Novel: After the flash marriage, her wife was pregnant, she didn’t want her child, she also proposed to divorce him: dreaming

Wen Ziqi knew that Huo Jinbei would disagree, but she did not expect that Huo Jinbei would be so angry.

Men have never been so furious, and across the phone, she can almost feel that he jumped like a thunderous look at this moment.

She could almost see the blue tendons of his forehead, and it seemed to hear his bone giggle …

Wen Ziqi took a deep breath, "It’s too late, I won’t come back tonight. What are the words, let’s talk about it tomorrow."

After speaking, Huo Jinbei hung up the phone without waiting for Huo Jinbei to talk. Huo Jinbei looked at the screen that was hacked quickly. His face was particularly ugly. He twisted his eyebrows and threw the phone directly aside.Essence

Even if he knew where Wen Ziqi was, Su Xiaomeng’s address had sent him just now, but so late, he was not good at finding, anyway, Wen Ziqi did not plan to run, so this nightalright.

So he had no sleep all night.

At eight o’clock the next morning, Huo Jinbei did not go to the company, but drove directly to the apartment where Su Xiaomeng was located downstairs. The man was not in a hurry to go up or plan to go up.Above, I took out my mobile phone and looked at the time. I guess that Wen Ziqi should be awake now, so I dialed the phone directly.Knowing that I didn’t sleep well last night.

The man’s thin lips pursed a straight line slightly, waiting for the call over there.

Upstairs, Wen Ziqi reached out and explored the temperature of Su Xiaomeng’s forehead. After confirming that she had completely receded, she was relieved, and then went outside to pick up a cup of warm water for Su Xiaomeng.In Meng’s hand, "After a night of sweat, come, make up for water."

Su Xiaomeng’s face was still a little weak, but she still sat up from the bed, drank some water, and looked at Wen Ziqi again. "I just heard your phone rang, why don’t you answer the phone."

"It’s okay, wait for you to take care of you, just call back."

I want to know that the phone was called by Huo Jinbei.

Su Xiaomeng didn’t say much. After drinking the water, Wen Ziqi brought a bowl of porridge to the outside. He took care of Su Xiaomeng and drank more than half a bowl.


Su Xiaomeng is much better now. If you take a break, it should be fine.

"Uncomfortable call me."


After Wen Ziqi finished speaking, she packed up her own things and left. When she went out, she turned on the phone. Sure enough, Huo Jinbei’s call display was lying inside.


Maybe this is the limit of this man?

She pulled her thin lips slightly, with a bit of self -deprecating arc. In fact, in his heart, she was actually not important at all, right?

Wen Ziqi walked into the elevator, so he called the man to pass, but there was no hesitation over there, and immediately connected the phone. "Is it finally empty?"

It ’s not good to be Mrs. Huo at home, and now I still go to the house to serve the maiden.

Huo Jinbei sneered, Wen Ziqi naturally heard the voice outside his string. She bit her lips and looked at the red numbers aside.

At home, or is it a company?

At this point, he should be in the company?

Huo Jinbei glanced at the apartment building aside, and the thin lips were slightly pulled, "downstairs."


Which downstairs?

Huo Jinbei twisted his eyebrows, "Can you come down now?"


Huo Jinbei is now downstairs in this apartment?He actually came over?

Wen Zi pursed his lips and hung up the phone directly, and finally reached the first floor. She walked out of the bag and walked out of the apartment building. She really saw a familiar Rolls -Royce. Her clothes were still yesterday’s body., Lake blue top, light green long skirt, long hair was caught by her twist braids, and she looked young and young. Huo Jinbei narrowed her eyes slightly when she saw her across the window.Essence

The woman took a deep breath, and when she saw the man’s car, she immediately raised her feet and walked over. She opened the door of the co -pilot and came in and smelled the smell of a cigarette in the car. Presumably, before she came, Huo Jinbei was already inI spent a lot of time here, and I didn’t know how many cigarettes were smoked.

Wen Ziqi opened the window slightly, and planned to disperse the smell of cigarettes. Before she said, Huo Jinbei had already made a voice. "Did you eat breakfast?"


She only took care of Su Xiaomeng all the time in the morning, and she forgot to eat something. When asked by Huo Jinbei, it seemed that she was really hungry.

Huo Jinbei nodded his head. He didn’t say much. He quickly launched the engine. Wen Zi twisted his eyebrows. "You …"

"I’m not hungry, Huo Jinbei, you stop the car, I have something to tell you."

