Papi sauce is safe!The official announcement was produced in four months, and the godmother Jiao Junyan rushed to send the money

Another actress announced that she had children!Papi sauce was a good news of Xuan Shengzi on Weibo, and everyone gave blessings to Papi sauce.

On the evening of the 4th, Papi sauce posted on Weibo: "Hello everyone, I unloaded the goods, the mother and son are safe."

After that, Papi sauce was reposted with a trumpet to add, and I was too difficult to die.

It can be seen from the details that the Papi sauce may be smooth, so it hurts a lot. It is really not easy as a mother when producing.

Some netizens said that the Papi sauce was hard and should take a good rest.

In the circle, the friend Xiao Papi sauce Jiao Junyan replied below for the first time. I understand, see WeChat.

Netizens have said that Jiao Junyan went to fight the money.

As China’s first Internet celebrity, fans all gave blessings.

"The woman who integrates beauty and wisdom is a mother, and I don’t know. What will happen to the Papi sauce after being a mother?"

"In a blink of an eye, Papi is a mother! Congratulations!"

On November 14, 2019, when the PAPI sauce was updated, he released his pregnancy good news, causing the entire network to boil, and netizens sent blessings.

After pregnancy, Papi sauce did not give up his work, and updated the video as usual, but the video often shared the interesting things you encountered during pregnancy.

In a period of video, she recorded her changes after pregnancy. For example, after pregnancy, she became very easy to be hungry. She wanted to eat for a while, and she was 16 pounds fat before pregnancy.

However, because the body of the Papi sauce is relatively slim and petite, even if it is weighty 16 pounds, it is not obvious.

In December of the previous year, Papi sauce also showed her gift from her husband and Lao Hu, and teased the strange strangeness.

The Papi sauce in the photo was lying on the bed, wearing home clothes, her hair was a bit messy, her face was embarrassed, and her complexion was very poor.

I saw a giraffe mobile phone stand on her body, and looked at the camera helplessly.

The Papi sauce is covered with a thin quilt, the pregnant belly is very obvious, the abdomen is high, and the whole person is full of pregnancy.

Speaking of PAPI sauce, I have to mention her husband Lao Hu. The two have been in love since my senior year. They have been married for five years. Now they have finally given birth to the crystallization of love.

Although Lao Hu has not been exposed, it can be seen from the words of Papi sauce that he is a very interesting man. He has no job in Papi sauce and no source of income. Finally, he studied graduate students.Hu Yang, this raising is seven years.

Later, Papi sauce burst into the Internet and became the first Internet celebrity in China. The two naturally got married. There was no proposal diamond ring or even a wedding ceremony when they got married.The best partner.

Bless the small papi sauce is born!

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