OMG!Breastfeeding can also be pregnant during breastfeeding. These symptoms of breastfeeding mothers must be vigilant

Oh my god!

Friends who are still breastfeeding after giving birth to a baby for half a year

I am pregnant again!

Caesarean section,

The uterus has not recovered and has to do abortion

It hurts to think about it!

Sisters, breastfeeding inaccuracy, the consequences are very serious!

The breastfeeding period is not a period of pregnancy, and no menstruation does not mean that they will not be pregnant!

Generally speaking 2-3 months after delivery,

You can just slap.

After six months of lactation, I often recover after six months,

The chance of not menstrual pregnancy is also very high,

There are also some disorders of endocrine levels during lactation,

The possibility of menopause is caused.

No menstruation does not mean not ovulation,

You are just a decline in fertility

Not without fertility!

Mom who wants the second child,

The first child is produced for one year, three years after a cesarean section

Only in order to re -raise. Of course, during breastfeeding, it cannot be raised.

These situations have a great chance of breastfeeding and pregnancy

① Breastfeeding less than 6 times a day

② The milk is thin within half a year of lactation, and the amount of milk is insufficient

③ Breastfeeding for more than half a year.

These symptoms occur during breastfeeding, which may be a small signal for pregnancy

1. Decreased milk secretion

If you have never come to a holiday during breastfeeding,

After pregnancy, your milk secretion will

Big production and baby are not enough.

The color of the nipple and the surrounding skin will still deepen,

There are nodules around the areola.

The nutrition of milk has dropped significantly,

Don’t believe it, you can take a look at the squeezed milk,

It is thin and light, no need to breastfeed without nutrition.

Second, general early pregnancy symptoms

If the breastfeeding period is coming,

After pregnancy, menopause, vomiting, dizziness, and drowsiness,

Symptoms such as slight abdominal distension and increased secretions.

But you cannot judge whether you are pregnant based on these symptoms,

If menstruation does not come for more than a week

Still going to do blood HCG examination

Or test strip check whether the diagnosis is pregnant.

Can’t be lazy and delay!

How to do an unwanted pregnancy?

After breastfeeding after pregnancy

You must go to the hospital as soon as possible,

To avoid missing the best time to do abortion,

It’s best to be people,

Long abortion time is relatively long

Generally take 3 days of medicine,

It may not be clean at once,

If you don’t, you have to abortion again,

And you cannot breastfeed during the medication.

Artificial abortion,

Stop breastfeeding that day,

After the anesthesia drugs are metabolized, breastfeed.

During breastfeeding,

Be sure to explain to the doctor if you need to take anti -inflammatory drugs,

So that doctors can choose antibiotics that can be taken during breastfeeding.


The body is my own,

Don’t because of a while

And cause irreparable damage.

I wish all mothers in the world can be healthy and healthy!

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