Novel: For three years of marriage, her stomach has not moved, but the species of her husband who is pregnant with her husband is pregnant.

Hospital, the taste of disinfection is filled.

Ye Siyu took the doctor’s office with the test sheet Xingchong, and was about to call. Her phone was rang first. She connected, and her voice came."

"Fortunately? Why ask?"

"I just heard that Mu Yuyu brought a big belly woman to the birthday the day before yesterday …"

Ye Siyu laughed all at once, "Do you think Mu Yuyu has raised a primary three?"


"Rest assured, even if the men in the world are derailed, Mu Yunyu will not!"

After hanging up the phone, Ye Siyu called Mu Yiyu, and the phone rang for a long time before connected: "I’m busy, don’t call me to disturb me!" That’s it! "

Leng Bingbing’s sound of the slightest feelings, Ye Siyu hadn’t had time to speak, and there was no sound. She held the test sheet, and the enthusiasm of her whole suddenly fell to the freezing point.

Mu Yuyu has always been very gentle to her for three years, but her attitude has become too fast recently. Not only is it cold, but she is impatient to connect her phone. What happened to Mu Yiyu has changed so much?

I thought about turning around, shaking the shadow, a soft voice sounded: "!"

Ye Siyu looked at it and saw Xia Xiaoqiao and a middle -aged woman appearing next to her.

Seeing Xia Xiaoqiao’s daughter, Ye Siyu, frowned, with a disgusting look on her face, her voice was three points cold, "Don’t scream, my mother only gave me one!"

Xia Xiaoqiao was not annoyed, and smiled at her lips, her voice was gentle and gentle, "Do you come to see the infertility again?"

"What about you?"

"Don’t you ask me how can I appear at the door of the pregnancy test?" Xia Xiaoqiao looked at Ye Siyu provocatively, "I’m pregnant! Yes!"

Ye Siyu was found out that her belly was a bit round. Xia Xiaoqiao’s thoughts on Mu Yiyu were very obvious. Before getting married, she thought about it every day. Ye Siyu sneered: "Are you not sick?"

"Don’t believe it? Look at this!"

Xia Xiaoqiao raised a checklist to Ye Siyu to see the handwriting of Long Feifeng dance on the checklist clearly. Ye Siyu’s face suddenly changed. How could this signature be Mu Yiyu?

"I was with me four months ago, so brave, tossing me overnight, I was pregnant that night!" Xia Xiaoqiao laughed that proud: "I like this child very much, let me be born, I was born, I gave birth toYou can make your throne! "

"Butter!" Ye Si shivered, and a slap fired over. He was like the scenery. Xia Xiaoqiao suddenly poured it to the ground, "Oh, my belly!"

It was obviously beating his face, but as Xia Xiaoqiao fell to the ground, there was a bright red blood flowing along her pants legs, and Ye Siyu was startled. How could this be?

Xia Xiaoqiao was sent to the first aid room by the medical staff. Ye Siyu did not dare to leave, and followed him to the emergency room.

After waiting at the door for a while, there was a footsteps that came over. It was her mother -in -law Lin Yuzhen. She saw her Lin Yuzhen’s eyes was fierce. "What’s going on? Why did Xiao Qiao go to the emergency room?"

"Miss Ye … No, it was pushed by Mrs. Mu Shao!" The middle -aged woman who accompanied Xia Xiaoqiao replied.

"Slutter, you don’t have an egg! Can’t you be born or let your life?" Lin Yuzhen came over with a mouth, Lin Yuzhen never liked her, and he started to be very heavy.Essence

If she still thinks that Xia Xiaoqiao said was false before that, then her mother -in -law’s attitude has explained everything.

For a while in my heart, the feeling of suffocation made Ye Siyu faint. At this time, the door of the operating room opened. The nurse came out and said that the children in Xia Xiaoqiao’s belly did not keep it.

This reminded Lin Yuzhen to the extreme, and rushed over her hair and kicked her with her hair.

Ye Siyu was beaten with Venus, and suddenly fainted.

When she woke up, her eyes were full of white. She tried to sit up and felt uncomfortable. She just leaned on the bed and pushed away. The door was pushed away. A man wearing golden glasses walked in.

"Miss Ye, hello, I am the lawyer of President Mu!"

"Lawyer?" Ye Siyu stared at the man in front of him.

"Yes, I am President Mu’s private lawyer. President Mu commissioned me to discuss with Miss Ye about divorce."

"Divorce? Mu Yuyu is going to divorce me?" Ye Siyu thought that his ears were wrong.

The lawyer went to the bed and handed her a document, "This is a divorce agreement, you can see."

Ye Siyu’s hand was shaking, and she did not expect that one day Mu Yuyu would give herself a divorce agreement. She did not look at the divorce agreement, but just looked at the lawyer: "Let Mu Yuyu come to see me! Let him personally with me in person with meexplain!"

"Mu is very busy, there is no time!"

"Very busy, not empty?" Ye Siyu smiled, when did she and Mu Yiyu indifferent to such a point, but couldn’t even see him as much as possible?

She closed her eyes and grabbed the mobile phone on the bedside table and pulled it out. The phone was unable to connect.

When did she go to such a point between her and Mu Yiyu?Derailment, divorce …

The lawyer was still waiting for her, "Miss Ye, please look at the agreement, I’m busy!"

The attitude of the lawyer cannot be doubtful. He married Mu Yuyu for three years. Whoever beside him is not respectful to her. Now the attitude of this lawyer is cold and cold, obviously it means Mu Yiyu.

Ye Siyu picked up the divorce agreement and swept his eyes to the property segmentation column. All the property was owned by Mu Yuyu before marriage. After the division was not listed, his eyes were sour.

He once said that she was all him, everything of him was her, but in just three years, love became empty, did Mu Yiyu finally reveal his true face?

He carried himself on his back and was pregnant!

So her chicken who won’t put eggs should give the throne, isn’t it?He was bitter to the extreme, Ye Siyu didn’t look at it anymore, raised his eyes to look at the lawyer who kept staring at him, "Give me a pen!"

The lawyer opened the briefcase and took out the pen and handed it to Ye Siyu. When Ye Siyu took the pen, he added another sentence, "Mr. Mu said, all the jewelry he bought for you can not take away the slightest!"

Ye Siyu looked at the front, and she didn’t move for a while. When the lawyer thought she would refuse, she slowly said: "Okay!"

After throwing the word, she quickly picked up the penalty and signed her name on the divorce agreement.

The lawyer took the agreement and turned around and left.

A luxurious Aston Martin parked in the hospital parking lot. The window opened, revealing a face that reversed all beings. The lawyer walked a few steps to the front of the car, and his voice was respectful: "Mr. Mu, the wife signed it!"

"Signed?" The man slowly spit out two words, looking at the lawyer’s face deeply.

The lawyer looked at his clear face, and a little drumming in his heart. What he wanted to say, he couldn’t say a word. The man’s deep eyes moved over the lawyer to look at the dark night sky. After a while, he spit out two words.Bar!"

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