Novel: Fainted at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the wife was sent to the doctor to learn about pregnancy, and the husband stunned: just led the divorce certificate

On the weekend, Lin Xiran asked Nanwei to watch the exhibition.

When Nan Wei arrived at the door of the art exhibition, Lin Xiran had already stood there, and immediately showed a warm smile after seeing her: "The weather is so cold, why not wear gloves?"

His tone was somewhat blame, but his eyes were gentle, and naturally he held Nan Wei’s frozen hands.

Nan Wei thought of the photos taken by the previous gossip reporter, and quickly pulled back: "I was in a hurry when I went out, I forgot to wear it."

Lin Xiran’s palm fell, and his expression was a bit stiff. Then he took off his gloves and worn it in Nanwei.

This exhibition was jointly organized by several well -known masters in China. Therefore, there were many people who looked at the exhibition. Nan Wei felt stuffed inside and couldn’t breathe.

When she was about to go up to the second floor, a sudden dizziness suddenly turned around …

"Weiwei!" Before fainting, she heard Lin Xi’s panic.

When Nanwei woke up, the air was full of pungent disinfection water.

Is she in the hospital?

Lin Xiran touched her hair gently: "Do you want to drink water?"

Nan Wei shook his head: "Why did I suddenly faint?"

Lin Xiran’s expression was a bit weird, and then said obscurely, "You are pregnant, your body is weak."

Nan Wei stared at her eyes in surprise, put her hands gently on her abdomen, and thought of a small life in it, she felt a wonderful and joyful feeling in her heart.

This is her and Lu Mo’s children.

Maybe … maybe because of this child, Lu Mo also loves the house and Wu?

Nan Wei gave birth to a strong expectation, and couldn’t wait to tell Lu Mo about the good news.

The doctor walked into the ward, handed the checklist to her, and told: "You have been pregnant for more than a month, pay attention to rest, don’t be tired anymore."

During this time, Nan Wei had to go to the hospital to take care of her mother during the day, and was tossed by Lu Mo at night. She was worried that she would not sleep well. No wonder she would faint.

Lin Xiran suddenly asked: "Wei Wei, is this child from Lu Mo? Do you want to give birth?"

Nan Wei said without thinking: "Of course."

Lin Xiran held her hand anxiously: "Wei Wei, you can’t give birth to this child."

Nan Wei took a shot and looked at him strangely.

"I’m worried about you." Lin Xiran quickly showed a sorry smile. "Lu Mo hated you, he will not let you give birth to a child."

Nan Wei frowned: "What do you mean by letting him do it, is it better to do it first?"

Lin Xiran said: "I know you can’t accept it, but do you think Lu Mo will let you give birth to your child? Wei Wei, you think of him too simple."

He said a few cases of ruthlessness in the mall, and then worriedly said: "He is very likely to wait for your belly and then do it. At that timeHarm, he can definitely do such a thing! "

Nan Wei shivered involuntarily and murmured, "This is just your conjecture, maybe he is not so cruel?"

Having said that, Lin Xiran’s words made Nan Wei a little uneasy, so she didn’t tell Lu Mo so eagerly.

Lu Mo didn’t come back at night.

Nan Wei is used to it, but still has a little loss in her heart.

She had a nightmare at night, dreaming of her big belly, but Lu Mo forced her to abortion.

"If you get pregnant once, I will let you have a miscarriage once!"

"You … you are killing people."

"No, this is for life."

Nan Wei woke up from his dream, his back was cold, and his clothes were wet.

She remembered Lu Mo’s cold and dark eyes, and a chill rose from the bottom of her heart, and the scalp was numb.

Lu Mo hates her so much, wouldn’t she really force her to abortion?

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