Novel: During pregnancy, my mother -in -law asked me to drink Chinese medicine for three days. After the child was born, the whole family was dumbfounded

Fifi was pregnant. This should have been a good thing for the whole family, but it was so troubled that the chickens jumped.

The reason is that the mother -in -law must know the child’s gender.

At the beginning, the child was still young, and the hospital could not see the gender of the child. Feifei and her husband repeatedly emphasized that the country has policies, and the hospital cannot see gender.

Coupled with both Feifei and her husband, they all think that boys and girls are good. As long as they are their own children, they are babies.The mother -in -law stopped for a while.

But I still told Feifei and her husband every day, saying how good the son is, and the daughter will marry someone’s house in the future.

These words Feifei listened to uncomfortable, but for the sake of children’s health, try to control their emotions as much as possible, and do not have knowledge with her mother -in -law.

With the increase of the monthly number, Feifei’s belly became larger and bigger, and her mother -in -law’s mind became alive again.

When I was okay, I would like to go to the delivery inspection, do you need to find a relationship … Fifi can see the attention of her mother -in -law at a glance, so I do n’t tell my mother -in -law every time I go to the hospital.

Over time, my mother -in -law began to think of other ways.One day, a sudden old man suddenly brought back.

The old man was holding a very simple box with a carved flower on it, which was exquisite.

"Fifi, this is an old Chinese medicine who introduced me an old sister.

Fifi was a little puzzled, but he couldn’t refute the face of the old man.Thinking about Chinese medicine to see it, you can ask for any places that need to be adjusted.

Old Chinese medicine took out some professional equipment from the box, and then began to give Feifei pulse.This process seems very long, everyone is calm, and the air has become quiet.

After a while, the old Chinese medicine touched the beard and took the pulse’s hand.It means that this child is healthy. As long as you pay attention to it, there is no problem.

Feifei was relieved and asked some recipes.When her mother -in -law left in Chinese medicine, she insisted on sending it, and Feifei did not stop.

It was just that after the mother -in -law returned, her face became more and not good.In the evening, Feifei’s husband noticed the strangeness of her mother -in -law, so she asked.

The mother -in -law quickly pulled the Fifi husband into the bedroom, and the two said crookedly.After her husband came back, Feifei understood.

Today, the reason why her mother -in -law brought the Chinese medicine home was to see the pulse or girl, and later sent it to communicate with Feifei.

Obviously, looking at the mother -in -law’s response is a girl.But Feifei is very happy. The first child is a daughter, intimate and beautiful. If you want to have a second child in the future, there is no worry.

But her mother -in -law didn’t think so. She frowned all day, and she didn’t even give Fei Fei a good look.

Fifi didn’t care about it. According to the conditioning prescription of the old Chinese medicine medicine, I caught the medicine. I just started buying less. I wanted to try it first. As a result, I found that the symptoms of pregnancy uncomfortable were much better, so I wanted to buy more.

Unexpectedly, her mother -in -law took the initiative to help Feifei buy medicine, and Feifei didn’t think much. Since her mother -in -law wanted to open, it was the best.

When the medicine was bought, the first bowl of fried, but Feifei felt a little wrong. The taste of this medicine seemed a bit different …

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