Novel: She wants to go to the garden to take a walk, but the lower abdomen is getting more and more painful.

In fact, she doesn’t think of her mother at all now.

After seeing her mother’s "cold blood", even before, she did not go to miss this person.

She is really discouraged …

For so many years, she pursued the motherly love that thought she existed. In the end, she was stupidly made a debt repayment tool for her mother.

In the future, she just wants to live for herself.

The reason why she started her mother in front of him at this moment, because she suddenly remembered that she had not thanked him for his mother’s affairs.

Hearing her answer, Jiang Yan’s slightly condensed eyebrows stretched."Do you believe I have a similar encounter with you?" He suddenly said.

Gu Qingyou originally wanted to thank him, but because of the problem he raised for a moment, he forgot to speak.

Jiang Yan stared at her deeply, and the handsome expression on her handsome face could not make people think of his emotions."I know that I have been used by this person, but I have always pretended to be the case. Until the truth was clear and placed in front of me clearly, I was forced to accept it … However, even if the facts have already placed in front of me,I still can’t let go of this person. "

He is such a sane and savvy person, and he will …

Oh, by the way, if the person he said is Xia Qingchen, this is able to speak.

In front of the person you love, no matter how calm and wise people, there will be out of control.

Uncle Ying said that Jiang Yan and Xia had planned to hold a wedding five years ago, and then Jiang Yan suddenly chose to cancel … It was Jiang Yan who knew a certain truth.

Now Jiang Yan and Xia Early morning are still together, which confirms what Jiang Yan said, and he still cannot put this person …

It seems that in this relationship between Jiang Yan and Xia Chuan, Jiang Yan’s love for Xia Qingchen deeply penetrated the bone marrow.

This also explains that Jiang Yan’s speech was quite indifferent when he called Xia Early morning. He wanted to come, Jiang Yan’s heart has always been tangled … He loved Xia Early morning, but he couldn’t forget the deception of Xia Erhen.

Gu Qingyou lowered his head and whispered, "I can’t be compared to your attachment … I’m already tired and tired. I think the relationship between me and my mother will not continue."

"It’s better to let go." Jiang Yan said lightly."I tell you these words, I also hope that you can let go, because if you continue like me, it is doomed to accompany the pain."

Gu Qingyou quickly looked up and stared at him, for his attachment, a hint of pity.

"I know you are a strong girl, so remember not to choose the road that will make you fragile." Jiang Yan said lowly, saying sincerely.

Jiang Yan then smiled slightly, Gu Qingyou wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say.

"Sleeping, it’s too late, I think you should be able to sleep now." Jiang Yan put up his hands on both sides of her body and said to her softly.

Gu Qingyou’s voice choked in her throat, without turning on the bedside lamp. She looked at him under the bright light, and felt that his cold facial features suddenly became very gentle at this moment.

"Thank you, thank you for what you said to me, and thank you that the person you sent that day saved me in time …" When he said this, even Gu Qingyou could feel that her voice was caused by movingSlightly trembling.

Jiang Yan looked at her deeply, and seemed to laugh.

"Then I slept."

He didn’t wait for Jiang Yan to answer, Gu Qingyou lay down, quickly pulled the quilt, and then closed his eyes, like a guilty child.

Jiang Yan recovered without emotion and got up.

It wasn’t until the sound of the shower in the bathroom, and Gu Qingyou opened the closed eyes.

I do n’t know why, she has a feeling of being seen through by Jiang Yan, but he just now, but just to cooperate with her lies, she said his deeds to listen to her.

What he wants to remember is -don’t choose a fragile way to go.

It seems that he is reminding her.

But what did she see through?

She didn’t know, but only knew that she often couldn’t control him now.

Wait, is she …

Realizing such facts, Gu Qingyou’s eyes widened and quickly shook his head, thinking that this would be able to disperse this idea from his mind …


Because she slept too late last night, Gu Qingyou woke up until the next day. She thought that Jiang Yan had gone to the company, but when she didn’t want her to open her eyes, Jiang Yan was still by her side.

Jiang Yan is a self -discipline. Since they get along, he goes to the company on time every day, and he is still sleeping today. This can only show that he did not plan to go to the company this morning.

Thinking about it this way, Gu Qingyou dared to quarrel with Jiang Yan. She stomped, and every step was so lighter that there was almost no sound.

When she was cleaned away and left the room, she saw that Jiang Yan was still sleeping, and she was relieved.

However, Jiang Yan worried about Mrs. Jiang Dong because she did not go to the company this morning.

"Hurry up and sort out the early morning room, and move it at night … The child, this child, is really no degree."

Gu Qingyou stood next to Mrs. Jiang Dong. When she heard Mrs. Jiang Dong said, her whole small face became red.


The idea of "Mom" is too open. She is pregnant now, and "Mom" actually feels that they get up late because …

Because Mrs. Jiang Dong ordered the fact that the maid would make the room the fact, Gu Qingyou did not explain it. Of course, this explanation was very embarrassing. Blame her only got up late and Jiang Yan did not go to the company this morning.

After explaining the servant, Mrs. Jiang turned around and held Gu Qingyou and said intimately. "In the early morning, you think you need to add something in the room and tell your mother, mother ordered people to buy …"

"There is no need now. When my stomach is larger, there should be a need." Gu Qingyou replied.

Mrs. Jiang nodded, "Then you go to the sofa and sit on the sofa. The mother asked the housekeeper to bring you breakfast. Don’t walk more …"

Facing Mrs. Jiang Dong’s tension, Gu Qingyou smiled helplessly, but went to the sofa with the arrangement of Mrs. Jiang Dong.

After having breakfast, I saw that the weather was good today. Gu Qingyou was ready to go to the garden to take a walk. However, after getting up from the sofa, Gu Qingyou suddenly felt a little pain in the lower abdomen.

Ruier saw Gu Qingyou stroking his hand on his lower abdomen and asked with concern, "Mrs. Young, what’s wrong with you?"

"I feel a little uncomfortable …"

When answering Ruier, Gu Qingyou’s pain was gradually intensifying. Suddenly, her whole person couldn’t stand the whole person.

Ruier stepped forward to hold Gu Qingyou in time, so scared to call, "Madam …"

Mrs. Jiang Dong was explaining how the housekeeper set up Gu Qingyou’s room on the second floor. He suddenly heard Ruier’s exclaiming and hurriedly ran from the second floor.

Seeing that Gu Qingyou’s pain was wrinkled with pain, there was no blood on his face. Mrs. Jiang Dong was scared. He hurried to help Ruier hug Gu Qingyou and shouted in a hurry, "Butler, hurry up, hurry upUncle Ying drove the car, hurry up– "

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