Once the pregnancy is successful, women will have these 4 "feelings", do n’t be stupid, do n’t know if you are pregnant

We should know that in the past, it was very easy to get pregnant. When you said that you were pregnant, but now the young people are pregnant for a long time but can’t be pregnant. Maybe many people will say that this needs to be lucky. Some people are lucky.I was pregnant. Some people were unlucky. I didn’t necessarily be pregnant for several years. I was so pregnant, but I didn’t dare to confirm.In fact, there will be some symptoms after pregnancy. Let’s take a closer look.

If you want to bed in the fertilized egg, you must have fertilized eggs. If you want fertilized eggs, you need eggs and sperm.During pregnancy, women generally find their own ovulation period and ovulation day, and then choose to have the same room on ovulation day, so that the chance of combining sperm and eggs into fertilized eggs will be much higher.

Under normal circumstances, it takes about 7-10 days from ovulation to fertilized eggs.That is to say, about 10 days after the same room, you can take pregnancy tests to see if you have successfully conceived.

First, cool down.If a woman’s body temperature will be higher than usual during ovulation. On the day of ovulation day, the body temperature will decrease. After that day, the temperature will rise again. This is why women who prepare for pregnancy will be asked to measure body temperature.However, if you find that your body temperature does not increase after the ovulation day, it is likely to be a bed signal, and it also implies that the husband and wife will have children.

Second, bleeding, spasm.Ten days after making a villain in ovulation day, if you find that your underwear has slight bleeding, and the pain in the lower abdomen may be caused by bed.This is not a good judgment, because of individual differences, this situation does not appear.

Third, changes in breasts.Ten days after ovulation, if you clearly feel that your breast feels softened and has a tingling sensation, it may be that you are pregnant with your baby successfully.This is because of the changes in hormones after conceived, which leads to the development of the chest again, and it is also the body’s rations automatically prepare for the child in the future.Moms do not need to worry. After a while, the tingling feeling will gradually disappear, and the body will also get used to changes in the body.

Fourth, tired.It is caused by the secretion of progesterone. After pregnancy, the body will produce a large amount of such substances. Female friends will feel powerless. Obviously there is nothing to do, but I always feel tired.One of the signs of success is more than ten days after the creation of this situation, so congratulations to your successful baby.

The above is about several symptoms of pregnancy. In addition to the above symptoms, there are nausea and vomiting, prone to trapped, lower abdomen pain, discontinuation, etc. These need to be paid attention to. Once these symptoms occur, you must go to a regular hospital to do a B in time.Super, check if you are pregnant, once you are pregnant, you must consider the pregnancy test.

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