Parents need to know: "eczema" during infants, how to care for daily care and attack?

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In everyone’s impression, the little babies are smooth and smelling.

If the baby’s skin becomes dry and looks red, then there are eczema.

Don’t just think that this is a small problem. If you miss the best treatment time, your child may be entangled by eczema for life.

▼ Symptoms: Repeated or chronic itching, red, and dry

Itching of the skin is often scratched, rash, peeling dehydration, dry skin … This is a common manifestation of baby’s eczema.

Babies who exist in family allergies or personal allergies, if the above symptoms last for more than a month or repeatedly appear, can basically be judged as "eczema".

The good parts of eczema are spread throughout the head, neck, and torso. Except for the perineum of the diaper, other parts may become its "hotbed".

Moreover, the development of eczema varies from person to person, and it may be half a month.

For more than a month, it is a serious situation. At this time, the baby is easily infected with external bacteria.

Inception of eczema: genes and environmental allergies, including food or inhalation of allergens.

Infants and young children’s skin development is not yet mature. At this time, allergies are easy to attack the baby’s body through fragile skin barriers.

Therefore, it can be summarized that eczema is the three major causes of the three major reasons of genes, environmental allergies, and skin barrier differences.

▼ Allergy source

1. Edible allergy source

The most common thing is milk protein. After adding supplementary food, these babies will have very high allergies to seafood with shells such as shrimp and crabs.

In addition, kiwi in peanuts and fruits may also cause infants and young children.

2. Inhalation of sexual allergy source

In addition to the dust mites, there are animal hair, pollen, mold, etc. in the home, which are also a relatively common allergic source.

You Baoma said that I heard that eczema slowly relieves it with age?

Indeed, when children grow older, eczema may improve with.

Related studies have shown that after a comprehensive treatment, babies who have suffered from eczema have a 40 % chance of relief. At the age of seven, the chances of relieve the danger signal.

▼ The harm of eczema for a long time:

Of course, if the treatment is inappropriate at the age of three, the possibility of improvement is less than 20 %.Eczema inflammation may also affect weight gain.

Many parents are lucky and believe that their children’s eczema naturally heals with age and does not actively treat them.

The consequence of such procrastination is that many children’s eczema has not yet relieved.Because the baby scratches the affected area, it will cause inflammation and low fever, and even leads to many other complications.

In addition, children who are in the cause of the disease have no intention to eat, the weight decreases, the resistance will be worse, and it is not good for the recovery of the disease.

★ The possibility of depression in school age is greatly increased

Especially for younger children, eczema can make itchy itching. The only solution is to scratch. The night sleep time is reduced, the quality decreases, and the study and life during the day is also affected.

Furthermore, long -term eczema will make the child’s skin look rough, and it seems a bit terrible in the eyes of his peers, affecting interpersonal communication.

Children at school age may be extremely unconfident due to various problems caused by eczema, and the possibility of depression also increases.

If the child did not pay attention to eczema when he was a child, would it become permanent when growing up?

As mentioned earlier, seven -year -old children will have a 30 % chance of being unable to solve the skin problems of eczema.

If it really belongs to these 30 %, this problem will follow the child for a long time.In adolescence, it has not been cured, and the possibility of completely cure after adulthood is even more slim.

Therefore, the younger the child, the easier it is to be cured by eczema. Of course, parents must be careful enough to find the child’s problem.

▼ Eczema seizures feel itchy and unbearable: first cold compress and moisturizing

Children have been diagnosed with eczema. When attacking, try ice application before performing subsequent treatment.

Parents can use towels to dip some cold water, apply ice to the attack of eczema, and then cooperate with some moisturizing items to reduce the local temperature of the skin and weaken itching.

When necessary, apply the ointment prescribed by the doctor. If the situation is not relieved, you must be sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

▼ Step in the acute period: towel ice applies ⇒ wet moisture liquid ⇒ apply ointment ⇒ clinic

★ Follow the doctor’s advice, apply ointment to reduce side effects

Many parents are worried that the steroids in the ointment will make the child’s skin barrier thinner?After all, most of the western medicine on the market has side effects.

The side effects of steroids do make the skin thinner and the blood vessels are expanded, but this is related to the strength and the number of appliances applied at each time. As long as it follows the doctor’s advice, this possibility is relatively small.

After seeing that the child’s eczema faded, some parents immediately stopped the medicine, or felt that the symptoms of eczema did not improve, so they rubbed the child crazy.

These practices are not desirable. Only by regular return, according to the doctor’s instructions, adjust the frequency of medicine to reduce the side effects of the skin.

In particular, the skin of the child’s head and face is relatively fragile, and the degree of drug absorption is very high. You must follow the doctor’s advice and make changes.

★ Moisturizing and ointment interval for half an hour

Most of the moisturizing products are best rubbed with the interval between the ointment for half an hour, which can reduce the interaction and intervention of the two.Of course, everything must be in the case of an advice.

★ The local wet application method can be cooled and moisturized

Parents can also use the wet and dry bandage methods to improve the baby’s skin condition and try not to let them scratch.

However, it is best to be bandaged by the professionals. Parents care at home by themselves. This is also less difficult.

TIP1: Moisturizing

When moisturizing this work, especially pay attention to the baby’s face washing and bathing water.Keep the temperature below 38 degrees, don’t be too hot, otherwise it will stimulate the skin.

In addition, babies under the six months should be washed with water as much as possible. Do not choose neutral or other cleaning agents. After all, the baby at this time does not have a particularly large amount of exercise and will not sweat any.

When the baby starts to crawl, you can use a neutral or weak alkaline cleaning solution to wipe the neck and armpit to avoid accumulating sweat and dirt.

In addition, infants with eczema should not take a bath time too long, it is best to control between 5 and 10 minutes.After drying your body, apply moisturizing milk to your child in time and lock the moisture.

In the choice of moisturizing milk, it is biased towards some low -irritating skin care products with glycerin.

Tip2: Grabbing

If the child is really itchy, his parents may wish to prepare a glove for him.Even if it is really scratching, there will be no case of grabbing skin pus, and the risk factor will be lower.

Furthermore, parents can also apply ice before the child sleeps, which can effectively alleviate the problem of itching of the skin. It is also important to apply moisturizing products in time.

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