Pay attention to the secretion during pregnancy, 5 tricks to prevent vaginal infections!

The vagina is always itchy and abnormal secretions appear?Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease. During the pregnancy, due to factors such as decreased immunity for pregnant women and volatility of hormones, the vagina is more likely to be infected and endangers the health of the fetus.Cultivate good living habits, pay attention to changes in the texture, color and odor of the secretion, and seek medical treatment early in order to say goodbye to the annoying vaginitis!

In normal conditions, the vagina will excrete the secretion. It is a cleaning internal mechanism. The normal state of the secretion is transparent or gray -white, which will be unevenly distributed on the inside of the labia minora.During pregnancy, the amount of secretions may increase, but when other abnormalities occur, the doctor should confirm whether there is a vaginal infection.

What secretions are prone to occur during pregnancy?

First pregnancy

The secretions in the early stages of pregnancy are usually sticky, tasteless and protein, just like the secretions before menstruation comes.It is worth noting that the chance of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy accounts for about 1/3. Due to the unstable embryo in the body, sometimes vaginal trace bleeding can cause blood wires or brown. At this time, you need to find a doctor for further examination.

Secondary pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, hormones in pregnant mothers will increase significantly, secretions begin to increase, and the chance of vaginal infection will increase.

Third pregnancy

As the pregnant woman’s belly becomes larger, the huge uterine compression causes the swelling of the genitals, allowing the humidity to gather in the genitals. The warm and humid environment makes mold and bacteria easily breed, changes the secretions, makes the color yellow or green, and the color is yellowish or green, and the color is yellowish or green, and the color is yellow or green, and the color is yellow or green, and the color is yellow or green, and the color is yellow or green.It is easier to produce.In the late pregnancy, mothers also need to pay attention to whether there are water -shaped secretions to prevent the possibility of breaking water.

Vaginal infection signal

1. The pussy feels red, itching, pain, and burning

2. The amount of secretions is often wet underwear

3. A secretions with yellow, green or foaming

4. Drist block

5. The secretion has a bad smell of fishy fishy, sour taste, etc.

Common vaginitis types

1. Mold vaginitis

Moomal vaginitis is a very common gynecological disease. About 3/4 women will suffer infection at least once in their lives, and women also often have mold vaginitis during pregnancy.After women’s pregnancy, the increase in estrogen and lutein in the body will increase glycogen in the vagina, and glycogen is the nutritional source of mold; estrogen can make molds more easily adsorbed on the vaginal mucosa, and lutein will reduceImmune cells resist the effect of mold and make molds easily grow.

Symptoms: Itching and pain in the pussy, the secretions are mass, cheese -like

Harm: A small number of reports show that mold may cause inflammation of amniotic membrane, increasing the chance of premature birth, and threatening the lives of premature newborn.

Treatment: Inhibit the growth of mold with vaginal plug

2. Bacterial vaginitis

Bacterial vaginitis is also called bacterial hyperplasia or bacterial proliferation.There is a beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria in the vagina. When the anaerobic bacteria in the body are proliferated, and the balance of the bacteria can cause bacterial vaginitis.During pregnancy, the infection rate of bacterial vaginitis accounts for about 20%, but theoretically, pregnancy does not increase the chance of bacterial vaginitis.

Symptoms: The pussy feel itching, the secretion is yellow -green, accompanied by the fishy smell and sour taste

Harm: Most studies have shown that bacterial vaginitis may increase the risk of water breaking and premature birth, but the above conditions are more likely to occur in patients with obvious symptoms.

Treatment: Oral medication or vaginal plugs can be used to treat bacterial proliferation. As long as the doctor is appropriately used according to the doctor’s instructions, the vaginal clumps can be replied to normal.

3. Trichomonas vaginitis

Trichomonas is a parasitic that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, but pregnancy does not increase the chance of infection of trichomonas vaginitis.

Symptoms: The pussy often has severe itching, redness, and tingling sensation. The secretion is heavy and foam.

Harm: Trichomonas may increase the chance of breaking, premature birth, and newborns with too light weight, and newborns may also be infected with trichomonas by the birth canal, causing inflammation of the throat and respiratory tract.

Treatment: Give oral medication treatment

4. Type B Chain bacteria

Type B Chain bacteria is a common bacteria in the intestine of the human body, and it usually does not cause harm. However, when bacteria run into the vagina, the fetus may be infected during the production process, and even pneumonia and sepsis are caused.The screening of Type B Chain Bacteria will be performed in about 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Most people have no symptoms, or just increased secretions that are common in pregnancy, so they can only be judged by screening.

Harm: Statistically, 20%of pregnant women who are about 23 to 26 weeks will cultivate this bacteria in the vagina, and infected with type B Chain bacteria may produce premature birth, early water breakthrough, and amniotic inflammatory disease.Babies born with a mothers with type B minococcal can cultivate this bacteria, which may be caused by this kind of bacteria in cases where newborn acute infection sepsis dies.

Treatment: Use preventive antibiotics for treatment during the birth process for treatment

Prevent vaginitis.Start with these things

1. Maintain a good life and rest

During pregnancy, in order to avoid resistance to the fetus, the immune function will be adjusted. In the case of low immune function, pregnant women must maintain a regular schedule to avoid staying up late and irregular diet.In addition, pregnant women should also disperse in time, soothe pressure, and avoid letting themselves in a tight state for a long time to prevent vaginitis from looking for.

2. Eat less sweets, fermented food, fried food

When the sugar content of the vagina is high, it will help the growth of mold, and the weight gain is also easy to gather moisture in the pussy and make mold breeding.Therefore, quitting high -calorie foods help prevent vaginal infections.

3. Do not wash the internal vagina

Some people think that the private parts of the vaginal washing solution can be cleaned in order to maintain the cleanliness of the genitals. This may destroy the acid and alkali balance inside the vagina and cause the bacteria to lose, and increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash the vagina in the vagina.

4. Maintain the private parts of ventilation

Putting good air -breathable clothes to ventilate the private parts and reduce the opportunity of mildew.When the secretions increase, many people will absorb excessive secretions with pads, but the pads are not breathable, which will increase the chance of infection.If the secretion is increased, the pregnant woman feels trouble, and the underwear should be replaced frequently. If you want to use a pad, you should change it every 2 to 3 hours.

5. Insurance cases of sexual intercourse

Although mold and bacterial vaginitis is not sexually transmitted, sexual intercourse is one of the ways to cause infection.When saliva and semen enter the vagina, it will change the pH of the vagina. Therefore, mildew and bacterial vaginitis may increase. If the husband and wife should do a room during pregnancy, it is recommended to use a condom and avoid oral sex, which can reduce the chance of vaginal infection.Essence

What should be paid attention to internal diagnosis and examination?

1. Do not clean the genitals in advance to prevent the doctor from diagnosis.

2. You can take the secretions in advance.

3. Choose clothes and shoes that are easy to wear and take off.

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