Pay attention to the following points during exercise, so that you are highly efficient and safe during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers will keep exercise during pregnancy. Although exercise during pregnancy is good for themselves and babies, they still need to pay attention to the following points during exercise to avoid accidents during pregnancy.During pregnancy, the following points must be observed to ensure that the exercise is safely carried out so that you will not be too fatigue or hurt the fetus.

Don’t be difficult to exercise within a certain range.Don’t let yourself be exhausted, or stop when you are tired.The intensity of exercise is set at the level that you feel appropriate. At the second stage of pregnancy, you think that the exercise that is easy to do is in the third stage, which may be much more difficult.Therefore, pay attention to your physical response and act carefully.

Do it carefully according to the instructions. Slowly, repeat the movements with control, avoid excessive extension or fixed joints, because this will cause injuries.In particular, pay attention to the back, abdomen, and pelvis, especially when using dumbbells.

From the 16th weeks, you may feel dizziness and nausea.It is recommended that after 20 weeks, you should not adopt this posture.

From the second stage of pregnancy, jumping movements and very intense activities are not advocated, because these sports will increase joints, the bottom muscle and breast tension will make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t make yourself too hot, especially in the first stage of pregnancy.If you feel too hot, you can reduce the level of exercise and take a little rest; you must drink a little water before continuing exercise.Especially at the end of the first few weeks of pregnancy, you may experience Braxton Hick contraction.

At any time of pregnancy, if the environment of exercise is very hot and humid, after high -intensity exercise, you will find it difficult to cool down.You should choose a slow exercise so that you can help you recover your physical strength and cool down after exercise.

In the third stage of pregnancy, Braxtonton Hick shrinking should stop immediately.Such contraction exercises will become quite frequent. Don’t ignore it. Resting is still important.Proper preparation is important for the movement of safe and checked.Therefore, pay attention to the following points before starting exercise.

1. Put on appropriate clothes

If you are suitable, you can wear a few more clothes. When you feel warm, you can take off your clothes.To ensure that you wear a good bra and reduce the movement of the breast to a small amount.Except for aerobic exercise, all exercise should be carried out with barefoot or soft sneakers.Don’t wear socks to avoid slipping.

2. Drink plenty of water

You can put some water around you before exercise, and you can supplement water from time to time during exercise to prevent dehydration.

3. Eat some food before exercise

This helps you maintain your energy to exercise.About 3 hours before exercise, eat a meal that is based on carbohydrates, such as whole wheat bread.If you exercise on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause dizziness by hypoglycemia.

4. Have enough space and equipment

Leave enough space to move you. Do not let the furniture or other items hinder your movements. You can also prepare a stool to make it easier for you to fix and not fall.

Although the exercise is good, we must take a good measure before exercise to make the exercise during pregnancy efficient and safe.


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