Novel: Every time the wife takes the pills of contraceptives every time, the hospital examination shows that she is pregnant for two months.

The feeling of suffocation is full of body, and Xu Qing feels that he is so close to death for the first time.She unconsciously made a painful sorrow.However, for a moment, she actually had a pleasure of liberation.

The consciousness was pulled away, but the corners of Xu Qing’s mouth rose.

In the vague sight, Qi Shaochuan’s angry face, Xu Qing secretly told himself that if death can let Qi Shaochuan remember her, it is not possible …

Xu Qing thought she could be relieved, but when she opened her eyes and saw this familiar and strange everything, she felt a deep sense of weakness …

Qi Shaochuan stood in front of the floor -to -ceiling window, and his back was still so tall.Xu Qing looked at him and felt that this man who had loved him for so many years was a little strange.

Mind returned, Xu Qing was a little curious, Qi Shaochuan let her go.

Xu Qing sat up and stood up, with a little tingling on the back of his hand. When he saw a piece of tape there, it was obviously left after a bit of drip. Xu Qing was even more surprised.

After silent for a long time, she said.

"What do you want."

These five words are the first sentence that Xu Qing said to Qi Shaochuan after waking up.Because she knew that Qi Shaochuan couldn’t just count it.

Qi Shaochuan turned, and his face was cold without a trace of emotions.

He looked at Xu Qing, thinking about what he was thinking.Xu Qing was uncomfortable by him, and could only missed his head.

"you are pregnant."

In a word that was not salty, Xu Qing suddenly stunned.She carefully thought about the meaning of Qi Shaochuan’s words, over and over again.

Looking at Xu Qing’s surprised expression, Qi Shaochuan repeated again, "You are pregnant, two and a half months."

How could it be, every time she finished with Qi Shaochuan, she took medicine, how could she be pregnant.

The shock in Xu Qing’s heart was overwhelming.But Qi Shaochuan seemed to see through her mind, and said coldly, "The contraceptive pills afterwards are not foolproof, and still have a chance to get pregnant."

Listening to Qi Shaochuan’s cold words, Xu Qing’s back suddenly became cold, and the hair on his body was erected.

Qi Shaochuan will never let her give birth to her child so easily, what conspiracy must be.

Qi Shaochuan glanced at Xu Qing and raised his feet to leave.When he arrived at the door, he opened the door, suddenly settled, and turned to say, "Annon the child’s abortion, and the abortion of An Ran is sold. This child, I believe that An Ran will treat him as a child to treat it.","

After throwing this sentence, Qi Shaochuan’s heart was safe, leaving Xu Qing to sit there with indifferently.

What does he mean?

Even if Xu Qing was stupid, he guessed Qi Shaochuan’s intention.

He meant to let Xu Qing give birth to the child, and then be regarded as An Ran’s child. In this way, An Ran can marry the Qi family namely, and her substitute can also disappear completely.

All reason and emotions collapsed at this moment, Xu Qing covered his lower abdomen, sobbing in a low voice.

No matter how hard, she can’t be cruel to Qi Shaochuan.This man’s every move involved Xu Qing’s mind.But after she paid so much, Xu Qing was just a tool in the eyes of Qi Shaochuan.

Xu Qing cried and cried, and laughed again. She laughed at her stupidity and laughed at her ignorance, and she ended up like this.

After Qi Shaochuan left, Xu Qing kept sitting there, and did not eat for three days, and even had not even drank a drop of water.The servant sent in and for food was overturned and thrown on the ground.

On the third day, she didn’t even have the strength to flip the dishes.Let them put the plate on the bedside, without any response.

Xu Qing can keep a posture, leaning there without moving. If she had not had breathing, she would have nothing to do with a dead man.

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