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The front desk staff said politely, "I’m sorry, please call the team leader!"

In fact, Lin Shur wants to go in with selfishness.

Maybe you can see the male god.

She has always liked Lord Night so much, and has no chance to look at it close.

I heard that Luo Huan was selected as the assistant around the night chief, or the team leader!

This makes Lin Shul extremely uncomfortable.

Go up and find out.

Unexpectedly, Luo Huan was really promoted to the team leader.

"Just fight!" The polite smile on the front desk made her even more angry.

Pick up the phone and call Luo Huan.

She has to ask, what means did Luo Huan use?

"Leader Luo, a lady looking for …" When he saw Luo Huan out of the front desk, he said carefully.

"Shul, why are you here?" Luo Huan walked directly to his good friend.

It’s going to work now.

Their assistants are better than other departments, and their work is relatively strict and busy.

Lin Shur was busy turning, and Lord Ye gave her a bunch of work systems and had not finished reading it.

"I’m looking for you." The expression of good friends seemed to be different from before.

Luo Huan took her to the lounge.

As soon as the door was closed, Lin Shier opened the door and asked, "Luo Huan, what means do you use this time to hook up with the nightclub? Why did he bring you on a business trip and promoted to the team leader as soon as he returned?"

Lin Shur’s voice was very sharp and sharp.

It is exactly what the enemy and strangers look like.

Luo Huan’s pupils were slightly shocked and in place.

I didn’t squeak for a long time.

Luo Huan’s silence, Lin Shul felt that she was guilty, it was the default, and there was no justification.

The words of good friends are like a sharp sword.

He pierced her heart fiercely.

Luo Huan heard his voice for a long time, "Schur, things are not like what you want, you listen to me explanation …"

The business trip is for salary.

The promotion to the team leader threatened her.

However, this reason will definitely not believe Lin Shul!

"Luo Huan, you are too deep." Lin Shur said with a disgust.

Luo Huan quietly explained that he couldn’t say anything, and let the good friends complain and scold.

Then her eyes were slightly reddish, and she choked with her tone, "You know, I want to get close to him, even if his eyes fall on me, even for a second …"

Maybe I saw a good friend crying, and she opened a panic, "Those are just for work."

It’s okay not to speak, Luo Huan opened, Lin Shul was even more excited.

She raised her hand with a slap and hit Luo Huan’s face fiercely.

Cut your teeth and cut your teeth, "hypocrisy, heart -minded."

Luo Huan was caught off guard, and half his face hurt.

Tinnitus is too strong, and even feel tinnitus.

She covered her face, and she hadn’t slowed down for a while.

All the anger of Lin Shur was on that slap.

After playing, open the door and go out.

Luo Huan’s sad tears fell.

What did she do wrong?

It is not for life, for work, for that salary.

Who did she find?

Either grievance or slap.

The more you think about it, the more sad.Crying directly in the lounge.

The two were troubled, and colleagues outside heard it.

Various discussions in the entire office, [Luo Huan grabbed the boyfriend’s boyfriend..

"Luo Huan was such a person, and my girlfriend and boyfriend grabbed it?"

"Must, or be slapped, don’t say anything."

"After all, I did a boring thing, and I really made trouble.

"Well, don’t say, why should you go!" Chu Ling reminded lightly.

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