Or is "Pleasant Goat and Gray Wolf" in your memory?

"Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" do not know whether the friends have seen it, but it is indeed one of the beautiful childhood memories of Xiaobian.

There are 24 TV series Xiyangyang series, each with 60 episodes, each episode of about 15 minutes.There are also some small outside.There are too many series. If many readers want to know, the editor is still willing to sacrifice themselves to make an article for everyone.Let’s go back to home, let me take a look at all its movies!

As of September 2021, there were 7 movie series.

The first part was "The Bulls of Pleasant Goat and Gray Wolf" in 2009.It mainly tells the story of slow sheep and sheep riding a snail to participate in the 100th anniversary celebration, but the snails suddenly illuminated, and then the lambs went to the body of the snail to eliminate the virus.Because it was the Niu Nian, I took the bullishness of the bullishness and the snails used for the selected materials. Is the snail a cow, and the plot is also very funny and beautiful.

The second is "The Tiger and Tiger of Hi Goat and Gray Wolf".This film tells the green grassland of Yangcun for generations. It was transformed into a carnival theme park by the ambitious intruder Hu Wei, and the lambs were arrested to build a greater playground.In order to recapture the lost home, Xi Yang and Big Big Wolf cooperated to go to the distant desert to find the patron saint Totim of the sheep and the wolf tribe.

Gray Wolf and Hi Sheep cooperate together

In the end, the Gray Wolf and Hi sheep defeated Tiger Wei Wei too old with their intelligence and martial arts.In the end, the secret of the totem also surfaced: It turned out that they all evolved from crawlings, all relatives, and Hu Wei was too old.Finally, I ended happily.The beautiful sheep and sheep also sang, it really sounds good, it seems to be called (big hand pulls and small hands), Xiaobian has been looking for a long time.

Tiger is too old, its small followers

The third part "Hi Goat and Big Big Wolf Rabbit Year Top Nu"

The story of this film’s lambs entered the moon to deal with the king of bitter gourd. The plot made me a deep image of the red wolf pregnant. I saw the parents of the hi sheep, as well as the moon sister and his brother and the hi sheep ash wolf to guard the homeland togetherEssenceWord of mouth is also very good.

The fourth part of "The Happy Year of the Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf".

I watched this one several times, and the mother of the boiling goat was crying at the time. The music of this drama was also very nice to sing "Children", everyone is interested in listening to it.Recommend everyone to see, look good.

The fifth part of "Happy Goat and Big Big Wolf’s Happy Goat’s Year of the Snake" This film tells the food chain of all ethnic groups under the approaching natural disaster.Solving fans, attacking difficulties, and protecting this green grassland together.The theme of the film is environmental protection, and there are also warnings to protect the environment.

The sixth part "Hi Sheep and Big Big Wolf Flying Horse"

It is a classic fairy tale story, such as the colorful city of the Horse Horse, the handsome Pegasus prince is about to marry the beautiful Princess Blue Horse.Prince Pegasus had an accident when he chased the pony and fell to the Qingqing Cao Prairie.At the same time, the ending of this classic fairy tale on the grassland also changed due to the fall of Prince Pegasus.In order to let this fairy tale restore into a good ending, and to help the Payhadow Prince find true love, he likes sheep, beautiful sheep, laziness, warm ocean, boiling goats, and small gray to get the flying suit invented by the village chief,The wolf and the Red Wolf also followed closely. They flew into the sky together. Don’t worry, the ending must be beautiful.

The seventh part "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Year of the Sheep Pleasant Sheep"

The story tells that the friendship of Hi sheep and lazy sheep has cracking and returning to ancient times by misunderstanding.In a strange time, they encountered a dragon.In the process of confrontation, the brothers finally explained their suspicions and defeated the evil dragon.After this incident, lazy sheep and hi sheep not only regained the friendship of the old days, but the feelings between the brothers were consolidated and sublimated.It is also full of positive energy.In addition, there are the live -action movie "I Love Gray Wolf".I have never seen it if I have n’t seen it.

The 7 films I have listed, and I have watched it, each of which brings a lot of happiness to Xiaobian’s childhood.Now watching them will not be out of date.There are friends who want to relive, while they are not getting off now, they can call partners to find time to watch it again.

Well, this is the end of this issue. If you like Xiaobian, you can click on it.[yeah]

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