Once you are pregnant, you have to resign?absurd


A few days ago, public opinion caused by the topic of "Guangdong Women’s Workers’ Return Fertility Awards" has not been dispersed, and similar incidents together have attracted much attention to the issue of maternity discrimination facing in the workplace.

According to the surging news report, some netizens recently complained to the people’s network leader’s message board -go to a hotel in Chongqing to apply for it, and the hotel manager even asked her to write a written guarantee of "resign if you are pregnant".

This lady’s question has resonated with many netizens, especially female netizens: "I think women have been treated with unfair treatment. I got married last year and this year is 28 years old.Do you treat it? So what does the maternity insurance in the five insurances come? "

The employer responds to all employees to treat all employees, and women cannot be discriminated against due to fertility.Fortunately, in the face of this matter, the official has come forward.

The Social Security Bureau of Chongqing Liangjiang New District stated: "Our Bureau has carried out the publicity of labor security laws and regulations to the unit, requiring the unit to safeguard the rights and interests of the workers in accordance with the law.Our bureau will conduct investigations and deal with it according to law. "

As government departments have been involved, this matter should eventually be properly resolved.However, similar incidents are not uncommon in reality. It is not necessary to expect that every time a woman is treated with unfair treatment, it is necessary to pass online complaints to protect legitimate rights.

Even after the involvement of relevant departments, the disputes are resolved, and they often spend a lot of time and energy. In reality, most of the job hunting women can only swallow this or change the unit for job hunting.It is precisely because of seeing the "trouble" of the dispute and the forbearance of job hunting women that some employers will be more unbridled and openly express their workplace discrimination against pregnant women.

To change these status quo more widely, we need to do a good job in two aspects: legal supervision and concept guidance.First of all, we should strengthen law enforcement. For employers who have the right to harm women’s job seekers and employees due to pregnancy, they must issue a ticket to make it "meat pain", not just admonishment.

The Labor Law has long stipulated equal employment rights. "Except for the state or posts that are not suitable for women or positions, the basic regulations of rejecting women or improving women’s hires on the grounds of gender shall beCode of behavior of all employers.

The "Women’s Rights Protection Law" also explicitly prohibits various forms of discrimination against women and harm women’s rights and interests.Although the legal provisions have always existed, the law enforcement and supervision in some places are not strong, which also leaves room for some employers to take the opportunity to drill the space.Therefore, just staying on or ordering rectification or verbal warnings, I am afraid that the fundamental problems cannot be solved, and we must further strengthen the punishment for illegal and violations.

Furthermore, conceptual changes are also necessary.Although my country has made great progress in promoting gender equality in recent years, it must be acknowledged that many people still have workplace prejudices for pregnant women. They believe that once women are pregnant, they will inevitably delay their jobs and affect the company’s normal operation. Essence

Obviously, this prejudice will only have a negative impact on the company. More and more cases have proved that if a company only pursues short -term interests, ignores the dignity and rights of female employees, it will be "reflected" sooner or later.The negative public opinion will bring greater economic losses to it, which is simply the absurd behavior of "loss due to small loss."I believe that any long -term employer will not be confused on the issue of protecting women’s rights.

Treating women reasonably is closely related to the humanitarian attitude and legal concept of a company.The most basic respect and corresponding treatment guarantee for pregnant female employees is also the bottom line that employers should always adhere to. I hope that those things that blatantly harm women’s rights and interests will become less and less.

Source/Zhongqing Comments Article/Editor Huang Shuai/Ren Guanqing

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