On November 7th, if you don’t have money, don’t forget to eat "Lidong Five Treasures" and follow the high nutrition of solar terms.

November 7 is Lidong, and it is also the first solar term in winter.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "nourish the sun in spring and summer, and nourish yin in autumn and winter." Autumn and winter is the most comfortable in the human body and the best digestion and absorption function.In accordance with the corresponding principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the winter seasons are the best season for timely supplement, absorb nutrients, and supplement the body’s consumption.

On November 7th, if you do n’t have money, do n’t forget to eat “Lidong Five Treasures”.

In the winter season, it is a good time to eat radish.White radish regulates liver fire, moisturizing is not getting angry.And dry in winter, eating radish can improve the skin state and supplement nutrition.

Recommended method: [white radish, egg soup]

1. Peel and cut the fruit radish and cut into filaments; wash the white jade mushrooms and cut it into a small section; fry a few more eggs for later use

2. Add a little base oil to the casserole, add green onion, stir -fry the shredded radish for 1 minute, put it in white jade mushrooms, pour in half a pot to boil water, put the fried eggs, cover the pot lidStew for 15 minutes.

3. Stew the soup with thick white, add some salt and chicken powder to season.

Sweet potatoes have the reputation of "longevity food".Do not eat fine rice noodles in Lidong, you must eat more coarse grains, and sweet potatoes are a kind of coarse grains.Energy, strengthening the spleen and stomach, helping bowel movements and cleaning the intestines.

Recommended method: [Sweet Potato Maruko]

1. Prepare a piece of sweet potatoes, cut the sweet potatoes into slices, boil the water, steam it on the pot, and cut it slightly, save time when steaming, remove the sweet potatoes and put it in the pot, press the spoon to press it into sweet potato mud with a spoon to be pressed into sweet potato puree with a spoonAdd 50 grams of glutinous rice flour and make a sweet potato ball with hand.

2. After reconciled, use your hand to take the next small noodle, rub it into a small ball with your hands, and rub it into a small ball of uniform size, all in the plate.

3. Boil the water in the pot. After boiling the water, add the sweet potato balls after boiling the water. Cover the pot and cook for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes, the sweet potatoes are cooked and removed and put in the pot for later use.

4. Cook a little brown sugar water, boil brown sugar water until it is fully boiled, pour the pot in the sweet potato balls, and sprinkle with a little cooked sesame seeds to eat it. This sweet and soft glutinous brown sugar sweet potato ball is ready.

Yam is a kind of medicine and food ingredients often taken in Lidong. It is rich in amylase, which is conducive to nourishing yin and lungs, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and can improve skin dryness. It is good to eat yam in winter.

Recommended method: 【Yam Swive Volume】

1. Prepare a yam, cut the outer skin clean, and cut it into a uniform slice; the appropriate amount of fungus, soak it with cold water for 2 hours, soak the fungus through the water to fully absorb the water, so as not to fry.And fry the pot;

2. Fried onion oil: heat the pot, add more vegetable oil, pour the green onion when the oil temperature is 50 % heat, boil the low heat, and often stir the onion out of the inside, fry the green onion, and fry it into golden yellow.When it is poured out, the vegetables fried with shallots are more fragrant.

3. Put the yam and fungus into the pot. The first water is to make the ingredients easier to fry.The red pepper tablets are slightly squeezed with the water, pour it out and put it in the water to cool it to avoid the ingredients from being soft at the remaining temperature.

4. Heat the pot again, add the just fried onion oil. When the oil temperature is 50 % heat, pour the ingredients into the pot and stir -fry evenly, add 2 grams of salt, MSG 1 gram, turn the heat quickly and fry the seasoning.Then hook into a little water starch to increase the adsorption force of the seasoning, pour a little bright oil to brighten the color, and then put it on the plate. This crispy and refreshing fungus yam is ready.

Chestnuts are sweet and warm, rich in carbohydrates and nutrients required by a variety of human body, especially the potassium content is 4 times that of apples. Eating chestnuts often not only strengthen the body during the winterNutrition.

Recommended method: [chestnut stew chicken]

1. Prepare an appropriate amount of chestnuts.Cut the shallots into sections, ginger into slices, pour in an appropriate amount of cooking wine, and grab the green onion ginger juice for later use.Chop the two chicken legs into small pieces, put it in a basin, add a spoonful of salt, pour on green onion ginger and cooking wine, and marinate it with your hands for 30 minutes.

2. Cut the garlic seedlings with a knife back and cut into sections; cut the green onions into horseshoe slices, cut ginger into thin slices and put them in the same pot, and then put a piece of white, two -sets of star anise, two fragrant leaves, a few dried chili peppers, a few dried chili peppers; In addition, prepare an appropriate amount of rock sugar for later use.

3. Heat the pan, add small ingredients such as green onion ginger, dried pepper, and dried peppers when the oil temperature is 50 % heat.Then pour the chicken pieces and stir fry, put the rock sugar, crush the rock sugar with a spoon, and continue to stir fry the sugar color to the chicken.

4. Fry for about 3 minutes. After the chicken nuggets are fried, pour a little old pump to adjust the color, stir -fry the color evenly, add an appropriate amount of water and water along the pot.Chestnut, cover the pot, turn over low heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

After 5.20 minutes, pick out the spices in the pot, turn the heat to collect the juice. When the soup is basically dried, put it in the garlic seedlings, add a spoonful of chicken essence, stir fry until the garlic seedlings are broken, pour a bit of bright oil to brighten the color.Delicious is to become.

Lidong eats catfish, tonic and nourish qi.Catfish contain unsaturated fatty acids. Eating catfish often can not only supplement protein, but also reduce obesity and lower blood pressure and lower fat.

Recommended method: [Stewed tofu]

1. Prepare two small catfish and cut it from the abdomen with a knife to remove the black film.Then gently scratched a few knives on the back of the fish.A piece of tender tofu, cut into pieces obliquely; peel the ginger, cut into ginger slices, and throw it in when cooking soup.

2. Pour oil inside the pan and cool oil in hot pot.Then use oil -absorbing paper to suck the moisture on the fish, and fry the processed catfish in the pot.After yellowing, fry the other side.

3. Add boiling water to the pot, pour the cut tofu pieces, and put it in the cut ginger slices.Cover the lid, boil over high heat for two minutes, and turn into low heat.Slowly simmer for a few minutes.Add salt to the pot. After 2 minutes, you can install it.

In the winter season, the weather becomes colder and more dry. Pay attention to the cold and warm in life in life. In terms of diet, pay attention to eating less and cold, and eat these 5 kinds of warm and dry foods.Prepare for winter.


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