Obviously wearing a sleeve, why are you getting pregnant unexpectedly?This detail is not done well, but it is equivalent to not worn

No way!No way!Someone really does not know that there will be a failure of condoms?

In fact, there are tens of millions of contraceptive roads, which are suitable for the first one; the driver is not standardized, and the husband and wife are crying!

For couples who do not want to have children for the time being, contraception is the most important part of.

Most people choose condoms, after all, the simplest and most effective way.

In addition to contraception, condoms can also play a protective role

Known as a condom, a condom can be used for contraception in physical blocking and non -pharmaceutical contraception. It is currently a very widely used contraceptive device.

In addition to contraception, condoms can also block many sexually transmitted diseases to a certain extent, such as AIDS, genital warts, gonorrhea and syphilis.

In addition, the use of condoms can also reduce the infection of female human papilloma viruses and the rate of cervical cancer, which has a better protective effect on both men and women.

Although contraception, the problem is that it cannot be 100 % of certain contraceptives!

The use of condoms can generally achieve the purpose of contraception, and cannot guarantee 100 % contraceptive effects. In a small part, contraceptive failure can occur.

In addition, in the process of sexual behavior, men’s irregular use of condoms can also cause contraceptive failures.

For example, not wearing a sleeve during sexual behavior can lead to contraception failure.

During the sexual behavior, why did the contraceptive fail?

Most people believe that male sperm exists only in semen, that is, wearing a suit to achieve contraception during the last ejaculation process. This is an incorrect view.

In the body’s unsusuated body fluid, there may still be surviving sperm leading to women’s conception, resulting in contraceptive failure.

In the case of men’s entire process, men can secrete body fluids during sex, and body fluids may contain a small amount of surviving sperm.

When these body fluids enter the women’s reproductive tract, they have a certain chance to reach the binding of the abdomen of the fallopian tube pot and egg cells of women to form fertilized eggs and cause women’s pregnancy.

Therefore, in sexual life, men should use condoms throughout the process instead of starting to wear sleeves when they are about to ejaculate.

Wearing the whole process can not only greatly increase the success rate of contraception, but also reduce the spread and mutual infection between the two sides.

At the same time, men should also pay attention to some small details in the use of condoms.

For example, pay attention to whether the condom is ruptured or slipped during the use process. After the male ejaculation, the condom should be removed from the woman in time to avoid the semen from leaking from the condom and entering the woman’s body, causing women to get pregnant accidentally.

For the safety of both sides, condoms are the best choice

The use of condoms for contraception is currently a relatively effective method of contraception, but some men still think that the use of condoms can affect the experience in the process of sex, so it is more exclusive to use condoms.

For men who use condoms, do not take contraceptive measures at all. They can adopt other ways to accept and have better contraceptive effects, such as women with regular short -acting contraceptives, wearing nursery rings, or men with vasters.

In addition, in the process of using condoms, we must develop good habits, and use the correct way to use condoms for contraception to reduce the occurrence of accidental pregnancy or infectious transmission of diseases to maintain the health of both sides.

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