One and a half years of bitter pregnancy is not to do so, it makes me pregnant

I have been pregnant for two months. I deliberately checked the fetal heart and fetal buds in the palace. I hope my suggestion can help the sisters who are still waiting for pregnancy.

For 1 and a half years of pregnancy, the bitterness will only be understood by experienced it. In May 2015, when the pregnancy was not available for half a year of pregnancy, various examinations were started: six blood routines, hormones, leucorrhea, B -ultrasound, and husband also checked sperm vitalityAs a result, there was no problem. Looking at the friends around them were pregnant, while being happy for them, they were only bitter.When I returned to my hometown during the New Year, my stomach was still empty. Fortunately, I had a husband who loved me and the in -laws who hurt me. They never blame me or give me a face. On the contrary, I thought of the Fa.

By March, a ovulation test was done. When the follicle grew to 2.0*1.8*1.6, the doctor gave a punching arrangement and told me the next day in the same room.The unprecedented strong Yang did not listen to the doctor under excitement. It was arranged that night, and the next day was also arranged, but the final result was still failed.In April, I was determined that if I couldn’t conceive this month, I would do the fallopian tubal angiography. On May 3rd, the process was still not painful as scheduled, and it was smooth.

When I saw that there was a traditional Chinese medicine expert in the next department, I decided to take Chinese medicine conditioning and conditioning when they could not ask their children in the past two months.Traditional Chinese medicine said that if I have a big problem, I love qi, and I must keep my mood happy.I have prescribed Chinese medicine with blood clots for menstruation and chest pain after ovulation. The kind that I boiled at home for two months can finally start asking children.Meiyou records on July 23 is the ovulation day. On the 20th, he specially asked for half a month of leave to go to travel and rest at home, waiting for the results of this month.It may be exhausted during travel, and it still failed for a month of expecting.After returning to the company, I knew that someone had resigned. It was the one who often made me feel bad.I thought that this month should be fine. On the day of ovulation, I also measured Qiangyang. On the day of the menstruation, I finally couldn’t help crying in my husband’s arms.After thinking about love, just take the final measures after this year, the test tube is taken.

The ovulation was measured every day after the month after the month after the month, because my cycle was 36 days, and Meiyou recorded on the 29th ovulation day, but the strong yang was measured on the 23rd, but the color was not deep last month.I thought that I hadn’t achieved it so positive before, and I didn’t have hope this month. On the 24th, I continued to arrange for the strong yang. On the 25th, I continued to eat barbecue and crayfish with friends at night.But I didn’t care this month. There was no arrangement at night, and the weakened on the 26th was arranged once, and there was no arrangement afterwards.) In October, I walked for two hours when there was nothing happened at home., Stop stopped, passing the park and staying.(After that, I was afraid of it. At that time, it was really a process of fertilized eggs.) Meiyou recorded the Monthies on the 14th, but I felt a strong aunt feel on the 6th of the 6th.This month failed again.

On the morning of the 7th, the aunt who had no expectations in the morning decided to try it with early pregnancy test strips. When the urine climbed the test strip, he glanced at it. It was a whiteboard.IntersectionThe excitement was difficult to calm down. When I used the second test, my hands began to shake ,, yes, I was finally pregnant.It took a total of seven or eight thousand before and after the examination of Chinese medicine.

After saying so much, I think everyone wants to know how I did:

1. Persist in exercise. I am an office worker in front of the computer every day. There is no active volume after a day. After returning home, I insist on 500 jump rope (when I can’t persist, I will warn myself, not lazy!Break), do 100 arm stretching, occasionally yoga;

2. Adhering to ovulation, this is very important. Presumably the grapefruit also saw it. If it wasn’t for the ovulation, I would miss it.2. Do not eat spicy and cold foods, it is so hard for my spicy person;

3. You can eat some rock sugar custards boiled by the rock sugar Tremella yam, which is good for preparing for pregnancy;

4. I think the most important thing is the mentality. One is not to be angry. If there are people who are angry around you, you will stay away from her.Of course, there may also be a reason for drinking Chinese medicine, which is that.I believe that each of us has the right to be a mother. As long as we persist, there is always a day of victory.

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