Obviously finding the "ovulation period", why is it not pregnant

A friend named Xiaoxian, and said to me a few days ago, "Why haven’t I become pregnant for 2 years, others will be pregnant casually? As the second child’s policy, more and more women start to have a second child, just get marriedThe new people also want to have a lovely baby, but why, every time, there is no movement according to the ovulation period? For women, even if it is a period of ovulation, conception is not 100 % chance, but it is better thanWomen who do not follow the ovulation period are still relatively high. If there is still no movement for a year or two, then you must pay attention to this problem.


1. Age

The changes in the times, the average age of women’s marriage is significantly increased, which is why it leads to infertility. The best fertility age of women is between 23-29 years old, and the smaller the chance of conceiving in this age.After 35 years old, pregnancy will become more difficult, and some complications are prone to occur.

2. Weight

Weight also plays a related role in pregnancy. Scientifically proves that women who are overweight or too thin are not easy to conceive their babies.Here is a weight calculation formula, calculating to see if you are in a normal range, the weight index = weight ÷ height (m²).If the result is less than 18.5, it means that the weight is too light, and the normal value is 18.5-24.9. If the weight index is higher than 25-29.9, it is overweight.

3. Living habits

Men and women who are preparing to conceive should pay attention to their habits, maintain a good state of their bodies, quit smoking and alcohol, balanced diet and nutrition, and normal schedules will change the chance of conception.

4. Female fallopian tube blocking

The fallopian tube is the only way to conceive. If the fallopian tube has adhesion, water accumulation, obstruction, etc., it will not make the eggs unable to fertilize and cause infertility. Women’s gynecological diseases are one of the causes of blockage.

5. Insufficient qi and blood, Gong Han

After the lack of qi and blood of women, the physical fitness will become poor, dizziness, pale face, easy to insomnia, dysmenorrhea, menstruation often extension or advanced symptoms. The normal menstrual cycle is 28 days, 7 days in advance or 7 days after pushing 7 days after pushing 7 days after pushing 7 days after pushing 7 days after pushing.Menstruation is a normal range. If this is not in this range for a long time, you should go to see a doctor.

6. Too many times in the same room

Men’s sperm quality and quantity cannot be the same every day. If the ovulation period does not meet the standards of conception, it will also affect conception.

How to prepare for pregnancy

1. Go to the hospital to check the body before preparing for pregnancy. There is a good body an important condition for the baby.So check it in advance and you will feel much more at ease

2. Appropriate exercise

During the pregnancy of women, if they can exercise in moderation, they can enhance their physique and increase the chance of high -quality egg cells. Together, couples can exercise both and maintain a happy mood.

3. Eat less cold

One of the women’s palace cold is to eat cold food. If the palace Han is severe, it will reduce the chance of women’s conception, affect ovulation, and affect the fertilized egg bed. For the upcoming babies, try to eat less cool food.During the pregnancy period, the diet law and the normal life and rest are the accumulation of pregnancy.

4. The correct ovulation period

Everyone knows that the ovulation period can increase the success rate of conception, so how to calculate the ovulation period, Xiaobian will tell you.The ovulation period is generally about 14 days in the next menstrual tide, 4 days before and after the ovulation period, and 5 days after the ovulation period. The 10 days of Ovulation Day will be regarded as the ovulation period.

Those who want to conceive, I hope to help you. In addition, the women in Gonghan can choose to soak their feet to go to Gong Han. There are obvious effects. When the ovulation period is coming, the body will change differently. Observe that leucorrhea is just a leucorrhea.One of the methods, the leucorrhea during ovulation will be more increasing than usual. You can learn to observe.

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