One -third of the sampling inspection is unqualified, the crystal mud is "poison"?Can you still play?

CCTV Beijing March 18 (Reporter Lei Yan) The cold and moist feel, colorful color, soft bombs are easy to plastic … toys crystal mud (also known as Slime) with its unique appearance and feel, as well asThe high mirror rate in various children’s videos has attracted many children’s consumers.

One -third of the sampling inspection is unqualified, borax is the main "dangerous source"

On March 15th, the latest sampling survey report released by the environmental protection organization Shenzhen’s zero -abandoned non -toxic vanguard team (hereinafter referred to as non -toxic vanguard) showed that only 10 of the 30 inspection crystal mud products purchased by the three online shopping platforms were only 10The boron migration of the sample meets the EU standard limit.

Product investigator Wu Huixian introduced: "Crystal puree implements the national standard of toy in my country, and the migration of the 8 specific elements mentioned in this standard does not include boron elements. According to the EU’s relevant standards, liquid or sticky toy materials are based on EU standards. The migration of boron elements should not exceed 300mg / kg. "

Why pay attention to boron elements in crystal mud?The danger mainly comes from the raw material ingredients -borax.

According to Feng Mei, director of the Evaluation Center of the Shenzhen Institute of Quality and Consumption, I introduced that borax is a boron -containing mineral and borax, which will affect appetite after accidental consumption; long -term intake can easily lead to indigestion, inhibit nutrient absorption, promote fat decomposition, make weight gain weightDecrease, even affects reproduction and development.Excessive intake in a short time may lead to acute poisoning. In cases of mild, dizziness, headache and other symptoms. In severe cases, vomiting, diarrhea, shock, coma and other poisoning manifestations occur.

For borax, the adult poisoning dose is 1 gram to 3 grams, and the amount of death is 15 grams.For children, the number of deaths is 5 grams; for infants and young children, the number of deaths is 2 grams to 3 grams.Feng Mei said that when children play the crystal mud containing borax, if the skin has a wound, or when playing with his hands, he will be consumed by the human body and accumulate in the body.

Parents and children: pull in "Play and Play"

Parent Xiao Nuan introduced that her daughter was in high school and was under pressure to learn."She feels that this mud is more decompressed." Therefore, she bought a dozen types of crystal mud.The daughter also said, "Many students like to play this, everyone will pay attention to the relevant live broadcast live broadcast when everyone is free, and place an order to buy."

Many parents cannot judge whether whether the crystal puree toys in their children’s hands are safe, and it is difficult to convince their children to pay attention to safety.Therefore, more parents are in the pull of "playing and playing" with their children.

On March 12, a reporter from came to a stationery wholesale center in Beijing. There were crystal puree in multiple stores: plastic packaging was made into a bowl -shaped, cylindrical, beverage bottle, etc.The crystal puree is very eye -catching.During the period, the reporter observed that a child of about 1 meter tall was excited to select several crystal mud with different colors and different packages.The mother who followed him hesitated and finally chose two."I’m worried that it is harmful to health, but the child likes it very much, and buy less." The parents told reporters.

Wu Huixian also shared her first experience with crystal mud.One day in 2021, a 3 -year -old child stood in front of a set of crystal puree toys in the stationery store.Suspicious toys."This is probably the anxiety of parents -want to give children a beautiful childhood, and worry that their choices are not cautious enough to affect their safety." On the same day, Wu Huixian searched the Internet on the Internet to search for the relevant knowledge of crystal mud. After learning the safety risks of borax,Decisive gave up this toy.

However, children’s initiative cannot be underestimated.Some children insist on playing regardless of their parents’ dissuasion; some hid their classmates to play."Playing is unstoppable, it is impossible for her to wear gloves, because wearing gloves will affect the feel." The mother of a 10 -year -old girl said that helplessly, she could only control the length of the child to play with crystal puree.

Controlling "boron migration" is particularly important for standards

Wu Huixian introduced that because the crystal puree does not belong to the range of 3C certification directory, even if the product has a 3C certification logo, it does not mean that the boron element meets the standard.The "CE" logo is a security certification logo, indicating that this product complies with the relevant EU regulations.However, if products need to enter the European market, the practice of abuse of the CE logo is difficult to regulate.

Due to the lack of relevant compulsory national standards, it is difficult to judge whether the product meets the standard from the product sign.So, can the toys that make children think about it?How to buy qualified products?In this regard, the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has given guidance.

First, infants and young children under the age of 3 do not have the conditions to use mud toys such as "crystal puree". Please do not buy it.

Second, when children over 3 years old play, parents need to accompany them to prevent children from swallowing and sucking.Parents should educate children to avoid rubbing their eyes and touching their noses when playing. Use appliances to strictly distinguish and clean them, and do not contact food and water to avoid confusion and misuse.

Third, choose a "three -none" product of the Chinese logo name, factory name, and address, etc.

Feng Mei suggested that industry associations, enterprises, environmental protection organizations and other parties may wish to try first to jointly initiate the formulation of advanced group standards for crystal puree toys.She said that the national standards will be revised and improved according to actual needs. In the future, people can expect that the migration detection of specific elements of boron elements in crystal puree toys is also included in it.In the process, manufacturers, e -commerce platforms, environmental protection agencies, and consumer organizations from various places strengthen cooperation, carry out product evaluation, promote quality improvement, and let more people pay attention to the issue of crystal puree toys.(In response to the needs of the interviewees, the mother in the article is a pseudonym)

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