Pay attention to expectant mothers to sneeze and stomach pain!Excessive amplitude is not good for the baby and yourself

As a pregnant woman, expectant mothers are prone to reaction during pregnancy. For example, a reaction of sneezing and stomach pain during pregnancy. What is going on?May cause abortion.In order to avoid the emergence of this reaction, expectant mothers should strengthen exercise, pay attention to changing the bedding, and so on.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will have such reactions. These reactions sometimes make expectant mothers feel very distressed and sometimes make expectant mothers very happy.When a part of the expectant mother will have a reaction of sneezing and stomach pain when she is pregnant. When this reaction occurs, the expectant mother will be distressed. What is going on with this reaction?

What happened to the expectant mother during pregnancy.First, this is the physiological phenomenon of expectant mothers during pregnancy.During pregnancy, expectant mothers will have symptoms of sneezing. Sneezing will shrink the thoracic muscles, the gas exhales out, and the diaphragm muscles will move on the stage. This situation will only have a slight pain.It hurts, it is normal physiological phenomenon.The second is that this may make expectant mothers abortion. When the expectant mothers sneeze frequently and the movements are relatively large, it will cause uterine contraction and cause miscarriage.

In order to prevent expectant mothers from sneezing during pregnancy, what can expectant mothers do.

First, expectant mothers should pay more attention to nasal hygiene, which can avoid regular sneezing and prevent colds.When going out, you should also wear a mask to avoid inhaling the irritating odor and inhaling the nose.

Second, expectant mothers should do an appropriate amount of exercise to enhance their resistance.Avoid expectant mothers during pregnancy, so as to cause sneezing and causing stomach pain.

Third, expectant mothers should pay more attention to their habits and pay more attention to their health.For example, there should be more ventilation, shampooing, bathing, bathing pillows, bedding, and not raising animals, such as dogs, cats, etc. during pregnancy.

The above is something about what is going on with stomach pain in pregnancy and stomach pain. I hope it will be helpful to you.During the pregnancy, expectant mothers should remember that she is a pregnant woman, and should try to reduce contact animals, reduce places where there are many crowds, avoid being infected by germs, causing expectant mothers to have a cold, so that the expectant mother sneezes, because sneezingThe amplitude is too large, the sneezing is too frequent and hurts the baby.

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