"Are you those words last night? It doesn’t matter, you don’t mind while eating," you don’t mind. "

Wen Ziqi bit her lips, and she really couldn’t really eat what was going to divorce with him …

Huo Jinbei found a pretty good breakfast shop nearby. It can be seen that the popularity here is very prosperous. There are many people in line to buy breakfast. When Wen Ziqi and Huo Jinbei go, there is exactly the last position left in it.It was just a position in the corner. The waiter came over and asked what they wanted to eat and left. Wen Ziqi looked at the man with a comfortable look on the opposite side, but his heart was a little unnatural.

"Look at you, last night, there was no rest, right?"

Although her face is not very good, she painted a light makeup, so it looks okay. It is not very embarrassed. Huo Jinbei is really visible to the naked eye. The blue and purple eyes make her feel that he has been for several nights.There is no feeling of sleeping, coupled with a man’s cold look, it is terrible.

Wen Zi’s hand was tightened into a ball slightly on the table. She looked at the man from the opposite side, and Huo Jinbei didn’t raise her eyes at her, but her eyebrows were lighted, her thin lips set off such a slightest arc, her voice, her voice, her voice, her voiceSome cool.

"Not all planning to divorce me, and now I still care about whether I didn’t sleep well last night, Wen Ziqi, what do you mean, uh?"

When the man’s last word was slightly upturned, his eyebrows raised slightly, and the corner of his mouth was a little bit of arc. Although he did not look up, Wen Ziqi seemed to imagine the mockery of his eyes.

She bit her lip petal, and her thin white teeth almost bleled her lips. She was sulking for a while without saying a word.The man opposite, for Huo Jinbei, she was actually apologizing. Her voice was very low. "Huo Jinbei, I know I should not propose to divorce you, but I really …"

"You really can’t ask this child, don’t love me, right?"

Wen Ziqi didn’t speak, she did think so, but she deserves selfishness, but she is selfish. She tried to fall in love with this man, but at the beginning, Huo Jinbei won her.There is no way to let himself fall in love with him.

But she did not deny that Huo Jinbei was very good and helped her a lot, but loved someone, not to say that others were very good. If she helped her, she could fall in love with him.

The love she wants is not like this.

Wen Ziqi didn’t speak, but her attitude was almost default, not to mention she had said it many times, and she didn’t need to say more.

Breakfast soon came up, vegetable porridge and Xiaolongbao, Huo Jinbei pinched a small bun to Wenzi, and his voice was dumb. "You eat something first, let’s talk about it."

"Don’t you eat?"

"Can’t eat."


Huo Jinbei sat upright. When he said this, Wen Ziqi felt that he seemed to be a temper.

She pursed her lips and didn’t take her chopsticks. She sighed, "Let’s talk about it first, don’t talk well, I have no mood to eat."

"You eat a little first, the empty stomach is not good in the morning."

Huo Jinbei insisted that the Wen Zi period had no way, so he had to ate a bun and a small bowl of porridge under the eyes of the man.Huo Jinbei looked at her.

It’s as if when she was buried just now, he kept looking at her like this.

Wen Ziqi’s heart seemed to miss the festival at this moment. She seemed to feel that Huo Jinbei treats her …

Is it not as simple as she imagined at all?

When she remembered that when she saw him for the second time, she was in his house. At that time, she felt that the man was very special to her. Those eyes, the eyes were too deep, and even what the illusion had made her …

But should it be just illusions?

What possible for her and Huo Jinbei?

Although the accident and amnesia in the previous two years, at that time, she was in college, and it was impossible to have any involvement with Huo Jinbei at all.

She took a deep breath, "Why do you look at me like this?"

It’s like eating her, it makes people feel creepy and a little scared.

Huo Jinbei reached out to his eyebrows. After half a second, he laughed with his lips. "I suddenly felt that I was eaten by a dog. Even if I was good for a dogRefers to me, but you are a living person, but you can’t cultivate feelings, not to mention that we have rolled so many times in a bed. "


Wen Ziqi’s cheeks were hot and listened to Huo Jinbei finished this sentence. Her crimson -colored thin lips were tightly pursed, and the long and curled eyelashes trembled slightly. "I know I think …"

She paused, and then I continued, "But I have already thought about it, there will be no change between us, there will be no change? Huo Jinbei, we are like this, good together, okay?? "

"not good."

Huo Jinbei almost didn’t want to answer, "Wen Ziqi, since you have married me and you want to divorce, it is not as easy as you want to think. Unless I don’t want you anymore, you can only crowned in your life in your life.Go to my Huo family’s surname! "

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