Pay attention to these matters after the side effects of the ring

Many women choose to do the Shekuan surgery after giving birth to a safer contraception.In fact, the upper ring is indeed a very good way for contraception, but the damage to women’s damage to women cannot be ignored.So which ones are the most healthy way to be healthy?The following editors will explain it for everyone.

Side effects

1. Bleeding

After the loop is put, a small amount of bleeding is due to the scratching of the uterine endometrium due to placing the contraceptive ring, but it can be repaired soon. The bleeding generally lasts for several days.However, some women are about 15%to 20%. After the contraceptive ring is placed, due to tissue chemical changes in the endometrium, local coagulation disorders occur, manifested as excessive menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual period, irregular menstrual bleeding period, individual and individual and individuals.Menstruation is unclean, and blood is mixed with blood, which can cause a large amount of iron loss in the body. This can not only cause anemia, but also affect the function of muscle red protein, cytochrome and iron -containing., Substation and other performances.

2. Acute pain

After the ring is put, some women will experience soreness and discomfort on the lower abdomen or waist and back. This is because the contraceptive ring placed in the uterus is a foreign body for the uterus, especially when the large or low position is low.Causes contraction pain.

3, abnormal pregnancy

The breeding ring can only prevent the normal pregnancy inside the uterine cavity, and it cannot prevent abnormal pregnancy (that is, ectopic pregnancy) of the uterine. Therefore, a few women who have a small number of nursery contraception have ectopic pregnancy.

These side effects of the Sheung Wan mostly occur within half a year when the birthpool is placed. As the placement time increases, the situation will improve.For those with mild symptoms, if the menstrual flow is more than twice as more than before surgery, if the menstrual cycle is shortened to 20 days or the menstrual period is extended to more than 9 days, symptomatic treatment can be used.Drugs of prostaglandins.After 3 to 6 months of medication and observation, the medicine is still effective. You can consider taking out the birthplace or replacement of the birthplace.

As for the influence of husband and wife’s life after the Shanghai Ringhuan, there are more prejudices.Theoretically, the Sheung Wan does not affect the life of the husband and wife. As for the unwell after the upper ring, and the corresponding psychological suggestion, the role of the corresponding psychological suggestion may have a certain impact on the life of the couple and the wife, but this situation will soon disappear.

The principle of ringing contraceptives is that the ring affects the fertilized egg or blastocyst, making the fertilized egg or blastocyst cannot be imposed.It is best to spend a month after a month after the relationship between the husband and wife’s life and pain. When the birth ring passes through the cervical mouth, it may feel sour because of the expansion of the cervix.It can be completed, so there is no need to worry too much.However, the Shekuan is not overwhelmed once and for all. There are still some women who are pregnant after the ring. This is mainly due to the inadequateness of the scholarship with the size and shape of the uterine cavity, or the support of this material is not enough. In additionIt is discharged from the body.

So it is important to choose the right model on the upper ring!But unmarried women generally do not advocate Sheung Wan!Because the contraceptive ring is deformed, distorted, and the position is abnormal, the incarceration is on the uterine wall, which can cause increased bleeding or dysmenorrhea.If the endometrium is very fragile, the bacteria and viruses are brought into the uterine cavity during the lane, or the hygiene is not paid to hygiene after the ring, or the uterine cavity is infected.However, in the regular hospital, this situation rarely occurs.

If you really need to go to the Shekuan, the precautions after the upper ring are below here

1. Do not do heavy physical labor within a week, avoid abdominal pressure, avoid the life of husband and wife and basin bath within two weeks.

2. Keep the vulva clean, clean it every day, and change your underwear.

3. For the first time after the upper ring, the 3rd, 6th, and 12th months after the menstruation and the upper ring should be followed up, they should be followed up by medical staff, and they will be checked 1-2 times a year.

4. After the upper ring, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, backache, and lower abdomen pain can occur. Those with mild can not be treated. Symptoms should be diagnosed and treated in time when bleeding exceeds the menstrual flow.If you find a bad break -out or have symptoms of pregnancy, you should go to family planning services or hospitals in time.

5. All kinds of rings have a certain period of use. The T copper ring is 8-10 years, the mother’s body music is 5 years, and the bronze palace rings are more than 10 years.When the ring you are on the use period, you should replace it under the guidance of a doctor, or use other contraceptive methods.Clean menstruation within 3-7 days.

6. Older women should contact the medical staff within half a year to one year of menstruation and take out the ring in a timely manner.

The principle of upper ring contraceptive method

The upper ring is placed in the uterine cavity to achieve the purpose of contraception.

Its contraceptive principle

(1) Mechanical effect

As a foreign body, a mild, chronic, and non -bacterial inflammatory response occurs in the endometrium, thereby changing the internal environment of the uterine and preventing the bed in bed.

(2) Phaousmal cell effect

Mainly, macrophages and neutral white blood cells play the role of devouring sperm.

(3) The role of inflammatory cells

After the degeneration of inflammatory cells reaches a certain concentration, poisoning embryos cannot continue to develop.

(4) Prostaglandin effect

The in -uterine -saving device can stimulate the endometrium to produce prostaglandins. Prostaglandins cause uterine and fallopian tubes to shrink and peristomically abnormal. At the same time, the estrogen effect is enhanced, which makes the environmental environment in the uterine cavity not conducive to implantation.

(5) The role of active material

The intrauterine breeder can be made of metal copper. It can achieve the purpose of contraception through the local changes in the internal environment of the uterine endometrium and the uterine liquid, and the toxic effect of the sperm.

Is it suitable for unmarried women?

The lower body of an unmarried woman is tight. To endure a surgery such as a birthplace, the pain may be greater.

Secondly, because the cervical mouth has not been expanded or abortion, it may increase some difficulties when placing, but the main reason is that because unmarried women have not been pregnant (except for women who are unmarried here)It is more sensitive, and the uterus will shrink, trying to eliminate foreign bodies.In addition, the newlywed couple’s sexual life is frequent, and the sense of uterine contraction caused by sexual life is also obvious. In this way, there are many opportunities to fall off than the maternal. Because the contraction caused by uterine rejection is bound to be strong, unmarried women will feel obvious abdominal pain.It will be unbearable to be required to take the ring soon after putting it.

There is also a reason here that placing the internal palace for birth device is an operation. After all, any gynecological surgery and a foreign body have the possibility of pelvic infection for a long time.Poor, sexual life is unhygienic, when you do not pay attention to hygiene during menstruation, the possibility of this infection increases. Severe or long -term chronic pelvic infection may cause infertility. This is not good for unmarried women.It is necessary to prevent it.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, I believe that everyone now has a certain understanding of the side effects of the ring. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.Sheung Wan is a very important operation. If it is not done well, it is easy to have infertility, so female friends must pay attention.

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