Oranges are all treasures, doubling the nutrition, or wasting nutrition and hurting.

Orange is the seasonal fruit of the autumn and winter seasons

It is rich in nutritional value

And all of them are treasures

But do you know

Eating oranges is also particular about

How to eat oranges to maximize nutrition?

What are the taboos of oranges?

Let’s take a look together ~

Focus on

A orange, 3 major nutrition

Orange has the effects of appetizing qi, quenching the lungs, cure chest, vomiting, and thirst, and also contains rich nutritional value.

1. Rich β-carotene

Orange contains rich β-carotene. After the liver metabolism, vitamin A will produce vitamin A, which will have a good effect on the degeneration of cataract and retinal macular.

2. Rich flavonoids

Orange contains richer flavonoids, has a good anti -free radical effect, and has a certain effect on delaying aging.

3. Rich vitamin C

Orange contains rich vitamin C, a medium -sized orange, and the vitamin C content is about 30 mg. The human body’s demand for vitamin C daily is 100 mg.C, basically it can meet nearly one -third of the demand for vitamin C in the human body.

Focus on

The whole body of the oranges is treasure

1. Orange peel can be ignored

Chenpi is an orange peel formed by it. It has a good effect of qi and phlegm. It can be used to treat chronic bronchitis, as well as the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and treating indigestion.


For fresh orange peels and custard, it is also recommended to apply Chenpi, because it has been produced by traditional Chinese medicine, and some plant alkali or poisonous Chinese medicine ingredients can be removed.Some toxicity, not recommended for long -term application, can only be said that it can be used once.

Recommended match:

Pu’er in Chenpi, which is what we usually call oranges, can rational qi and phlegm, and dispel greasy. Some people feel that abdominal distension after eating, and can take some orange Pu.Essence

2. Orange can clear heat

Orange collaterals have the effects of clearing heat, reducing phlegm, such as patients with hyperplasia of breast, or patients with uterine fibroids caused by phlegm turbidating collaterals. It is recommended to eat some orange collaterals.


Orange is warm and easy to get angry. When eating oranges, it is best to eat with orange collaterals to clear heat.

3. Orange nucleus can scatter

The orange nucleus has the effect of scattered nodules, especially for some diseases of phlegm and stasis, and the treatment effect is more significant. For example, various nodules, including thyroid nodules and breast nodules.

Recommended match:

Put the orange nucleus into powder, take 6 grams to 10 grams, match 3 grams to 5 grams of three seven powder, and put it in porridge or milk. Long -term consumption effect will be better.

4. Orange leaves can comfort the liver

Orange leaves have a good effect of relieving liver and qi. Some people have breast hyperplasia, breast swelling, or pain, and ribs discomfort. It may be caused by liver stagnation and stagnation. At this timeOrange leaves, making tea generations, can relieve discomfort well.

Focus on

Pay attention to these 3 points to eat oranges

1. Don’t eat oranges when taking medicine

Orange is rich in fruit acid, potassium, and vitamin C. When taking vitamin K, sulfa -like drugs, sulfenus, sulfin, amphenylblyrine and potassium supplement drugs, you should avoid orange.

2. Beware of the skin to get yellow

Orange contains rich β-carotene. If you eat too much at a time, or take too much in the short term, high-concentration of carotene in the blood will deposit on the cuticle and mucosa area of the skin, and the skin will yellow.

The yellow part of the hair usually appears on the palm, the soles of the feet, and the face.But don’t worry, as long as you stop eating oranges, the color can gradually fade away in a week or two, and generally it will not affect your health.

3. Eat too much easy to get angry

Orange is warm, and it is easy to get angry when eating more. You may have symptoms such as sores sores, dry mouth, dry throat pain, and constipation. According to the suggestion of Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines, adults should eat 200g to 350g of fruits a day. GenerallyEating two medium -sized oranges a day is enough.

Focus on

The citrus family has its own nutrition.

The "Citrus Family" is divided into oranges, grapefruit, oranges, golden orange, etc., with their own nutrients.

1. Orange: Soothing fatigue

The content of potassium and manganese in oranges is relatively high.Potassium deficiency makes people feel insufficient, and orange per 100 grams can supplement 159 mg of potassium.The manganese element will participate in lactic acid metabolism. If the human body is lacking manganese, it is not conducive to eliminating muscle soreness after exercise.

2. Kinnan: helps to adjust blood pressure

Ginseng is a fruit with high potassium and low sodium. Eating often helps to reduce the pressure. In addition, the golden orange -contained in the golden orange can soften the blood vessels.Blood pressure is beneficial.


Ginana peel is rich in nutrition and can be eaten with skin.

3. Lemon: Actinifier

Lemon is rich in organic acids and has a good sterilization effect. However, because the taste is sour, lemon is not suitable for direct consumption. It can usually sliced and drink water.


People with too much gastric acid secrete not to drink lemonade.

4. Grapefruit: low calories, help weight loss

Among the citrus family, grapefruit has a very low calories. Each 100 grams of grapefruit only has about 42 kcal calories, and grapefruit is also rich in vitamins, minerals and biological active substances, which is suitable for people who need weight loss.


In addition to Baixin Pomelo and Hongxin Pomelo, the common types of grapefruit also include grapefruit. Compared with other grapefruit, the active ingredients in grapefruit (呋 香 香 除) can inhibit the activity of liver medicine (CYP3A4), soDuring the period of drugs for drugs, antihypertensive drugs, sedative sleeping pills, anti -allergic drugs, and immunosuppressive agent drugs, it is recommended to avoid eating grapefruit and its products.

Information: CCTV Life Circle

Edit: Chen Wenting

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