Nursing during pregnancy: Itchy belly during pregnancy?The reason and 5 nursing nursing are here, the expectant mothers come to see

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Recently, a pregnant mother asked me, Teacher Xu Fang, my belly has become bigger now, and I feel that my belly is a bit itchy?For pregnant mothers, after pregnancy, the belly is itchy, so there are more problems of the belly, so let’s give you a problem about the itching of the belly.

1. Dry

Occasionally itchy, there is nothing to perform on the body, most of which are because of the dryness of this season, but not doing well.

2. The cause of hormones after pregnancy

This usually occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, that is, after the belly becomes larger, the whole body may itch. Except for itching on the body, others will not have large pieces of rashes, blisters and the like.There are also small rash, which is also related to pregnancy.It is related to the increase in hormone levels.

3. After pregnancy, the stretch marks are fast after pregnancy

After 4 months, the stomach becomes larger, or the weight grows too quickly, and the stomach is itchy, thighs, breasts, etc.Reminder.

4. Other pathological reasons

Others are some pathological reasons. For example, the big rashes on the body may be paid attention to. It may be dermatitis. Some of them are bullish and bile stasis. These are recommended to go to the hospital to see it.

Therefore, once itchy appears, go to the hospital first, as long as it is the first three reasons, it is easy to deal with.

1. Pay attention to moisturizing

Caused by drying, pay attention to apply moisturizing cream.The humidifier can be turned on in the room, and the air conditioning heating is special.

You can also apply olive oil to prevent stretch marks, and the prospective dad can help massage.

2. Pay attention to control weight

Don’t grow too fast, causing the stomach to suddenly support.

3. Avoid nail grasping

After itching, try to avoid nail grasping as much as possible, and it is easy to cause infection.

4. Avoid excessive washing

Do not wash the water when bathing, rub it, do not use too alkaline bath milk.

5. Diet

You can pay attention to eating some nuts and vitamin E, such as nuts, trotters, etc. to help the skin elastic.

I am a infant lecturer Xu Fang, a lecturer in the pregnancy and baby industry for more than 9 years, and sharing the knowledge of the grounding and baby for the ground!

Are you itchy when you are pregnant?

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