Obviously, the contraceptive ring is still pregnant, but the result of the final check is so helpless.

I think no country will have so many children of childbearing age to do surgery.Put a foreign body in your own body, causing the uterus to always have similar inflammation to avoid pregnancy.Nowadays, Sheunghuan is considered a small surgery. It can be operated in the outpatient planning room, and disinfection will not be strict.The serious clear ring is still there, but you can still get pregnant.

Ms. Xiao ’s holidays have been postponed for half a month before the two days. There are two lines under the test! This can scare Ms. Xiao, how can she get pregnant with her ring?, Ms. Xiao came to the hospital with her husband.Examination results: Ms. Xiao is pregnant!She was full of doubts, and she was inevitable that there was a trace of fear and nervousness.This is a life after all.

The test results given by the doctor are: because Ms. Xiao’s ring is very loose, it is almost out of time, and the position of her ring has deviated from the original position, (unbalanced on both sides of the ring, high on one side, low on one side) So it is low) so it is low) soSperm is only available. She already has two sons, and she has been born in her fertility.You can only choose a miscarriage. Because the ring in the uterus is still there, Ms. Xiao was given the ring together during abortion surgery.Forty or fifty people have to experience abortion and lose a child. Ms. Xiao is sad.

What aspects should I pay attention to after the on -board care?

First, it is strictly forbidden to participate in heavy physical labor within one week, so as not to cause the loop to fall off (exception of Gini ring) and bleeding.

2. Sexual intercourse within two weeks.Premature sexual intercourse may bring bacteria into the uterine cavity, causing infection.

Third, too intense exercise may cause the contraceptive ring to fall off (exception of a fixed contraceptive ring, such as Gini Ring). It is recommended to ban underwater operations and jump exercises within five weeks, such as track and field movement, water movement, and fast dance.

Fourth, pay attention to resting within 3 days of the upper ring, it is best to rest in bed to avoid causing the ring of the ring (exception of Gini ring) and bleeding.

Taboch baths within 4 weeks, so as not to cause infection in the vagina.Can shower and rubbish.

6. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the vulva, it is best to clean it with water every day to keep clean to prevent infection.

7. Pay close attention to whether the menstrual period or the time period of the stool should be removed within half a year (exception of the fixed Gini ring). It is best to go to the hospital to observe the ring once a year.

8. Pay attention to the rule of menstruation. If there are abnormalities, you should find a gynecologist in time.

Nine, pay attention to nutrition, eat more iron -containing foods to prevent anemia due to excessive menstrual blood.

Ten, the upper ring is uncomfortable within 3 to 6 months, it is normal, so don’t worry too much.

Eleventh, the upper ring still has a lower abdomen fall, backache and abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and more than the usual amount of menstrual blood. You should find a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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