Over a year during pregnancy!The bizarre phenomenon of the five major pregnancy has to be said

Pregnancy is a process of women in the world. Almost all of them have to go through. Most women are smooth and smooth during their pregnancy. However, the phrase of "the world is big, no wonders" are used during pregnancy, which is also applicable.There are several bizarre phenomena that may appear during the pregnancy of every woman around them, making women who happen to be at a loss.

1. Dedicated needles need to be sewed

In general, although women suffer great pain during childbirth, they generally do not cause great harm to the body.However, some women are narrow in pelvic bone. If this prospective mother wants to produce naturally, it is likely to suffer difficulty in giving birth or even tear in the lower body and cause severe bleeding.When this terrible situation occurs, it is likely to cause dystocia, and even the mother and child are in danger.Now it seems that the cesarean section is suddenly more attractive? It is indeed the case for those women with narrow pelvic bones!

2. There are stools during childbirth

During the production process, it is normal for a woman to clean up the stomach and stomach.In the past, the nurse did not give pregnant women to clear the intestines before production, but this approach may eventually cause pregnant women to have a chaos when there is a child, and even cause dehydration.Therefore, if the pregnant woman did not clear the intestines before childbirth, and you encountered this embarrassing embarrassment again, don’t be too stressful, because this is a normal phenomenon during production.

3. The length of pregnancy is more than 365 days

Most humans will last more than 9 months. If you are pregnant for too long, doctors may induce pregnant women to give birth in advance.The longest pregnancy time in the world is 375 days, which happened in the United States in the last century.Strangely, except that the baby’s weight is slightly lower than seven pounds (obviously light), there is no defect.This triggered extensive controversy in the medical community at the time, but it is still unconventional, and this baby has been growing healthy.Therefore, as long as the baby is healthy in the mother’s belly, you don’t have to rush to let them come out to face the world.

4. Boyfow is erected in the uterus

Most mothers don’t like to think about whether their baby boys will be erected. Even if they are very open young people, the fact is that many baby boys start to make mistakes when they are still in the uterus.Studies have found that male and female babies already have masturbation in the uterus.This can be a very embarrassing thing.

5. Rong Guanghuan

A pregnant woman Rong Guang is a common saying, and most expectant mothers are excited when they welcome their babies.During pregnancy, the blood volume in the body increases by 50%.Extra blood shows from many places in the skin, especially cheeks.Above this, hormones make the oily glands more active, because the skin will be softer, gloss and smooth.Therefore, a woman wants her skin to become smoother than the original, so it is better to make herself pregnant.

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