Parenting said: In the third trimester, the number of leucorrhea was found. What’s going on?

Generally, women will have various reactions during pregnancy, and some are normal, and some need special attention.It can also be seen from the condition of the excrement.For example, like leucorrhea, you can determine whether the leucorrhea is healthy.If it is abnormal, it may be a certain gynecological disease, such as vaginitis, molditis, and so on.What is the case of the leucorrhea in the late pregnancy?Will there be increased leucorrhea in the third trimester?

First of all, leucorrhea, as a secretion of women, is no smell, acidic, a bit sticky substance, which can keep the vagina keep moist and resist the growth of bacteria, so that the vagina has a good physiological environment.Due to the changes in hormones in the pregnancy or being affected by sexual life, leucorrhea may increase even in the late pregnancy, but don’t worry too much. Generally, the increase in secretions is normal during pregnancy.Secondly, if leucorrhea is increased in the third trimester, it will also be accompanied by odor and itching in the vulva. You need to go to the hospital to determine whether it is infected with germs, and then conduct targeted treatment with the doctor’s opinion.If the pregnant mother is caused by the increase in leucorrhea caused by systemic diseases or diabetes, it needs to be treated in time. Do not use anti -inflammatory drugs blindly to avoid harm to the health of pregnant mothers and fetal baby.

In the third trimester, many pregnant women will find that there are a lot of vaginal secretions, and the panties feel wet every day. This is actually a normal phenomenon that tells you that the fetus is about to be born.In the third trimester, many pregnant women will find that there are a lot of vaginal secretions, and the panties feel wet every day. This is actually telling you that the fetus is about to be born.The increase in pregnancy is increased.In the third trimester, the number of estrogen hormones in pregnant women has increased significantly, affected by it, the vaginal mucosa is congested, the vagina becomes soft and elastic, and the blood circulation in the cervix is accelerated, so the vaginal secretion is more than usual.In addition, after the fetus enters the basin, the cervix of the pregnant woman is opened. Therefore, a large number of cervical duct secretions are mixed with vaginal secretions, and the vagina is constantly excreted from the body.The increase in secretions in the third trimester is a sign of property. A large amount of secretions can also lubricate the vagina and prepare for the birth of the fetus.

After this situation, pregnant women should prepare special pots and towels, and do not share with their families to reduce the chance of cross -infection.Wash the vulva with mild water every night. If it is not convenient to squat down in the third trimester, you can also use a towel to dip the warm water before cleaning.Try not to clean it with alkaline soap, otherwise it may cause infection, and do not add drugs to the drug to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.Finally, after cleaning, dry it in time to keep the vulva dry.

In terms of pussy care: 1. In order to prevent bacterial infections, pregnant women should change their underwear frequently. It is best to change it once a day. If you feel that the underwear is more humid, you can change it twice or three times a day to better protect the vagina.Usually pregnant women should wear loose and breathable cotton underwear. After changing their underwear each time, they will be exposed to the sun, which is conducive to disinfection and sterilization.2. Generally, the secretions in the third trimester are long. It is not recommended to use pads in pregnant women, because the pads are likely to make the genitals discordant, forming a humid and hot environment, which is conducive to the breeding of bacteria or mold, causing vaginal inflammation, and affecting the health of the fetus.3. Correctly distinguish amniotic fluid and secretions. Sometimes pregnant women break the water without consciousness, so it is likely that the secretion or amniotic fluid is not distinguished.Go to the hospital for delivery in time.In general, the amount of amniotic fluid will be more secretion. It is a colorless and clarified liquid. It may be mixed with some flocculent substances in the middle, but it will not be as sticky as the secretion.Yellowing, odor, and itching in the pussy may be a moldy or bacterial vaginitis. It is recommended that pregnant women go to the hospital for examination in time to pay attention to personal hygiene.

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