy.Now, the little nephew is already over 10 years old, but every time she talks about her sister -in -law, she can’t help laughing.

As long as the woman smells the taste of rice and vomits in the film and television drama.Well, not only the people on TV, but even the audience underneath know that this is pregnant.Although vomiting is an obvious feature, vomiting is not the only sign of judging pregnancy.When you have these feelings, the baby is also sending a signal to the mother. Have you received it?

First, no appetite, do not want to eat what you love to eat

Some pregnant mothers have changed their appetite for half a month of pregnancy.I may usually like to eat it, I do n’t want to eat anymore now, and my appetite is much smaller. These are normal symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.Generally, this symptom will slowly disappear for about half a month to about one month.

Second, breasts become big and painful

In the early stages of pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone in women’s body increased a lot, which stimulated breasts, increased breasts, and at the same time became solid and heavy, and accompanied by a full feeling of fullness and tingling.

Third, always want to sleep, mental fatigue

After pregnancy, not only the body’s foundation has increased metabolism, but also the body burden of pregnant mothers also increases. Therefore, the calorie consumption in the body is relatively fast and the blood sugar is insufficient, which can easily cause physical weakness to sleep.I just do n’t do anything every day, and I still want to sleep, but I still want to sleep.

Fourth, menstruation does not come

Menstruation is also an obvious sign of pregnancy. If your menstruation is very regular, the menstrual menstruation suddenly does not come, and you have to consider whether you are pregnant.However, pregnant mothers should remember that even when they are pregnant, when the embryo is bed, there may be mild bleeding or blood stains before menstruation.If menstruation is irregular, pay more attention to other changes in your body.

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