Oxford University Studies: Eating chicken may increase the risk of three kinds of cancer. Can chicken be eaten?

Statistics show that China uses nearly 8 billion chickens each year. These chickens are made into various foods such as grilled chicken, spicy chicken, white -cut chicken, chicken soup, etc., which is enough to prove people’s love for chicken.

A report from the University of Oxford about eating chicken will increase the risk of cancer in the human body, but it has pushed the muscles to the cusp, which has to cause people to discuss the muscles and even panic in muscles.

Usually healthy people who love chicken or fitness people are even more panicked. So is the truth like this?Should I completely reject chicken?


Oxford University Studies: Eating chicken may increase the risk of three kinds of cancer. Can chicken be eaten?

The reason why this statement is to quote a study of nearly 500,000 people in Oxford University in Britain, and the study includes the average follow -up time of the 37-73 years of the British Biological Bank. The average follow -up time is 5.7 years.After comparison, it is found that excessive intake of poultry meat can increase the risk of three malignant tumors.

Related data is to consume 30 grams of poultry meat per day.However, studies have pointed out that eating poultry meat and the risk of three malignant tumors need to be further studied. It is not sure whether it is related to a carcinogens of poultry meat, and it may be a cooking method.

Can chicken be eaten?

Faced with such a study, the national senior food inspector said that such report data is too one -sided, and there is no representativeness. There is not enough evidence to prove that muscle increases cancer. And this report not only analyzes the relationship between muscle and cancerIt also mentioned the relationship between other meat foods and cancer, so you cannot point all the spearheads to the muscles.

Such observation research can only be listed as observation research, and it is not possible to obtain the lack of scientific basis for causality of muscle carcinogenic causality. It is not rigorous. The muscles are very simple, nutritious, high -protein, low fat, low cholesterol, low calories, low caloriesThe characteristics are also the main source of protein of the human body. It provides vitamins and mineral nutrition for the human body, which is not worse than other egg milk.Therefore, you can eat chicken at ease. From the perspective of nutrition, ingesting chicken is good for health.


But these three parts, please handle it as soon as possible

Chicken head

Many people like to eat chicken head and think it is good for health. It is the so -called "eating chicken head as a big official", but this is not the case. There are many toxic substances in the chicken head. Chicken intake through the mouth when eating food, and then enter into the mouth, and then enter into the mouth.The digestive system, toxic substances enter the liver, inside the kidneys, and also stored in the head. There are many heavy metal content, so it is not recommended to eat it often.

Chicken buttock

Many barbecue stalls will specialize in grilled chicken butt. It is best not to eat this part. Not only is the fat content high, but also countless lymph tissues, hidden bacterial viruses have certain carcinogenicity and cause damage to the body.It is best to deal with this part in advance to prevent hidden safety hazards for your health.

Chicken neck lymph

There is obvious lymph nodes around the chicken neck. The lymph nodes contain a certain toxin. They often eat chicken necks, causing toxic substances to enter the body and cause damage. When buying chicken in the supermarket, pay attention to this part.

From a healthy perspective, the order of meat intake is recommended: there are no legs> two legs> four legs.At the same time, in order to balance nutrition, it is recommended to alternate all kinds of meat.

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