One altar sauerkraut, 20 days ICU!What harm to the human body for long -term eaten homemade sauerkraut?

Guangdong’s Xiaohua (pseudonym) is a girl who is about to go to high school. Recently, she has eaten her pickled sauerkraut at home in the summer vacation at home. She has symptoms of nausea and vomiting.symptom.

The two did not take the symptoms seriously, but they had a bad stomach, and the forbearance passed.However, over time, the symptoms of the mother and child are getting worse, and the symptoms of chest tightness, exhaustion of limbs, and decreased blood oxygen saturation have occurred.The two were then rescued by the ICU ward of the local hospital urgently. After 20 days after the ICU ward, the vital signs gradually recovered.

Afterwards, the vomit and kimchi altar of patients were detected by the local illness and control center testing.Botox?Isn’t this a material that is often used in beauty?How can you detect it in food?Follow Xiao Ai to learn about this.

Botox is widely existed in nature, such as dust, animal feces, and water.The environment of 25 ~ 37 ° C is most suitable for botulinum bacteria, and at a temperature of 20 ~ 35 ° C, it is most suitable for its poison.Even in the environment of anaerobic and low temperature, Botox can survive stubbornly, but when the temperature is <15 ° C or> 55 ° C, Botox will not continue to reproduce and produce poison.

And botulinum is a neurotoxin protein. It is the most toxic toxin that has so far.To convert, 1g of botulinum toxin can poison 2 million people with a weight of 50kg.

The United States also made it into a biochemical weapon at the beginning of the 20th century, when a doctor extracted a rough -made A -type botoxin.After that, the U.S. Army purified and crystallized it into a biochemical weapon on this basis.Use it to paralyze the muscles of the enemy soldiers on the battlefield and lose normal action.

Why do people who love beauty do not die without such poisonous things?

Botox was used in medical treatment in 1982. It was first used to treat muscle spasm diseases such as oblique neck deformity and strabismus.In 1986, at the ophthalmology professor of Columbia University, the patient’s eye wrinkles disappeared when the patients were injected with Botox in the treatment of patients with botulinum.

There is still a difference between botulinum toxin and natural botulinum toxin produced in medicine. Wang Aili, deputy director of plastic surgery of plastic surgery in Shanghai Seventh People’s Hospital, said that the concentration and specifications of medical botulinum bacteria are currently injected according to regulations.Methods, the number of injections reaches more than 1,000 will cause death.The usual use of Botox is generally only 1 to 2, which cannot reach the dose of threatening health.

Having said so much, everyone has a general understanding of Botox, but I still did not say why there is the substance in the sauerkraut. Why is this?

As mentioned above, the distribution of Botox is very wide. It can be poisoned as long as it is in specific environments, and the pickled and fermented environment of sauerkraut meets its needs.However, there is no need to worry too much. When pickled sauerkraut, you only need to ensure acidity, dryness, and increase salt concentration, which can inhibit the growth of Botox.

Professor Qiu Zewu, chairman of the Professional Committee of Poisoning and Society of the Chinese Society of Toxicology, pointed out that when home -made food, pay attention to health work to avoid contamination by botox.When marinating and fermented food, it should be cooled and stored at low temperature to prevent botulinum germination and reproduction.In addition, when eating some homemade foods daily, it is best to cook for 6 ~ 10 minutes, so as to avoid poisoning.

Regarding the food of sauerkraut, there has always been a lot of controversy. The older generation feels that they have eaten for a lifetime, but many young people say that sauerkraut is a very unhealthy food. Long -term consumption can easily induce cancer. Who in the endIs the idea right?

The reason why sauerkraut can cause cancer is mainly because sauerkraut contains nitrite.In this regard, Wang Hao, a professor at the School of Food Science and Engineering, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, said that as long as the nitrite content in sauerkraut does not exceed the scope of safety prescribed by the state, and it is not long -term consumption, it will not affect human health, let alone not to affect human health, let alone not to affect human health, let alone not to affect human health, let alone not to affect human health.Can cause cancer.

Is it good to eat sauerkraut?

1. Folk view: High nutritional value of sauerkraut

Sauerkraut can retain the original dietary fiber, plant protein and other ingredients in the vegetables, and will produce a large amount of beneficial microorganisms during fermentation. These microorganisms can break down the nutrients in cabbage, which will produce B vitamins.Nutritional ingredients that do not have.

2. Continental point of view: High salt high salt is not good for health

Sauerkraut will add a lot of salt during the marinating process, but it will not feel particularly salty when it tastes.In this case, people are likely to not be aware of their own salt, and unknowingly consume a large amount of "invisible salt", and excessive salt intake will hurt our cardiovascular.Waiting for cardiovascular disease.

These two viewpoints make sense, but "any non -dosage statement is playing hooligans."In life, you only need to control the amount of sauerkraut. Pay attention to hygiene when making sauerkraut, which generally does not have a great impact on health.

In the news, some cases of eating problems because of homemade food are often seen. Xiao Ai reminds that daily self -made food must be paid to safety!Some people who are not very assured of their own craftsmanship will still be more assured to buy pre -packaging foods.

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