Ovulation is not the only condition for conception

Hello everyone, many people ask me why I succeed in ovulation, but still can’t conceive?We must know that in many cases, some women’s follicles develop well. After mature, they are not just a follicle, but they still cannot conceive after the same room. What is the reason?Because there are many reasons to affect conception, I mainly talk about the following points:

First, psychological factors.For conception, psychological factors can indeed affect women’s surrogacy power.Family pressure and social pressure will make women particularly anxious, and it is precisely the low pregnancy rate of such people.Even if the success rate of IVF is very low, many people suddenly succeed in pregnancy when they lose hope to travel to relax or prepare to adopt their children!It can be seen how important psychological relaxation is for successful conception!

Second, tubal factors are also one of the factors affecting conception.This is a place where sperm and egg encounter.Many of us do not know that once women have sex, they may have retrograde infection without knowing it. This chronic inflammation is different from acute inflammation. Many people have no obvious symptoms. Some people may only have mildness.Pain in the lower abdomen.Therefore, young women must pay attention to sexual hygiene, do not live sex prematurely, know how to protect themselves, and avoid the long -term harm of inflammation to the body.

Third, endometrial factor.The endometrium is a place for embryo to grow in bed. The endometrium is like waiting for sowing. You must prepare early before the fertilized egg formation, and the state should be adjusted to the best in front of the embryo, so as to promote conception.Many infertile women’s uterine endometrium will have problems. Some people repeatedly perform abortion surgery. The endometrium is very thin. Such endometrium is not conducive to bed; some women will have obvious endometriosis, such asInternal polyps of the uterine can also affect conception.

Therefore, we all understand here that successful pregnancy not only needs ovulation, but also requires close cooperation.thank you all!

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