Obviously testing is pregnant, why do you still come to aunt?Beware of biochemical pregnancy

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Xiao Li found out that his aunt had not come for more than a week ago, so he wondered if he was pregnant.As a result, two red bars were displayed in the pregnancy test stick, but it was a bit shallow.Xiao Li concluded that he was pregnant and told his family about the news.But last week’s menstruation suddenly came, Xiao Li was a little scared, thinking that it was abortion, and hurried to the hospital.As a result, the doctor said that after her pregnancy, the fetus flowed off again, which was often said to be biochemical.To be honest, Xiao Li had heard of biochemical pregnancy before, but did not expect that such a thing would happen to himself, and it was unacceptable for a while.So why is it pregnant, and my aunt will come?Women should be careful of biochemical pregnancy.

What is biochemical pregnancy?

This is the case for women’s normal conception: after the combination of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs are formed, and then fertilized eggs develop on the endometrium in the uterine.Biochemical pregnancy means that sperm and eggs are combined with fertilized eggs. However, when implanted in the uterus, some special reasons are not successful, and then fertilized eggs are excreted with menstruation.Biochemical pregnancy is generally occurred within 5 weeks of pregnancy. Women show weakly positive when testing with pregnancy test sticks, but the pregnancy sac is not seen through the B -ultrasound.The manifestation of biochemical pregnancy is that menstruation will be postponed, and then some foreign bodies will be excreted when menstruation comes.

Is biochemical pregnancy?

Many women do not understand. Can biochemical pregnancy be said to have a miscarriage?In fact, biochemical pregnancy is a situation where early embryo is lost, which is different from the abortion we usually say.Biochemical pregnancy is that fertilized eggs have no bed, and abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy that occurs after the implantation of essential eggs.

Is there any symptoms of biochemical pregnancy?

For some women, biochemical pregnancy is asymptomatic. Some women have symptoms of biochemical pregnancy. The specific manifestations are menstrual spasm and private bleeding.It is worth mentioning that the symptoms of bleeding after pregnancy are not necessarily biochemical.Even if it is normal pregnancy, it may be possible to bleed when fertilized eggs, which is a normal phenomenon.

Why do biochemical pregnancy occur?

In fact, the cause of biochemical pregnancy is not clear, but most of the cases are caused by abnormal embryos, which may be caused by the low quality of sperm or eggs.And generally, women over 35 years old are more likely to have biochemical pregnancy, which is why we do not recommend that old women are pregnant.

What should I do if I have a biochemical pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy is actually the result of "winning and slightly eliminated". If such a thing happens, it is not necessarily a bad thing for women to see more.After a biochemical pregnancy, it will generally not affect pregnancy again.However, women should also pay attention to rest and adjust their physical and mentality.If women frequently have biochemical pregnancy, they need to go to the hospital for examination.

Tao Ma said: Although no one wants to have such things like biochemical pregnancy, it should not be too sad since it has happened.Only by regulating your body and adjusting your mentality can you welcome the next healthy baby.

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